They don't trust many people, Lily and James. I wouldn't either, seeing as how one of the most powerful wizards ever, Voldemort, is after them.

Yes, I said his name. I'm not afraid of him. What can he do to me? Kill me? I'm going to die anyway. Torture me? Life is torture. No, Voldy doesn't hold any power.

The ones with the power are the people. And they decide to give Voldemort power. It isn't bright, but who can blame them? I almost feared him myself, until I watched Lily and James together.

That was when my philosophy was born. Just live, 'cause you're all going to die in the end. It's worked pretty well so far.

Hi. This is my new drabble collection Just Type. I have no idea how long it'll be, but hopefully I'll finish a ton of challenges doing this. Yeah, none of these will be edited, which is kind of the thing that I really, really hate to do.

I have two projects I've been putting off, so bye.