Just a Jily one-shot. I don't own HP. I'm going back to my NaNo corner now.

James Potter was bored. That was something that seemed to happen quite often, oddly enough. His mother always said he was a handful and that with all the mischief he pulled he should never be bored, but he was an only child, and what fun is mischief if there's no one to pull it off with you?

There were two girls playing on a swing set in the same playground, so James walked over to them. He stuck his hand out. "Hi."

One of the girls, the blond one who reminded him a bit like a horse, ran away. "He's just like Snape!"

The other one, the redhead, grabbed his hand. "Hi," she replied. "I'm Lily."

"James," he said. "Do you want to play with me? My mother is visiting my aunt."

"I would love to," Lily said. She grabbed James's hand again and led him over to the slide. "C'mon."

They played together all day, taking turns leading the other to a new part of the playground, and at the end of the day Lily stood up on her tiptoes to give James a quick kiss on the lips. James stared at her, his mouth slightly open, as she skipped off towards her father and her sister the horse.

"Wait, Lily!" James called, but she didn't turn back to look at him. She just grabbed her father's hand and left. That was the moment James decided he was going to marry that redhead—if he ever saw her again, that is.