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I was surrounded by darkness… I felt like I was floating in a sea of nothingness… was that even possible? I couldn't really say… But what I did know was that I didn't feel cold at all. In fact, I felt very warm. Was it from the last thing that I felt before losing sense of the world? Did Naruto do something for me?

I can't say…

It just felt like I have been asleep for days without ending… would I ever wake up? Or would I stay asleep forever… or was this… my own personal hell?

Hinata felt like she wouldn't wake up… her body felt light as a feather yet at the same time, heavy as lead. Was that possible for her? Or was it something else that had caused that… She wanted to just open her eyes though didn't know if she would like what she sees. Her body didn't want to listen to her… it was as if her body was waiting for someone to say something… a form of responds before she could wake up…

"I should have trusted her… I should have followed her!" said a painful voice, Hinata remembered that voice… that was Naruto's…

"It isn't your fault… I should have found out that you could have seen me sooner." Was that Ryu? What did he mean find out that Naruto could see him? That didn't make any kind of sense at all!

"I never showed any other sign that I could see you…"

"Naruto… stop blaming yourself for something you didn't know was to happen."

"I can't… if I knew what she was planning… I could have helped her… damn it why would she try to get herself killed!"

"She was in pain when you didn't trust her anymore… she didn't want the pain that life gave her. That's all it's ever given her was pain."

That was when it went silent. Hinata didn't know what had happened, though what she did know was that she soon felt something holding her hand. Was that Naruto? She didn't know, though she wanted to respond to him now… Was her body waiting for something to be said before anything else happens? Or was there something else?

"I love her more than anything… I can't lose her…" whispered Naruto with a choked up sob.

"Was that why you gave her some of your strength?"

"Yeah… I couldn't bear the thought of losing her… so; I had given her some of my strength…"

Hinata wanted to cry at hearing those words… Naruto didn't want to lose her… he loves her… Damn it, she wanted to move so badly right about now… Soon, Hinata felt something on her lips… was that Naruto? Was he kissing her once more…? Hinata slowly opened her eyes from Naruto's kiss and blinked slowly at him… when he had pulled back, the young woman gave a soft smile to the shocked blonde haired man.


"H… Hi… Naru… to…" whispered Hinata in a tired voice, her body was still so weak but right now… she was just happy to be awake and to see the two most important people in her life. "How long…?"

"A week… the doctors were amazed that you survived though thanks to Naruto and Tsunade, you pulled through." Said Ryu with a big grin, though Hinata was still surprised that Ryu was still talking as if Naruto could really hear and see him. "Hinata… Naruto can see spirits…"

Eyes widening, Hinata looked at Naruto and stared at him as he smiled and nodded to her. Chuckling, Naruto whispered "I've been able to see him the whole time. When I was merged with a demon… I had the ability to see spirits, including guardian spirits. I just never say anything because I worry people would think I'm crazy."

Hinata smiled a bit…

Taking a deep breath, the young woman tried to push herself up but hissed out in pain. Her body still hurt from the battle with Orochimaru though, she knew that it was only natural… she had been stabbed and hit a lot with a daggers… Taking a deep breath, Hinata frowned when she felt arms gently supporting her… Taking a deep breath, Hinata smiled and lied her head on his shoulder… she couldn't help but be happy… "You love me?" whispered Hinata as she nuzzled the blonde haired man's shoulder.

"You… you heard that?"

"I've been able to hear for a little while now… I'm not sure how long though…"

Hinata looked up at Naruto and saw that he had blushed a little more which of course had made her giggle softly. "Oh, one last thing… Empress Tsunade wanted to thank you for saving her… and has announced to everyone in Konoha about your actions… and announced that you were both a hero, and an inspiration to everyone."

Hinata blushed at that… she was… a hero? An inspiration? Oh she wanted to faint right now but didn't want to ruin this moment that she had with Hinata. Taking a deep breath, Hinata tried to think on how to ask this… how to ask how Naruto knew where she was… oh… right… she had heard that Ryu went to get him so they both could stop her… "Naruto… how was I saved?"

"Like I said… I gave you my energy…"

"But how…"

"I… uh… um… I well… I kissed… you…"

"You did?"

"Yeah… it was the only way I knew how to do that. I'm sorry."

Smiling, Hinata kissed Naruto's cheek and sighed softly in content. She had told him that it didn't matter to her, that it was alright… that she had wanted a kiss from him for so long. Though, it was sad that she had passed out before she could have really felt her first kiss come and go. The power of love was what had saved her… maybe true love was just as powerful as she had thought it could be, and more… now, all she had to do was talk to her father, hoping that he wasn't mad at her for what she did…

Sighing softly, the young woman knew that the time would come, she had to speak to her father… hoping that she would be okay when they spoke to each other…

Though, she would have to wait until she's healed…

It had been a month since she had woken up… it seemed like forever since she was last at home. Sighing softly, the young woman looked up at the building of her home… after she had healed; Empress Tsunade had given her an amulet with the symbol of Konoha… a simple leaf with a swirl in the center. It hung around her neck, and in her hands, was the sword of Orochimaru…

She didn't care about honor anymore though… she knew that honor was important to her father. And this was the only way to make things right for them.

Naruto had his arm wrapped around her waist and held her close as he gave her a soft smile. Hinata looked up at Naruto and smiled as she said "thanks…" She gave a soft smile before walking toward the gates of her family's mansion with Naruto and looked around for her father. Though, she wasn't sure where Naruto could have gone… it was as if her family's home had been abandoned. Though she didn't say anything… Taking a deep breath, Hinata thought that her father had possibly gone to the cherry tree that was in the yard… that was her father's favourite place to think sometimes…

Sitting by the tree was her father… he looked so sad… Hinata knew that it was her fault… Naruto placed his hand on her shoulder and squeezed as he whispered "go to him… you need to talk to him." Hinata nodded and walked over to her father and sighed softly… Hinata knew that she would have to speak to him… that she would have to make peace between the two of them…

Once she reached her father, Hinata sat on her knees as she said "father… I come back with gifts… the amulet of Empress Tsunade, and the sword of Orochimaru… I hope that you find honor in these gifts…" Hinata had whispered the last part, not sure if her father was even looking at her, or if he was even listening… when she looked up, Hinata just saw that her father was staring at her with wide eyes…

"Hinata…" He whispered before pulling her into a hug. "I don't need trinkets for honor… the only things I need… for honor is having you and your sister as my daughters…" Hinata felt her eyes filling with tears… she didn't know what more she could do… only to hug her father back and cry in his shoulder.

"I've missed you father…"

Naruto smiled softly, it seemed that life would be peaceful now… though, Naruto knew that there would be a lot more to their lives now… Walking over to the hugging father and daughter, Naruto bowed as he said "hello Hiashi Hyuuga… I am Naruto Uzumaki… son of Minato Namikaze and Kushina Uzumaki… I… I was looking after your daughter while I was training the troops… I failed to keep her safe at the end… and Hinata almost lost her life because of me… I am sorry."

Hiashi looked up at Naruto and stood up before he just stared at the blonde haired man.

"Even though I have failed to keep her safe, I made sure that she stayed alive… I love your daughter with all my heart…"

"So long as you have kept her safe and alive… you may see her Naruto."

Hinata and Naruto looked up with wide eyes. Only to smile brightly as they hugged each other. Hinata wrapped her arm around Naruto's as she and the blonde haired man started to walk away.

Though, her father left asking one of the maids to get him his prized sword… he would have to set limits for Naruto when it came to his daughter…

Hinata laid her head on Naruto's shoulder as she said "you make me so happy Naruto…" She giggled and looked up at the blonde haired man and kissed his cheek. Naruto chuckled and wrapped his arms around Hinata and pulled her into a soft and tender kiss.

"You make me more happy and alive… more so than I've ever felt before in my entire life. I want to be with you… forever." Whispered Naruto as he kissed her a little more… Hinata knew that their lives would be full of nothing but joy… nothing would stop her joy and knew that nothing would stand in between them and their happiness. Hinata couldn't wait to see what the future holds for the two of them.