Chapter 28 – Jack Kicks Butt

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Jack and Jones were sparring on the Flying Dutchman. The two swords clashed, and Jack twisted his, stripping Jones' sword from his grasp. 'There is nothing you can do with that, without the key,' Jones said, trying to buy time so he could get his sword.

'I already have the key,' Jack countered, advancing towards him.

For a moment, Jones eyed him in misunderstanding, almost believing him. Then he smirked and presented the key at the end of his tentacle. 'No, you don't,' he replied, glaring at Jack.

'Oh, that key,' Jack said with wide eyes before slicing at Jones' tentacles. Black ink sprayed everywhere, and the key fell and landed on the deck amid the splatter, still clutched by the writhing tentacle fragment. Livid, Jones shoved Jack backwards just as Jack slashed down, but Jones' claw stopped his sword. Jones squeezed, and Jack's sword was snapped in half.

On the Black Pearl, Cotton struggled with the wheel, and the masts of the two ships slammed together. The shuddering of the mast on the Flying Dutchman caused Jack to lose his balance, and the chest fell. 'NO!' Jones screamed, reaching down and saving the chest with his tentacle arm. He looked past the chest to see Jack dangling below, hanging onto the chest.

Hermione watched the events unfolding on the Flying Dutchman and raised her wand to help Jack, but she stopped when she realised if she shot Jones he would drop the chest and Jack. Her mind was going erratic as she tried to think of what she could do to help him.

Will, also noticing Jack's predicament, ran towards a soldier sneaking up on Hermione and he stabbed him. 'Hermione!' he called to her, and she looked around in alarm, noticing the soldier on the ground.

'Thanks,' she mumbled and turned back to look at Jack.

Murtogg and Mullroy swung across, slamming into the ship and they crawled up over the railing. Will raised his eyebrow, taking their rope and coiled it around his arm. 'Don't worry,' he told Hermione who frowned at him.

Hermione turned back to watch and covered her mouth in horror as Jones slung Jack up into the air, and she quickly raised her wand at him. 'Wingardium Leviosa!' she shouted watching as Jack hovered for a moment and he grabbed onto a line.

Jack's eyes were wide with fear and curiosity as he drifted to safety. He looked over at the Black Pearl, seeing Hermione lower her wand and he smiled at her. He didn't have time to think about it though as he swung around and smashed into a Dutchman crewman swinging on another line. Jack looked down and noticed his pistol. 'That's mine!' he shouted, grabbing the pistol and head-butted him off the line. Jack swung back around behind Jones and fired the gun, hitting Jones in the back.

The chest fell from his grasp, smashing down on Haddrass as he tried to sit up and his entire head was forced down into his body. The chest tumbled free just as Will landed on the deck. He bent down and picked up the chest, moving away from Haddrass who was trying to fix his head.

Jones strode along the deck, moving through the fighting. A redcoat stopped to pick up Jones' sword and examined it. Jones growled, taking the sword from him before running him through as he walked past. Will glanced over his shoulder, and then back ahead where Maacus was right in front of him, blocking his way.

On the Black Pearl, Pintel and Ragetti were up to something as they stood on either side of a cannon, smirking. Pintel chuckled as he lit the fuse, and with a loud blast, Jack the Monkey flew from the cannon, shrieking with glee. He smacked right into Maacus, who tore at him, trying to get him off his face.

Jack swung back around on the line, and looking down he could see Will moving past Maacus with the chest. Will sidestepped another of the crew, but another floored him. The chest slid away from him as Will scrambled to his feet, looking at who stopped him. It only took him a second to recognise his Father.

'It's me—' Will started to say, but he was cut off as Bootstrap slashed at him with his sword. 'Stop! It's Will! Your Son—' he cut off again as he understood something was wrong. He was forced to defend himself against the attacks Bootstrap was throwing at him, but he also had to try not to harm him.

This left the chest momentarily free, but Jones reached it and was just about to grab it when Jack dropped down in front of him and pulled his broken sword from its sheath. Jack looked at his sword, whimpering when he realised he wouldn't be able to defend himself. He looked around quickly, and pulled a bayline pin out of the capstan, and used it to block Jones' attack.

Jack dodged, keeping the capstan between them, but then Jones cut straight through it. Jack spun the capstan, turning Jones around to come out the other side while Will continued to battle Bootstrap, giving ground.

Back on the Pearl, Pintel, Ragetti, and Gibbs arrived on the deck as Barbossa fought with the wheel, straining to keep the two ships apart. 'The masts be tangled! The Dutchman is going down, and us with it!' he yelled down to them.

Gibbs craned his neck, staring at the masts turning. 'Loose a cannon! Use chain shot! Blast us free!' he ordered them.

Pintel and Ragetti ran towards the nearest cannon, but Clacker intercepted them. Hermione watched, knowing they wouldn't reach the cannon in time. She raised her wand towards the mast, but a shout from the Flying Dutchman made her lose concentration for a moment as she saw Jack and Jones fighting.

Clacker went overboard then, leaving Pintel holding the iron balls, clinking together. 'We've got balls!' he shouted out with a chuckle.

Elizabeth rushed past them. 'Free the sails! Target the mast!' she cried the order, crouching down and slashing the cannon tie-down rope.

Gibbs bent next to her. 'I've got it, go!' he told her, looking over at the Dutchman.

Elizabeth ran towards Hermione, bringing her back to the gravity of their situation and she raised her wand again. 'Reducto!' she screamed, blasting the mast but only part of it detached. Hermione concentrated and went to try again, but Elizabeth pulled her out of the way of a cannon ball firing from the Dutchman.

On the Dutchman, Jack raced away, but Jones leapt in front of him and blocked his escape. Jack retreated, but Jones slashed him across the face, and he fell back, landing hard on the deck. Jones turned and laughed as he strode back towards the chest.

Elizabeth, who had grabbed a line, swung across with Hermione, and they both landed in front of the chest. 'Harridans! You'll see no mercy from me!' he yelled, looking at them both.

Hermione twirled her wand in her hand, while Elizabeth raised her sword. 'That's why I brought this,' she said, giving Hermione a look. The younger girl nodded and cast protective spells on her before running off to Jack.

Jones sneered at Elizabeth and attacked her which caught the attention of Will. Jones was beating Elizabeth backwards. Will slashed at Bootstrap, disarming him, before grabbing his Father and slamming him into the rail. Will pulled out his knife and raised it as if he was about to stab Bootstrap. 'I will not kill you. I made you a promise,' Will said through gritted teeth before slamming the knife down, into the railing, through Bootstrap's jacket which pinned him there.

Will turned away to go and help Elizabeth, while Bootstrap stared down at the knife. It looked familiar, and he closed his eyes as he tried to remember.

Meanwhile, Hermione ran towards Jack who was still lying on the deck. She noticed the tentacle crawling past him, heading back to its master while dragging a key behind it. Hermione figured this was the key to the chest. She stooped down and grabbed the key. 'Incendio,' she whispered, setting the horrible tentacle on fire.

Hermione moved over to Jack who was rolling over onto his front and getting up. 'Jack,' she breathed when she realised he was okay.

Jack looked at her in wonder, before pulling her into his arms. 'I had a horrible feeling I would never see you again,' he muttered into her hair.

'Me too,' she whispered and pulled away from him. She took a deep breath and opened her hand, revealing the key.

Jack's eyes widened, his eyes flying from the key to the chest. Then his eyes found Hermione's which were filling with tears. 'Whatever happens…' he whispered, but she shook her head and pushed him away.

'Fine, Jack,' she snarled, dropping the key in front of him and walking away.

Jack felt his chest constrict and his breath catch as he watched her. He didn't want to do this, but someone had to, or Jones would forever haunt them. Jack crawled towards the chest, trying to ignore the devastated look on Hermione's face.

Hermione ran to help Elizabeth as Jones backhanded her with his claw. She stopped as Will thrust a sword into his back and Jones looked down. He looked over his shoulder then, seeing Will. 'Missed. Did you forget? I am a heartless wretch,' he chuckled bitterly. Jones reached up and bent the sword tip, locking it in place before wrenching sideways and freeing the sword from Will.

Jones knocked Will to the deck. Will's eyes shifted to Elizabeth, something Jones noticed, and he processed their relationship. 'Ah, love. A dreadful bond,' he said, shaking his head.

Hermione looked over at Jack who was opening the chest, and she closed her eyes, bile rising in her throat as she realised what was about to happen.

Will was backing away from Jones; he had no weapon and was helpless. Jones pulled the sword through his body and tossed it aside. 'Yet so easily severed. Tell me, William Turner,' he said, raising his sword at the unarmed blacksmith. 'Do you fear death?' he asked him, bringing the blade to a stop next to Will's throat.

Jones suddenly yelled in pain and Hermione looked over at Jack with wide eyes. 'Do you?' Jack said, holding Jones still-beating heart in his hand. Jones staggered as Jack squeezed the heart, making Jones clutch his chest in agony. Jack smiled at Hermione but swallowed hard when she didn't return it. He sighed and took a deep breath. He had everything under control finally. Jones regained his balance and took stock of his situation. Jack smirked at him. 'It's a heady tonic,' Jack started, tossing the heart in his hand. 'Holding life and death in the palm of your hand,' he said, looking down at the heart.

Jones clucked his tongue. 'You are a cruel man, Jack Sparrow. Self-serving and dishonest,' he growled.

Jack chuckled. 'Self-serving and dishonest I'll give you, but cruel is a matter of perspective, is it not?' Jack asked him, tilting his head. He carefully avoided looking at Hermione as he raised his broken sword to stab the heart.

Jones glared at him. 'Is it?' he asked, before stabbing Will with Norrington's sword.

Elizabeth cried out as she knelt next to Will, holding onto him and Hermione came to her side, tears falling from her eyes. Hermione raised her wand and whispered a spell to see the damage caused. Jones had punctured his lung, and he wouldn't survive long. 'Can you… heal him? Elizabeth asked her through her tears.

Hermione shook her head. 'He's bleeding internally, I can only stop the pain, and try to ease—' she cut herself off. How could she say she would ease his passing? She didn't want to ease it; she wanted him to live. Hermione performed another spell, stopping the pain Will was in, but he was still struggling to breathe.

Will turned his head, looking down at the sword that ran him through and realised it was the very sword he forged. It was a cruel mockery. His eyes turned to Jack who was hesitating to stab the heart.

Bootstrap looked over at the scene with an expression of curiosity on his face. It then turned to wonder and recognition. 'William. My Son,' he whispered, and immediately tried to break free from his restraint.

Jones turned towards Jack. 'Take what you want most, Jack. Live forever—' Jones was cut off as Bootstrap raced across the deck, laying into Jones and attacking him with rage. Jones was driven aside, overcome by Bootstrap, towards the railing of the ship.

Jack turned his attention away from the grappling men towards Will who was mortally wounded. Hermione turned to look at him, catching his eyes as tears fell from her own. She gave him a shake of her head, and Jack's eyes turned back to Will who was staring at the sword sticking out of him.

A quake went through the ship, and Jack glanced across the abyss to Barbossa who was at the wheel of the Black Pearl as the ship spun at the point of no return. Pintel and Ragetti aimed their cannon and Jack looked back down at the heart, before looking at Will. He turned his eyes to Hermione who was pleading with him with her eyes, and then he looked at Elizabeth.

'Please,' Elizabeth said to him.

At the rail, Jones twisted away from Bootstrap, gaining the upper hand and forced him out over the railing. 'You will not forestall my judgement—' he was cut off as a sudden pain shot through him, and he clutched his chest, crying out. The ship shuddered, and Jones let go of Bootstrap and looked over to see Jack's shortened sword had stabbed his heart.

Will's hand was on the sword hilt, and he was standing over the slain heart, dark ink, volumes of it spread out onto the deck. Jones fell onto the rail, opening his eyes one last time and stared into the whirling void, accepting his fate. 'Calypso!' he cried as he plummeted down into the sea, one with Calypso at last.

Pintel and Ragetti shot their cannon, and part of the mast on the Dutchman was blown away while Barbossa turned the wheel outwards and the Black Pearl fought to get free. The two ships finally separated, and the Flying Dutchman spun, following Jones down, encircled in darkness.

Elizabeth held Will in her arms, and he looked as though he was going to say something, but his breath caught in his throat and he died. 'Will…' Elizabeth whispered, tears falling from her eyes and landing on his face.

Hermione moved forward, pulling Elizabeth away as the crew of the Dutchman moved towards Will. Bootstrap grabbed the knife from the railing and followed suit. 'Elizabeth, we have to go, now!' Hermione whispered urgently, but Elizabeth struggled for a moment before the grief overcame her.

Hermione escorted her through the enclosing circle of crewmen as Jimmy Legs carried the open chest towards Will. 'The Dutchman must have a Captain,' Bootstrap said, knife still in hand and he knelt down next to Will. Bootstrap pulled open Will's shirt and raised the knife.

'The Dutchman must have a living heart…' Maacus said in a trance.

'Part of the ship, part of the crew, part of the ship, part of the crew…' the other crewmen chanted.

Jack met Elizabeth and Hermione at the railing where he was gathering the ropes of a flapping sail. He grabbed hold of Hermione while Elizabeth took the line, and Jack fired his pistol at the knot. The three were lifted from the deck by the wind-filled sail. Elizabeth stared down as Will's body was obscured from sight by the crewmen. Hermione looked at her, but her eyes were trained on the ship which was growing smaller.

Unknown to them, Jack the Monkey had also hitched a ride, and even he was looking down at the ship with a mournful stare.

The Flying Dutchman vanished into the whirlpool, while Jack, Hermione and Elizabeth landed in the ocean near the Pearl. Barbossa, Pintel, and Ragetti watched in dismay as the Dutchman was pulled down, spinning, into the depths. Gibbs ran to the rail, helping Hermione and Elizabeth over before grabbing Jack and helping him as well.

'Thank heaven, Jack. The Armada is still out there, the Endeavour is coming up hard starboard, and I think it's time we embraced that oldest, noblest of pirate traditions,' Gibbs said with a grin.

Jack sighed. 'I've never been one for tradition,' he muttered and chanced a glance at Hermione who was comforting the crying Elizabeth. He sighed when Hermione didn't look at him, and he could tell she was still annoyed.

Jack wondered if he would ever be able to earn her forgiveness. He promised not to hurt her, yet had immediately broken the promise by telling her he was going to stab the heart and become Jones. Even though it hadn't worked out like that, his intentions were there and that, he knew, she wouldn't forgive easily.

Jack looked over at the Endeavour where Beckett was standing at the helm with the Armada re-forming behind him. Jack moved towards the wheel. 'Close haul her! Luff the sails, and lay her in irons!' Jack ordered the crew.

Barbossa rolled his eyes. 'Belay that! We'll be a sitting duck!' he ordered the crew who stopped moving.

Jack glared at him. 'Belay that, belay that!' he ordered the crew who all started to protest, but Jack cut each of them off. 'Belay it! Stow it! Stow it, stow it, belay, belay, stow!' he shouted as each of them opened their mouths.

Hermione rolled her eyes at him, before turning back to Elizabeth who was staring out at the sea where the Flying Dutchman went down. Hermione didn't know what to say to her. Any words of comfort that may have come to her just wouldn't be enough.

Meanwhile, on the Endeavour, Beckett tilted his head as he watched the sails of the Black Pearl being luffed. It was helpless. 'What is he waiting for?' Groves questioned as he watched in bewilderment.

'He expects us to honour our agreement,' Beckett answered with a shrug. Below him, the cannon ports opened on the gun deck, and cannons emerged.

On the Black Pearl, its sails flapping, Gibbs watched the Endeavour move into position against them. 'Didn't figure for it to end this way. Always pictured an angry husband,' he muttered, shaking his head.

Jack raised his eyebrow at him. 'Reasonable,' he responded with a chuckle.

On the Endeavour, Beckett sailed in for the kill. 'Nothing personal, Jack. It's just good business,' he said with a smirk of victory.

Suddenly, the Flying Dutchman appeared from the depths, sailing alongside the Black Pearl. It was now a clean slate grey and no longer crusted. On the Pearl, Jack grinned. 'Full canvas!' he ordered, pointing towards the Endeavour.

'Aye, full canvas!' Barbossa agreed, shouting the order as well and the crew got the ship ready.

On the Flying Dutchman, William Turner stepped out onto the deck, a dark avenging anger in his eyes, and he was now in control of the dreaded ship. Barbossa spun the wheel on the Pearl and split away from the Dutchman. The two ships sailed on either side of the Endeavour, trapping it between them.

On the Endeavour, Beckett stared in incredulity while Groves looked out at their doom. 'Orders, sir?' he asked, waiting uncertainly. 'Sir?' he questioned again, still getting no answer. 'Sir, what do you command?' he requested again, but Beckett didn't move.

Finally, Beckett turned his head, staring across at Jack. 'Who am I?' Beckett mumbled to himself, with resignation, disgust, and amazement.

Groves' eyes widened, noticing Beckett had lost it. 'Abandon ship! All hands! Abandon ship!' he ordered, turning away from Beckett. With the other crewmen, Groves raced to the rail and vaulted overboard.

'FIRE!' came the orders from Will and Jack.

The two ships opened fire, showing the full fury of their power. It was a furious broadside as cannons blasted several times and Beckett's ship was blown away.

On the Endeavour, Beckett stepped forward, shots landing all around him, but he didn't flinch and was still fearless in the face of death. A mast fell, but it didn't faze Beckett at all even as the deck gave way and he disappeared.

Cheers could be heard from the various pirate ships littering the Caribbean Sea as Beckett fought to remain above water. The East India Company flag floated down and covered him. There was a brief struggle beneath it before the flag flattened on the water.

Hermione watched as the crew cheered, but her eyes found Jack's and she couldn't help but smile. She clutched her hands behind her back, and Jack indicated with a nod of his head for her to come up. Hermione ran up the stairs and straight into his arms.

Hermione looked down as the cheers paused when Murtogg and Mullroy appeared, trying to pretend to be pirates and they all circled them. She felt a little sorry for the two soldiers and wondered if they would ever find their calling. Jack and Hermione turned to look at the Armada ships as they turned tail and fled at the destruction caused.

'They're retreating,' Hermione whispered in awe.

'Aye, they're terrified to take on the combined might of the Dutchman and the Pearl!' Gibbs agreed, raising his fist in cheer.

Jack chuckled. 'I've never seen a retreat from this side before,' Jack mused before looking at Gibbs. 'Gibbs, you may fling my hat,' he told him making Hermione giggle as Gibbs took Jack's hat in awe and threw it up into the air.

On the Flying Dutchman, Captain William Turner stood on the deck looking out toward the Black Pearl and sighed. Bootstrap came up beside him. 'Orders, sir?' he asked him, bowing his head slightly.

Will looked at him in surprise. 'You're no longer bound to the Dutchman. You're free,' Will told him with a frown.

Bootstrap shifted onto his other foot and smiled at him. 'It's a fine thing, but by my reckoning, I've still got a debt that needs be paid,' he told him, his smile widening. 'If you'll have me,' he added, hope in his eyes.

Will regarded him for a moment before a smile fought free and broke out on his face. He gestured towards the wheel. 'On the wheel, then, Mr Turner,' he ordered him.

'Aye, Captain Turner,' Bootstrap responded, moving up to the wheel. Will's gaze turned back to Elizabeth and Bootstrap noted it. 'One day ashore, ten years at sea. It's a steep price to pay for what's been done,' he told him with a sad sigh.

Will smiled. 'That depends on the one day,' he replied, shaking his head.


'What will you do now?' Elizabeth questioned Hermione who was sitting on the stairs.

'I don't know,' the young witch answered as her eyes found Jack who was helping prepare a longboat.

'What about the future? Do you think you could return?' she asked Hermione.

Hermione's eyes glazed over as she thought about returning. How would she even get back to the future? 'Maybe I'll find a way, someday,' she finally replied.

The more she thought about it, the more she found herself wondering how she would feel. Her eyes found Jack, and this time he looked back and smiled at her. Hermione would miss Jack terribly, but she would be with Harry and Ron. There would be no Voldemort, and they could all finally have peace in life. Hermione was sure she would find love again, and Jack would as well.

'He'll be devastated,' Elizabeth whispered, looking at Jack.

'What do you mean?' Hermione asked her.

'Jack,' she countered as if this was obvious. 'He loves you. I don't think he's ever loved anything more than the sea until he met you,' she said, shaking her head.

Hermione looked back over at him, and she knew she felt the same, but she was torn. 'We'll see what happens. I don't even know if I can return to the future,' she answered, shaking her head.

The two girls were interrupted by Gibbs. 'Your chariot awaits, your highness. Oars are inside,' he told Elizabeth who rolled her eyes.

Elizabeth stood with Hermione, and they walked towards the longboat. 'Mrs Turner,' Barbossa said, giving her a bow.

Elizabeth smiled at him before turning back to Hermione and giving her a long hug. 'I hope we meet again soon, Hermione,' she whispered, and the younger girl nodded.

'Me, too,' Hermione murmured back, before pulling back and letting Jack pull her into his arms.

Elizabeth smiled at Jack. 'Thank you,' she said and leaned up to kiss his cheek.

Jack nodded, smiling at her and helped her into the longboat. He ordered for her to be hoisted down as Hermione looked over the railing to watch.


A Few Months Later…

'So, where to, Jack?' Hermione asked with a sigh. The Black Pearl had been sailing around in circles for months while Jack tried to plot a course.

'You want to stay?' he asked her a little sheepishly as he looked up from a map. The two had argued a lot over the last few months, and their recent argument had Hermione telling him to drop her off at the next nearest port.

The two were alone in the Captain's Cabin. 'Do you want me to, Jack?' she asked with a sigh.

Jack didn't answer, he just walked over to her and pulled her into his arms. They stood that way for a while before Barbossa walked into the room making them pull apart to look at him in uncertainty. 'Well, now, sorry to interrupt,' Barbossa said, bowing his head, and they could tell he wasn't sorry at all.

'There must be a purpose,' Jack said, his eyes narrowing on Barbossa.

'Well, Jack, we need to do something about this both of us being Captain thing,' Barbossa started as Jack rolled his eyes. 'The crew is a might jumbled with both of us acting as Cap—' Barbossa was cut off.

'Take it,' Jack muttered going back to the map on the table.

'Jack?' Barbossa asked in misunderstanding. Surely, Captain Jack Sparrow would not give up the title so quickly.

'You be Captain. There are more important things in life than a title,' Jack answered, shaking his head.

Barbossa was taken aback by this. 'That's fascinating. The Jack I know would never give up on being Captain,' he said looking at Hermione who was also watching Jack with a frown.

Hermione moved towards him, placing her hand on his to stop him from moving the compass across the map. 'I hope I'm not the reason you're stepping down,' she questioned him softly.

'We need somewhere safe, and the sea is not safe,' Jack answered her, giving her a look which she would understand.

Barbossa looked at them both before stepping fully into the room and closing the door. 'You're not staying, Jack? I would have made you first mate,' he said with a chuckle.

Jack looked at him as if considering his offer. 'We could stay for a short while,' Jack said slowly, looking at Hermione who nodded with a smile. 'But we will have to find land soon,' he added, and she sighed.

'I like being at sea,' Hermione told him, but Jack shook his head.

'We can come back later,' Jack told her with a note of finality.

'Now, what could have happened for Jack Sparrow to give up on the sea and settle down on land?' Barbossa asked looking at them both. Jack stared at the floor while Hermione's face flushed, and she subconsciously wrapped her arms around her abdomen. Barbossa raised an eyebrow, looking at Jack. 'I see,' he said with a chuckle before leaving the room.

Hermione rolled her eyes and stared at the ceiling of the cabin. 'How did he figure it out?' she asked Jack who shrugged.

'He would have found out eventually,' Jack muttered, looking back at the map.

'You're not angry?' she asked touching his arm.

Jack turned to look at her with a frown. 'Why would I be?' he asked her in bewilderment. Hermione looked at the floor, but Jack reached over and lifted her chin. 'Hermione, I love you. I want to protect you,' he whispered and leaned in to kiss her. 'Both of you,' he added and kissed her again.

Hermione wrapped her arms around his neck, knowing there was no way she could return to the future now. She couldn't hurt Jack like that.

She loved him.


A/N: Sorry for the cheesy end to this story, but I am thinking of writing a sequel at some point so stay tuned :)