She isn't that perfect, pretty little girl, she's Lily Luna and she's broken. She's broken beyond repair, beyond love, beyond life, and she knows it. Oh, how she knows it. Her family and friends try to console her, saying it will get better, but it won't. She's Lily Luna and she's fucking broken. Things don't get better for her.

Oh, one day she was whole and perfect. She was an innocent little child, she played with her older brothers, and she liked butterflies. Those days are long gone, and she kind of wishes she could go back to them some days.

No matter how many times she says "I'm fine" she never is. After a while, they all back off, and she hides.

"Damn it, Lily," he says.

"Luna," she stirs her drink, strong whiskey.

He glances at her, and sighs. "Lily Luna, you are ridiculous. Come on."

She turns her head from him. "Just go, Lor. I'm not another of your animals. You can't tame me."

No, that's not true. Lorcan Scamander had already tamed Lily Luna, but as much as she loved him, he couldn't heal her.

"No, Lily, you aren't an animal. But that doesn't mean I won't drag your butt to your bed and make you clean up and get some sleep."

"Just try me."

He grabs her arm and pulls her to her feet so she's facing him. Then he Apparates, and she is dragged along with him. They stop in his nice clean apartment. She decides that the first order of business is puking all over his nice green carpet. Green like her eyes, she notices.

"Go shower," he says, waving his wand to clean up the puke.

She shuffles off, and decides that just that one time she'll make it easy for him. She does as he's told, and wakes up the next morning in a strange bed.

"Where am I?" She wonders.

"I'm glad to see you're up," it was Lysander, Lorcan's twin.

"Lor had to go save some animal last night, and he figured you would rather stay with us that Rose," Lucy's soft voice adds her thoughts.

"He was right," she runs a hand through her hair. "Thank you, but I have to go."

Lysander shakes his head, and Lucy bites her lip. "We can't let you go," Lily's soft spoken cousin explains, "Lorcan says you'll go ruin more of your life."

Lily doesn't try to deny it; she just looks out the window. She feels rather than sees Lysander leave the room, pulling Lucy with him.

"Why?" she wonders. "Nobody else cares, so why does Lorcan?"

There's only one obvious answer, but Lily simply laughs at it. Even Lorcan wouldn't fall in love with a girl as broken as her.

Five years later Lily Luna looks up.

"You left." It's Lorcan.

"You didn't come after me," she says, and he scowls.

"Oh, now it's my fault, Lily?" He leaves off 'Luna' and she notices it immediately. She doesn't deserve his mum's name.

She looks out over the balcony and blows a puff of smoke. "My whole fucking existence is a game of cat and mouse. They all are, really."

"No," he says, "they aren't." And then he kisses her.

"Why'd you come?" She asks when they broke apart.

"Because you make me whole," he says simply, and Lily Luna finally understands. She was broken because she didn't have Lorcan. There was nothing to heal.

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