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One day passed without much incident caused by Lizzy (with the exception of her cute-ifying Ciel's bedclothes). Finally, it was the intolerable girl's final day at Hogwarts. Lizzy had befriended some of the Beauxbatons girls and it kept her away from Ciel and Draco during class, which the boys were grateful for.

Draco and Ciel sat in History of Magic on the final day of Lizzy's stay. Draco was incredibly bored. He got an idea and took out a piece of parchment, wrote a message on it, and rolled it into a ball and threw it at Ciel. It hit its target square in the shoulder blades.

Ciel felt something hit him in the shoulder blades. He whirled around to see what was thrown and who had thrown it. He saw Draco pointing at the ground. Confused, the azure-eyed boy bent down and saw a balled up piece of parchment. He picked it up and unfolded it. It read:


Let's ditch this joint.

Draco xx'

Ciel looked back at Draco and after thinking for a second, nodded. When they were both sure that Professor Binns wasn't watching, they quickly grabbed their backs and ran as quickly and quietly as possible out of the room.

"What are we going to do now?" Ciel asked.

Draco shrugged. "Let's just wander around." He started walking in a random direction. Ciel followed, glancing over his shoulder warily. Draco laughed. "Quit being such a nervous wreck!"

"But what if we get caught?" Ciel asked in a whisper.

"Then we get caught! We might get points off or a detention, but that's not terrible. It's not like they'll make us write letters to our parents and you to Lizzy saying 'Guess what folks? We're gay!'" Draco whispered back and laughed.

Ciel laughed nervously. "Let's go outside. We'll blend in better out there." Draco nodded. Both boys trotted out onto the grounds.

Draco looked around him to see what they could do. They could go swimming in the lake, but as it was early November they would be freezing and everyone would wonder why they were soaking wet. He spotted the Beauxbatons giant winged carriage horses and smirked. The blonde tapped his companion on the shoulder and pointed at the horses.

Ciel figured out Draco's plan immediately when he saw what he was pointing to. "Hell no!" He hissed. "Do you see how big those things are? We could break our necks if one of us fell off! Plus, it'd be stealing if we rode them without permission!"

"I prefer to call it 'borrowing without permission'." Draco smirked and walked over to the paddock where the horses were, clambering over the fence and motioning for Ciel to do the same.

Ciel knew it was wrong but he followed Draco's lead. Draco jogged about ten feet from the grazing horses and turned his back away from them, dropping his head and lowering his shoulder. Within a few seconds, Draco felt a horse's nose touch his shoulder softly. He turned around and stroked down the giant creature's face.

Ciel just stood there, in awe of what he just saw. It was like something out of a novel! "Wow!" He breathed.

Draco smirked. "Come over here." He told Ciel quietly. Ciel dropped his head and shoulders and walked over. He felt the animal snuffle his hair gently and he looked up. Draco was already climbing onto the horse's back.

Once Draco was on he offered Ciel his hand. Ciel took a second to think and then hesitantly accepted the help up. He swung his leg over the horse's back and gently plopped down in front of Draco. "This feels weird. I haven't done ridden a horse in years." Ciel told Draco quietly.

Draco smiled. "Well, you just hang on for the ride, then." He put his hands around Ciel's waist and grabbed a fistful of the horse's mane in each hand. Ciel blushed slightly at the contact. Draco chuckled, squeezing his calves gently into the horse's sides and clicking his tongue. The horse responded and gave him a big, swinging walk.

As the horse ambled off around the paddock Draco could feel Ciel was stiff and possibly a little scared. "Loosen up." He whispered to the boy in front of him. "Just go with it. Let the horse's movement move you."

Ciel breathed out heavily. He didn't realize he had been holding his breath this entire time! He let his hips swing with the horse's gentle rocking motion and looked up, as he had been looking at the horse's neck the entire time. He gasped slightly. 'This feels incredible.' He thought. 'I can't believe I had forgotten what this feels like. I feel like I can conquer the world!'

Draco smiled to himself. He could tell Ciel had relaxed and was maybe even enjoying himself a bit. From the way Ciel's body looked and moved on the horse, he could tell that the beautiful boy had ridden horses many times before. "I'm going to ask him to do a little trot. Are you okay with that?" Draco asked.

"Yeah. Yeah, that's fine." Ciel responded, clearly in his own little world. Draco smirked and squeezed his calves into the horse and giving a little kick. The horse responded and began his big, bouncy trot.

"Woah!" Ciel yelped as the horse began to trot.

Draco laughed and held onto Ciel's waist a little tighter. "Don't worry. I've got you. You aren't going anywhere."

Ciel nodded and focused on feeling the horse's rhythm and keeping that rhythm with his body. He felt the horse's bounce gently send his hips up and started to rise the horse's trot.

Draco could feel and see Ciel gently rising the horse's trot. 'Wow. He's definitely ridden before if he can post the trot!' He thought, rather impressed with his companion. Draco felt himself start to slip off to one side a bit. "Hey! Quit posting! You're making me lose my balance!" He told Ciel, laughing a bit.

"Sorry!" Ciel apologized and focused on keeping a balanced sitting trot.

Draco chuckled. 'I think he's doing well enough to push him a bit harder and ask this animal to go a bit faster.'

"Hey Ciel?" Draco asked.


"Do you think we could try a little canter?" Draco asked, hoping Ciel was actually listening to him. Ciel looked over his shoulder at Draco. There was a bit of nervousness in his one visible blue eye. "I'll be holding onto you." Draco reassured Ciel with a small smile.

Ciel's expression turned from one of nervousness to sheer determination. He looked Draco right in the eye and said, "Alright. I'm ready." He nodded to show that he really was serious.

Draco nodded back and brought the horse back down to a walk. "It'll be smoother if we do a walk to canter transition instead of going from the trot." He explained. Ciel nodded. Draco got the horse going in a smooth, big, forward walk. "Are you sure you want to do this?" He asked Ciel one more time. Ciel nodded and looked ahead, a fire in his eyes that Draco had never seen before was present. Draco gave the horse a squeeze and a big kick, making a kissing noise. The horse transitioned smoothly from the walk to the canter.

Ciel leaned back a bit and moved his body with the horse's canter. He felt a smile creep onto his face. Draco felt his breath catch a bit that Ciel was smiling. Ciel had the most beautiful smile he had ever seen. He had never seen the other boy smile before. "He has such a beautiful smile.' Draco thought and smiled a bit himself. He turned the horse toward the paddock fence and got the animal going a little more forward as they approached the fence.

Ciel knew what was going to happen and leaned forward a tad, giggling a bit. The horse got closer and closer to the fence. Ciel leaned forward into his jumping position and the horse took off at the base of the fence. 'I'm flying!' Ciel thought.

"I'm flying!" Ciel called aloud without meaning to, laughing as he did it. Ciel thought he would feel Draco leaning over him but that wasn't the case. As the horse landed on the other side of the fence Ciel looked over his shoulder. Draco was standing inside the paddock with the hugest smile on his face. 'He must've jumped off before the horse took off.' Ciel thought. Ciel kicked the horse a little more and the animal flew into a powerful gallop. Ciel laughed and screamed in pure delight. He galloped the horse as fast as it would go onto the main part of the grounds screaming "Faster! Faster!" Finally the horse became so fast that Ciel came off. Draco gasped and ran over to him. Ciel rolled around on the ground, giggling like mad. Draco helped Ciel up and then the two of them put the horse back and ran back to the castle for lunch.

Later that evening Draco and Ciel sat on their beds talking once again. "Earlier today, on the horse, you seemed like you had ridden before." Draco inquired to Ciel.

Ciel shrugged, his emotionless mask back in place. "I used to ride when I was a child. My father taught me to when I was very small, probably only about five. Before that he would climb on behind me and we would gallop about like maniacs. I remember my mother would always get scared and tell my father off for it, because I had 'frail health'."

Draco nodded. "Well, goodnight Pirate." Draco kissed Ciel's forehead and fell asleep.

"Goodnight Draco." Ciel whispered and stared out the window at the horses until he too fell asleep.

A/N: I'M SORRY IF CIEL WAS TOO OOC! I just thought as I wrote this 'There has to be something that makes Ciel happy and brings back his happy memories'. As some of you might have figured out now, I ride horses and I really wanted to express the feeling of freedom that washes over you when you climb onto that horse's back and make them go. It is especially powerful for me as I am disabled and in a wheelchair permanently. I am currently aiming to compete in the 2016 Paralympics. STORY ALERT, FAVORITE, AND REVIEW!