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It's been about a week since I got here. So far I've made a good amount of friends. Izzy probably my best friend here, Jesse is pretty cool too. As far as guy-friends I don't really have much to play off of. Mike, Eli, Lucien, and the Hertford brothers are all really cool, but I don't know them well enough to be too good of friends. Cat was nice, but she seems to act differently around different people. Wysteria seems to keep to herself but when I got to know her well enough, she's pretty funny. Charlie seems a little moody, but who am I to say that? Cadi is really sweet, you really can't help but love her. All the rest of them are cool, but those are the few I've gotten close enough to.

"Alex. Alex. ALEX WAKE UP NOW YOU FOOL!" I feel a pillow come in contact with my back. Groaning, I roll over to look to see Jesse and Izzy grinning at me.

"Jesse, throw a pillow at me again, and I will have to cut you. Izzy, go make me food or I will have to kill you in your sleep." I mutter, just loud enough for them to hear me. Izzy rolls her eyes then, salutes me.

"So, what are we doing today?" I ask, sitting up are looking at Jess, who was checking her black-painted nails.

"I dunno what you're doing, but I have to go grab a late lunch with Wysteria." Jesse smirks at me.

"Lunch? What time is it?"

"3:50, dude. You sleep like a hippo." She laughs at me twisted expression.

"Shut up. Okay, go ahead to lunch, I'm gonna get ready." I say to her, throwing my legs over the side of my bed. She nods and does a three fingered wave as she walks out. Izzy passes her at the door, holding a tray with a bowl on it.

"I brought food. Where's she going?" Izzy questions, smiling at me as I take the tray from her hands.

"Lunch with Wyst. What are you doing today?" I ask, taking a bite of cereal.

"I have cross country practice." She says simply, walking into the bathroom and tying up her dark brown hair.

"Oh, okay. I guess I'll just call up someone." I shrug it off.

"Kay. Bye, Alex."

"Bye." I call as she shuts the door softly.

I sigh as I finish my bowl of cereal, setting it on the table beside me. I groan as I get up, stretching my limbs in an awkward star position. I pad to my closet, opening the door to the room filled with my clothes. I pick out a pair of grey ripped skinny jeans, a layered bright orange tank top and my luck pair of black Converse with the word "Smile" written at the toe. I throw on the outfit and decide to not put much effort into my make-up, only doing a coat of mascara. I run a large paddle brush through my hair, grab my iPod and cell phone, heading out the door.

I walk along the campus, stopping before the trails. I put my iPod headphones in my ears, softly humming along to the song 'Mr. Brightside' by The Killers. I start towards the trail, smiling as the chorus of the upbeat song plays. Suddenly, I leaves and twigs snap behind my on the trail. I turn around only to come face-to-face with Eli. I let out a startled shriek, frightened by how quietly he was able to come up behind me. He chuckles and I take out my headphones, rolling my eyes.

"You scared me." I simply to him as a welcome.

"I can see that." He says, smirking. I roll my eyes again, and continue walking, him by my side.

"So, what are you doing out here, all alone?" I ask, slipping my iPod into my back pocket.

"Just taking a walk. You?"

"Just about the same. How do you like it here so far?"

"It's pretty good. I've already made a nice batch of friends." He says, nudging me with his elbow.

I smirk at him, "Yeah, we are pretty great…" I say in the snobbiest voice I can muster. He laughs and looks over at a clearing to our right. He gestures to it, walking over and sitting down on the green grass. He pats the spot next to him and I walk over sitting a few inches away.

"So, what was it like back home?" I ask suddenly, looking over at him. He flicks a bit of his inky black hair to the side.

"Okay. I'm from Austria originally, then moved to New York. I'm a city kid." He smirks. I roll my eyes playfully.

"Did you live with your parents?" I ask him.

"Nah. Foster parents. Real mom and dad died a while ago." He shrugs as if it's no big deal. I look over at him with wide eyes.

"Oh…I'm sorry, I didn't know." I said quietly. He shrugs again.

"Whatever. I'm just glad I have Lucien and Wyst. We grew up pretty close." I nod simply to his statement. I think of a quick subject I can change it to.

"Bet you were quite popular, huh?" I say jokingly, poking him in the shoulder. He shrugs again.

"I had a good amount of friends, I guess." He says slowly.

"What about 'lady friends'?" I ask, smirking slightly. He grins.

"Oh yeah, I was pretty good about that…"

"So you where a player, hmm?"

"Hey! I never once cheated on a girl!" He says defensively. I laugh.

"I find that hard to find true."

"Why, because of my sexiness?" He asks, laughing. I roll my eyes.

"Oh yeah. And you're modesty. You're the totally package!" I throw my hands up in the air dramatically.

"I know, right?" He says, throwing up his arms in the same fashion. I grin at him.

"I bet you were a huge womanizer. Or at least a big flirt." I say jokingly.

"Yeah. Y'know, I'm a married man."

"Oh you are, are you?" I ask disbelievingly.

"Yep. In kindergarten I got married to some girl I forget the name of."

I gasp in fake shock. "What a horrible husband!" I laugh.

"She'll be fine, I saw her eyeing another guy on the playground." He pouts.

"Aw, do want a divorce? I have an uncle who's a lawyer." I say, smirking.

"Mmmhmm." He says, keeping the child-like pout on his face.

" How are you going to break it to the wife? She will be so heart broken!" I say, sighing dramatically.

"No. She has the boy from the play ground…" He grumbles.

"Then dare I say, she might be relieved!"

"Am I really that bad?" He asks, putting on a fake hurt expression.

"Nah, you're okay-ish." I smirk.

"Okay-ish? I am amazing!"

"Don't forget charming." I say sarcastically.

"So. Why are you here?" He asks, changing the subject from him to me.

I sighed. "I had to get a away from my family. A lot has gone down the past couple of years."

"Like what?" Eli asks, knitting his eyebrows together.

"Well for starters, it seems as if my brother is hopping around from girlfriend to girlfriend for little 'sleepovers'. My parents are never home. And uhh….my little sister….passed away." I say, looking down and biting my lip. It was always awkward when I told people that.

He nods slowly. "I can relate. My older brother died a while ago. It sucks, doesn't it?" He asks, sighing. "Sorry about your sister, though."

"It's not like it's you fault. Sorry about your brother." I say back.

"….Hug make it better?" He asks suddenly, grinning next to me. I let out a small laugh.

"Suuurreee." I say drawling out the word. He scoots over and wraps his arms around me in a huge bear hug.

"Hugs make everything better!" He says.

"You're like an over-grown child, you know that?"

"Hey! My hugs are the best."

"Oh yeah…sure." I say dryly.

"Of course. How else would I be such a 'player'?" He asks. I laugh at his rather lame joke.

"Oh, yeah, you go ladies man!" I whoop, laughing. He grins at me.

"So…who you friends with here?" He asks me.

"Jesse, Izzy, Cat just that group and some people you don't know. I'll introduce you, though. Just remember, I was your friend first!" I declare, grinning at the boy next to me.

"Okay. Will do, Alex." He nods.

"Oh and also remember how beautiful and talented I am." I joke.

He raises an eyebrow. "Umm..okay then." I roll me eyes.

"I'm kidding. I'm not that conceited. At least I don't think I am…." I knit my eyebrows together in thought.

He shakes his head, his hair falling over his misty grey eyes. "You're not. I've my some pretty people in my life-you're not like them."

"Are you saying I'm not pretty?" I decide to confuse, twisting around his choice of words.

"Wha-. No, that's not what I meant, at all." He said, stumbling over his words. "I just meant that you aren't stuck up!" At the look of his face, I couldn't help it. I burst out laughing, holding my stomach that was aching from the laughter flooding from my mouth.

"Oh my God, Eli, dude, I was kidding! I was seeing how you would react. Reaction by the way-priceless!" He glared playfully, but he couldn't help the twitching at the corner of his lips. When my laughter finally died down, I patted his back. "Thank you for stuttering though.." I laugh lightly. We sat in a comfortable silence for a couple of minutes before I asked him another question.

"What's you favorite color?" I ask, leaning back and laying down on the soft grass. He followed suit and did the same next to me.

"Either turquoise or dark purple. You?" He asks, looking up at the sky that was growing a little darker.

"Same, turquoise." He nods at my answer.

"Cool." He states simply.

"Okay, let's play a game. I tell an embarrassing story, then you. We can take turns." He nods.

"Alright. You first." He states. I rack my brain for one and shudder at the though of the words I was about to say.

"Okay. Well, when I was 3, my brother cut my hair so I looked like a dude with a Mohawk for 6 months. My baby pictures suck.." I say, burying my face in my hands, peaking out in between my fingers.

His eyes flickered from my face to my hair, no doubt imagining it, before cracking up laughing. "Hey, at least you brother had the decency to make it look like a Mohawk! When Lucien and I went after Wysteria's hair, she had patches of bright red hair, then bald spots!"

I laugh along with him. "Okay, okay. Your turn. And stop laughing at my suspense." I pouted, waiting for his story.

"Well when I was five and hadn't left Austria yet, we had this big shed in our backyard. So, being the little kid I was, I took my father's huge coat, and climbed all the way to the top. I spread it out like wings, and….jumped. I was proved wrong that day when I was convinced I could fly." He grinned at the thought. I burst out into a fit of giggles.

"Good thing you didn't jump off something bigger. Would've been a shame to loose such a dashing young man." I say sarcastically. "Okay, my turn. When I was around five years old, I was a cheerleader for my brother's elementary football team. I was doing a cartwheel, landed on my butt instead of my feet, and started bawling in front of the whole crowd." I cringed at the thought.

"Smmooootthh." He muttered, drawing out the word and raising an eyebrow.

"Thank you. But I am much tougher now." I flexed my arms jokingly. "Okay, your turn." I say, grinning.

"Alright, well this isn't too embarrassing, but it did kinda shock everyone I knew in school. While at lunch, I has a few friends that just so happened to be girls, who thought putting on makeup one me would be 'cool.' I resisted at first, but then they promised to only do my eyes. So I walked around all day with heavy eyeliner. Ah, the looks I got from my teacher, especially in gym."

I raised my eyebrows, imagined it, bursting out into laughter. "Oh my God! You must've looked SO pretty!"

"Some guys can pull off guy line, okay?" He muttered, glancing sideways.

"Okay, my turn….uhh once my friend my friend liked a guy. We were at the mall, and he asked me out. She though he meant her and she said yes. Then he walked away. When she went to the date where he said he'd be, she came back crying that he stood her up. It wasn't embarrassing to me all that much, but I still haven't had the heart to tell her…"

"Wow…awkward?" He commented.

"You have no idea…" I shook my head.

We spent the afternoon just talking and laughing, mostly at each other. Now that I have gotten to know each other a little better, Eli was my best guy-friend at the school. He was pretty cool. Also, he reminded me a lot of Jess…wonder what will happen there.

"Okay, well curfew states that we have to be back by fifteen minutes ago so…unless you want detention a week in, we better head back.

"Okay. Bye Alex, see you tomorrow."

"Bye." I headed back to my dorm only to be tackled to the ground by Jesse.

"What. The. Heck?" I asked, pushing her off of me.

"Nothing. Missed ya." She patted my back. I saw Izzy out of the corner of my eye close her book she was reading, and roll her eyes.

"Where were you?" She asked me, checking her watch. "You're past curfew."

I roll my eyes. "With Eli. Y'know he's pretty cool." I nudged Jesse. "And you and him, Jess. Perfect couple…" I mused, her slapping my arm.

"Well let's head up. Night Jess." Izzy said, walking upstairs.

"You too." Jess called loudly.

"I should head up too. But seriously, you too would make a good couple." I stated again.

She rolled her eyes. "Goodnight, Alex."

"Night, Jesse, my love." I grinned, heading up to my room.

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