:::Dadan's Gift:::

Usually, those who grew up in the Dadan family, stayed in the Dadan Family. It was just how it worked.

But that would change in the morning.

Dadan watched silently as her two foster sons fought over their dinner like they had been doing for the past seven years.

Yes, in the morning, her oldest son would be leaving.

The ginger haired woman took a deep drag on her cigarette and glared at the freckle faced boy.

He didn't seem to notice her at first but when he did, he had the nerve to turn and grin at her. The gaul of it! Dadan the mind to whack that stupid look off of his face.

Grinning at her when he would just up and leave in the morning. Humph, the nerve. . .

The majority of the bandits had crowded around Luffy and Ace, wishing him well and trying to freak him out with all the bad stories they'd heard about the seas.

Of course, nothing they said seemed to phase Ace. In fact, it only excited him and Luffy even more. Didn't they care that they could die out there? Dadan wasn't worried about them, dammit! Ace could take care of himself, and she had three more years to knock some sense into Luffy's head.

Maybe he'd become a Marine after all (and Dadan would become an opera singer. Marine, ha!) and Garp wouldn't kill her for letting his grandsons go off to become pirates.

But, they'd be fine. Right?

The night drew to a close and everyone started drifting off to their respective sleeping places. Ace snorted and lifted a slumbering Luffy onto his shoulders, intent on going to bed himself.


The freckle faced boy turned around, giving his caretaker a confused smile.


"C'mere," Dadan huffed, stubbing out her cigarette. Ace shrugged and set Luffy down on his way over to her.

"What is it?" he asked obliviously. Dadan gave him an annoyed look.

"You're going away and I'm never going to see you again. I'm glad. Your face is annoying." Ace chuckled in amusement.

"Love you too, Dadan." he smiled sweetly in that annoyingly adorable way he'd mastered over the years. The woman felt like growling.

"Shut up you brat!" she snapped irritably. Ace rolled his dark eyes at her.

"What did you want?" Ace yawned.


The boy yelped as several hard, round things smacked him in the face roughly. He barely managed to catch the bright red beads as they fell into his hands.

"Take that with you."

"Your necklace?" he wondered, running his fingers over their smooth surface. Dadan grunted.

"You can go now."

". . . Thank you, Mom."

Dadan froze up and went to glare at her foster son, but he was already darting outside to his 'country' with a still sleeping Luffy in tow.

"Damn brat!" she sobbed. "I don't care about you! Bahhhhhhh!"

A/N: Well? This is my one-shot for Shoulda Been Grace, who figured out who the mystery character in Gateways was. Congrads, darlin'!:D Did you like it? I'm sorry it's so short.:(

I always thought that Ace's necklace looked a lot like Dadan's. This was just a scenerio about how it came to be his.