Rumble Roses: Kary Hart The New Rose

Ch.1 Newcomer

Kary walked through the entrance to the stadium and took a breath.

She looked at the Rumble Roses tournament sign and thought, "I can't believe it! I actually am going to wrestle in the tournament!"

She looked around and saw a door that said "wrestlers only" on it and started to walk towards it. As she got in front of it and was about to open it, she adjusted the straps on her duffel bag and took a deep breath. She pushed the door open and walked in seeing promo posters of wrestlers and the tournament down the hallway. As she was walking she saw a sign that said locker room.

Just as soon as she started walking in the direction it was pointing, a big guard stopped her. "What are you doing here miss? This is wrestlers and security only."

"Um, well I'm the new comer Kary Hart" she replied nervously "and I was told to come in and join the tournament."

"Oh. Okay then" he said and pointed, "the locker room is just down the hall." The security guard said and walked off passed her in the direction she came. She walked a few more feet then stopped when she saw a poster of one of the wrestlers, Dixie Clements, putting another wrestler named Reiko Hinomoto in a choke hold. "Dixie Clements" Kary said aloud, "and Reiko Hinomoto. They are two of my favorite wrestlers to watch whenever I got the chance. They're also my two role models so to speak and are what led me to try and enter the tournament. Now look where I am now."

She then continued on till she got to a door that said "Roses Locker Room" and went in it.

She saw the other wrestlers she saw on T.V. including Candy Cane, Miss Spencer and Aisha watching a match on a flat screen hanging on the wall.

"Reiko Hinomoto climbs the top rope, she then leaps, and slams Great Khan to the ground! She goes for the pin: 1…2…3 and Reiko Hinomoto wins the match!"

Kary heard the crowd on the T.V. cheering as Reiko raised her arms in victory with her theme song playing in the back round. "She's on a roll again, third win in a row," said Candy Cane turning towards where Kary was standing "hey. Who are you?"

"I'm Kary. Kary Hart, the new wrestler in the tournament." Kary said trying to hide the nervousness in her voice as the other two turned to look at her.

"A newbie huh." Candy Cane said smirking. "I heard there was someone new coming in but I thought they would be someone less wimpy."

"Now miss Welsh, stop being so rude. You should save the 'smack talk' for the ring." Miss Spencer said.

"Leave off Teach. I'll do what I want to do. Out of my way Whitey Locks." Candy Cane said and walked out of the locker room passed Kary.

Aisha just turned back to the T.V. screen as another match was starting.

"Hello Kary, I'm Miss Muriel Spencer. Please don't mind Miss Welsh, she comes on strong to most people. Now just tell me about your self"

"Well I'm 18 and I'm from a little town called Boonville in Missouri. I don't have any other family besides a 16 year old sister and brother." Kary said.

"Why did you leave them? You being a seemingly nice girl, it has to be a good reason." Miss Spencer asked.

"Well the apartment we're living in isn't good so I'm hoping that I can win this and get us a better place to live. Anything else?" Kary asked thinking this had to be someone she could trust.

"Hmm…I see. I don't want to pester you since you still have to get ready for your matches but I must ask something on my mind. What are the fighting styles you use?" Miss Spencer asked.

"Well I use a little Capoeira I had taught myself and other than that I just fight smart." Kary replied dropping her duffel in front of an empty locker.

"Okay then, that's all I wanted to know. If I'm not mistaking, I saw a schedule one of the Security guards had and it looks like your going to be up soon. I only think this because they had a name on the list called Hart." Miss Spencer said.

"What already? I just got here!" Kary exclaimed hearing Aisha snicker. "I have to get ready. When am I going to wrestle?"

"Its okay, there is still one match before you. Take your time and get prepared." Miss Spencer said in a calm voice. "I'm next so I have to go." With that Miss Spencer stood up and walked out the locker room entrance.

Kary turned, unzipped her duffel, and started taking out her cloths. She opened the locker and put three pictures on the locker door. The first one was of three teenagers, the tallest one with white hair and red eyes and the other two were shorter with green eyes and blond hair. They had their arms around each other smiling at the camera. The second one was of Kary kicking a punching bag in red workout shorts, and a white, shoulderless shirt. The last one had the three of them with a group of similar aged teens posing in front of a school. She took out two small note cards. One said, "We're all behind you all the way. We'll be watching you so don't let us down! From your friends." From there on there was a list of names that were some of her only friends she had met since elementary school. The next note card said, "Stay strong sis! You can do it and you know it. Fight on till you can't fight anymore!" It was signed from her two younger, twin siblings Riley and Johnny. Putting the note cards on the bottom of the locker, she took her shirt off then put on her white, shoulderless shirt. She then quickly took her sweatpants off and put on her red workout shorts. She looked at the tattoo on her forearm of a phoenix rising from fire, the symbol of standing strong and overcoming challenges. She had gotten it before coming to the tournament site in hopes of bringing luck. She pulled her snow white hair back behind her shoulders and put a swim suit she brought for free time in the locker. She remembers being told to bring one but was not told the reason why. She took one last look at the pictures and the two notes and closed the door. She then walked over to a bench and sat opposite of Aisha, watching the match. She noticed the famous singer and dancer watching her. She had a feeling that she wasn't going to like her that much.

Kary looked up at the T.V. screen and heard the announcer say, "1…2…3 Miss Spencer wins and humiliates Anesthesia. Next up is the newcomer Hart versus Candy Cane!"

Kary stood up and held her arm saying, "Here I go. Come on Kary, get it together. Do it for your brother and sister." She turned and walked out the locker room.

Aisha looked her direction as she left and said, "I'll be surprised if that girl takes one hit." Aisha turned her head as Candy Cane entered the ring.