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Draco Lucius Xavier Malfoy was incredibly bored as he sat at the Slytherin table eating breakfast one morning. The previous night the Durmstrang and Beauxbatons students had arrived to compete in the Triwizard Tournament. Draco had rather unsuccessfully tried to befriend star Quidditch player Viktor Krum, who had come with the students from Durmstrang and was now rather put out because his attempt didn't work.

A few Beauxbatons girls who were sitting at the Ravenclaw table looked rather pouty. They had tried to flirt with Draco but the silvery-eyed blonde had rejected them. Draco would never tell anyone this but he was about as straight as a circle. Technically he was bisexual but still. He promised himself when he found out (He found out in a game of Truth or Dare where he was dared to kiss Blaise Zambini…and he liked it.) that he would under no circumstance tell anyone of his sexual orientation. If he did his school reputation would be ruined and his extremely homophobic pureblood parents would disown him and throw him out on the streets.

Draco sighed and stared into space. "May I have your attention please?" Headmaster Dumbledore's voice called out. Draco snapped out of his trance and looked up at the High Table. He may disapprove of Dumbledore but it was downright disrespectful not to listen when one of his elders was speaking. The rest of the Great Hall followed Draco's lead and looked up. "Thank you." The Headmaster boomed kindly. "I would like to make a little announcement. A new student will be joining us today. His name is Ciel Vincent Phantomhive." The Headmaster paused for a second. Draco rolled his eyes and snorted. 'Ciel' He thought to himself. 'That sounds like a girl's name to me.'

Headmaster Dumbledore cleared his throat and continued. "I would like you all to be nice to Ciel. He has previously only been privately tutored at home by his butler and has no experience in a school environment." A collective murmur went about the students. 'Butler?' Draco thought to himself. 'This boy has a complicated name and a butler. He sounds like a pureblood. Maybe he won't be so terrible after all.'

Dumbledore raised his hand for silence and continued his new student introduction rant. "I shall now introduce you to Ciel." The double doors of the Great Hall swung open and in walked a petite boy followed by a tall, thin man clad almost completely in black.

Draco leaned forward a bit in his seat to get a closer look at the two. The black clad man was pale and was wearing a black tailcoat that made him look like a giant crow. He had black hair that stuck up in a few places and wore a smirk on his lips. Draco looked up the man's face and had to do a double take when he saw the man's eyes. The black clad man had red eyes. Yes, red. Draco stared at the man for a few seconds and then looked at the admittedly much smaller boy walking in front of the man. Draco's jaw nearly dropped. The boy was gorgeous. He was pale and dressed to the nines in Victorian style fashion.

Draco's eyes raked up the boy's flawless porcelain-like face. The boy had bluish-grey hair and a rather emotionless look on his face. Draco had to hold in a gasp when he saw the boy's eyes. The boy had the most stunning eyes Draco had ever seen. They were a startling pure blue without a speck of any other color in them. Draco noticed one of the boy's eyes was covered by a black pirate-esque eyepatch. 'I wonder why he would want to hide one of his beautiful eyes.' Draco thought curiously and continued his staring.

Ciel Vincent Phantomhive observed his surroundings through his one visible eye. He was currently walking through a large extravagant dining hall packed with students who were all eyeing him and his butler, Sebastian (Who was walking behind him) curiously. "It's odd to have all these people staring at me.' He thought to himself. 'Didn't their mother teach them manners? It's incredibly impolite to eye someone as they are eyeing me, and it's slightly intimidating for the person being eyed.' Ciel shook his head and nearly slapped himself, but remembered how stupid that would look. 'Intimidated? I am so weak! A Phantomhive must never be intimidated, and if they are they must never show it. Think about it Ciel! You are a Phantomhive! They should be the ones intimidated by YOU!' Ciel's train of thought broke when he saw a boy staring at him. Not just eyeing him like the others, but flat out staring at him. 'Sebastian!' Ciel thought to his ever-loyal butler.

'Yes my lord?' Sebastian thought back.

'That boy is practically raping me with his eyes!' Ciel said to Sebastian with his mind.

Sebastian chuckled aloud. 'It's fine young master. He isn't physically harming you and I am here to protect you.'

'If you say so…' Ciel sighed as he reached the High Table. He shook the Headmaster's hand politely and turned to face the four tables stocked with students. He cleared his throat and bowed politely to his audience, you could call it and began speaking. "Hello. As some professor or another has most likely told you all, I am Ciel Vincent Phantomhive, head of the Phantomhive household. I was recently told that I am a wizard or a warlock or something of that nature and have been invited to come learn magic at this castle, which has a funny name I cannot remember. I decided to attend to investigate these claims. Behind me is my butler, Sebastian Michaelis." Sebastian bowed and gave an award-winning smile. Ciel rolled his eyes (even the covered one) and continued. "Sebastian is my personal servant and not a slave or janitor for public use. He is not to be bothered when seen with me. You can harass him as much as you please when he is alone but he will not obey orders from anyone but me." Sebastian gave Ciel a death glare. Ciel smirked and spoke again. "If you see Sebastian attempting to sneak in a cat of any kind please tell me." The students and even a few teachers in the Great Hall laughed.

A bushy haired girl stood up from her seat at one of the tables and called out. "What will you do to Sebastian if we tell you he attempted to smuggle a cat inside the castle?"

"To use popular lingo, bitch-slap him." Ciel replied. The Hall burst into laughter. After the laughter died down Ciel called out "That is all. Thank you." He bowed again and started walking toward a random table.

Ciel felt someone grab his right arm. He spun around and saw a strict looking woman wearing robes holding onto him. The woman was wearing glasses and a pointed emerald green witches hat. She had her black hair pulled into a tight bun. "Not so fast Phantomhive." The woman said. She had a distinct Scottish accent. "Before you go sit down with your classmates you must be Sorted into your House."

"Sorted? House? What are you talking about?" Ciel looked at the woman as if she was batshit insane.

"Before you take your seat in the Great Hall, you will be sorted into your House. The Sorting is a very important ceremony because, while you are here, your House will be something like your family within Hogwarts. You will have classes with the rest of your House, sleep in your House dormitory and spend free time in your House Common Room. The four Houses are called Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw and Slytherin. Each House has its own noble history and each has produced outstanding witches and wizards. While you are at Hogwarts, your triumphs will earn your House Points, while any rule breaking will lose House Points. At the end of the year, the House with the most Points is awarded the House Cup, a great honor. I hope you will be a credit to whichever House becomes yours, Ciel Phantomhive. The Sorting Ceremony will take place in front of the rest of the school. Do you understand?" The woman explained.

Ciel nodded. The woman smiled. "I shall go retrieve the Sorting Hat then." She let go of Ciel's arm and left the Hall.

'What the devil is the Sorting Hat?' Ciel thought to himself. 'Is that woman out of her mind?' Ciel sighed aloud. 'I guess I'll find out when she comes back.'

The woman returned carrying a stool and a ratty looking wizards hat. She placed the stool on the ground. "Sit."

Ciel raised an eyebrow at the woman but obeyed. As soon as he sat down he felt something fall over his eyes. 'Damn.' Ciel thought to himself. 'I must be wearing that stupid ratty old hat. I probably look like an idiot.'

'You know I can hear you.' A voice inside Ciel's head said. It was not Sebastian's.

"Holy shit!" Ciel yelped and nearly fell off the stool. He could hear people laughing at him. 'Great. Just perfect.' Ciel thought.

The voice inside his head chuckled. 'You truly are an interesting and complicated boy Ciel Vincent Phantomhive. Let's see… You are very serious, driven, educated, and hardworking. Ravenclaw might work for you. You are noble but not brave enough for Gryffindor. You are very cunning and ambitious. You use all those things as a mask to hide that you are also very depressed and feel so alone and unloved. You have a dark past and dark secrets so Slytherin would be a good fit. Oh! I see you have made a contract with a demon! Well that seals the deal for me. You are going to make a fine…'

"SLYTHERIN!" The Sorting Hat called out, making Ciel jump once more. The Slytherin table burst into cheers and whoops. Ciel ripped the ragged Sorting Hat off of his head and jogged over to the Slytherin table (Sebastian had taken a seat at the High Table with the professors.). He paled when he saw the only available seat was right next to that blonde boy who had been staring at him when he arrived. Ciel gulped and took the seat.

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