I never thought I'd be writing Jasper and Edward again...Never say never...Oh and I've never written a Slash story from Edward's POV...it's a new adventure...there will be angst, humor, romance and interfering friends...I have no posting schedule because I only have a vague idea of how this story is going to play out...I'll try to update weekly but don't come and lynch me if it doesn't work out...I have a deadline to submit an original manuscript to a publisher in March so that comes first...I just needed a little fun writing so my head wouldn't explode...okay... let's get this party started...The mistakes are all mine...Read people...

"Hey Jazz, what ya got there," Edward asked as his best friend stormed into their apartment.

"Porn," Jasper said, scowling.

Who looked so unhappy when they had porn?

"Porn," Edward stuttered. "What sort of porn?"

"This," Jasper said. He flashed Edward a video. All Edward saw was a pile of naked bodies on the cover. "I caught Rosalie and her friends watching this when I stopped by today. Why would they want to watch this?"

"You took Rosalie's porn," Edward said, eyes widening. Jasper was either brave or very, very stupid. Edward was leaning toward stupid.

"They're girls, for chrissakes," Jasper hissed. "And she's my sister."

"Are you the porn police or something," Edward asked.

What was wrong with Jasper? He had to know that a lot of girls enjoyed watching porn. Well, he knew for certain that a few of his girl friends had watched some porn. Last year, Bella Swan and Alice Brandon had forced him to rent some porn for them. They said it was more natural for a guy to rent it. Edward had tried to put up a fight, but they had ganged up on him, threatening to kiss him and grab his junk. Even thinking about it now gave Edward the willies. No girls were allowed near his junk. Edward had given in and rented the movie. He even sat through it with the girls. They giggled a lot and started the movie over three times. Edward had kept his eyes closed for most of the movie. Too many boobs for him. He liked his porn more manly.

"Girls watch porn," Edward mumbled.

Jasper didn't seem to hear him. He looked like he was on the edge of a freak-out or something. He kept turning the video over and over. Edward was an only child so he wouldn't know what it was like to catch your twin sister watching porn.



"Why do you think my sister was watching this?"

"Uh...I have no idea why girls watch porn." Edward answered quickly and shrugged his shoulders. It was just porn. If Jasper couldn't figure out why people watched porn, Edward was not going to be the one to explain the draw of porn. Besides, Edward didn't see what the problem was until Jasper handed him the video. Edward's mouth dropped open and his eyebrows disappeared into his hairline. Good god, he had the same video tucked safely away in his dresser under six layers of socks and underwear. He had to resist the urge to dash into his room and check on it. He shoved the video back into Jasper's hands and ground his teeth together.

"My sister is a pervert," Jasper said, collapsing on the couch next to Edward. The video clattered to the floor, landing at Edward's feet. The blond boy on the cover smiled at him with a hunger that made Edward's dick ache. He shuddered and wished the real blond boy who was complaining about his sister would smile at him like that. He kicked the video under the couch.

Fuck, if Jasper thought Rosalie was a pervert for watching this video, it must mean that Edward was also a pervert. Or Worse. Because Edward owned the video hidden in his drawer. Rosalie had probably borrowed it from someone.


Edward growled quietly. It was her fault he was sitting her with an upset Jasper and gay porn under his couch. This must have been another one of her stupid plans to test Jasper. Edward was going to kill her for involving him in her silly schemes. They never worked out. Edward should know, because the two of them had been cooking up plots and plans since they were fifteen years old and so far, none of them had worked. And now Bella and Alice were also in on the deal. They had formed this group and put themselves in charge of Edward's love life, which was nonexistent because Edward was totally in love with his best friend who apparently thought he was a fucking pervert. Edward hung his head and sighed loudly.

"What's up with you," Jasper asked.

"Nothing," Edward said.

"I'm sure she'll be calling you," Jasper said.

"Who," Edward asked.

Jasper snorted and stared at him like he was stupid. "Rosalie."

Edward's phone took that exact moment to ring and he cringed. Fucking Jasper. It had to be a twin thing. Edward didn't have to look at it to know who was calling.

"Who is it," Jasper asked, snickering as he grabbed some history book out of his backpack

Fuck. He wanted to lie and say it was Riley but he sucked at lying.

"Rosalie," Edward said through his teeth. She could have at least waited for a half hour.

"Aren't you going to answer it," Jasper asked. "She probably wants her movie back."

"Right," Edward said. "Hello?"

"Well? Anything?" Rosalie shouted in his ear.

"Just a sec," Edward said, smiling sweetly at Jasper. "Er, I'll just go in my room. Wouldn't want to disturb your studies. Rosalie, er, some sort of crisis."

Jasper snorted and gave him a funny look, but went back to his book. Edward slipped into his bedroom, quietly shutting the door.

Fuck, Jasper was going to ask him all sorts of questions about his strange behavior. What the hell was he going to tell him?

"Edward," Rosalie said. He could hear Bella and Alice in the background screeching about the hot blond in the movie. "Edward!"

"Yeah, yeah, I'm here," he hissed into the phone.

"Well, what happened," Rosalie asked.

"He thinks you're a pervert."

"That's it," she shouted.

"God Rosalie, I don't know what the fuck you expected to happen. It's not like he was going to ask me to watch the movie with him."

"So he didn't say anything else?"

"Just that he thinks you're calling to get your movie back."

"Yeah, about that," Rosalie paused. "It's your movie. I took it out of your drawer."

"What," Edward shouted so loud that his next door neighbor banged on his wall. "You stole my movie. How did you know...no don't answer that."

Maybe she was having one over on him.

Edward almost dropped the phone as he frantically searched his dresser, tossing his socks and underwear all over the floor and bed. It was gone. That was his movie under the couch.


"It was for a good cause," Rosalie said. "Although the blond looked a little too much like my brother for me to enjoy it."

Edward ended the phone call. Rosalie was going to slice his balls off for hanging up on her, but he didn't want to listen to her talking about the blond boy in his movie. Edward already knew he looked like Jasper. That was why he had the fucking movie.

Christ, he was a pervert.

Edward fell back on his bed, surrounded by piles of socks and clean underwear. This couldn't be healthy for a person. He had been love sick since he was fifteen years old. Almost six fucking years of pinning after someone with no results whatsoever. Jasper was never going to love him. It was torture living like this.

Edward heard a scuffle in the living room and suddenly, his door flew open and in walked Rosalie.

"Hey asshole," she said. She glanced around his room and raised an eyebrow before she cleared a spot on his bed and sat down.

Edward sighed and looked into the blue eyes of Jasper's twin. "How did you get here so fast?"

"I was already on my way up when you hung up on me."

"I hung up on you for a reason," Edward answered bravely. "I don't want to talk about it."

Rosalie crawled up the bed and sat down next to him, patting his hand. "I'm sorry. That was a stupid stunt."

Edward shrugged his shoulders. He wasn't expecting her to claim responsibility. "I'm done, Rosalie."


"Yeah, no more stunts or tricks or underhanded plans. It never works because he doesn't want me like that," Edward said. He's straight, Rosalie."

It hurt to say the words. He closed his eyes and laid his head on Rosalie's shoulder.

"Please don't give up Edward. I know he cares about you. If he's so straight, why hasn't there been a girlfriend since Alice. That was three years ago."

"He's been busy with school," Edward said.

"Quit defending him," Rosalie said.

"I'm not," Edward said. "I just can't take this anymore. It's like wishing for rain as I stand in the desert," Edward said.

"Oh shit," Rosalie said. "It's bad when you're quoting songs." She frowned and looked at him. Sadness clouded her eyes and Edward had to look away. He didn't need nor want her pity.

"Stop that," Edward said, shoving her away. "It's just best if we stay friends. I don't think I could handle not having him in my life."

She was quiet for a few minutes. It made Edward nervous. When Rosalie was quiet it meant she was thinking and when she was thinking, she was planning...Fuck, Edward was doomed.

"Maybe you're right," she said.

Edward's head snapped up and he stared at the blonde bombshell sitting on his bed.

"I am?" Edward was confused. According to Rosalie, Bella and Alice he was never right about anything.

"Maybe Jasper needs to see you moving away from him. Maybe he needs to see you with other friends instead of trailing after him like a cute little puppy."

"I am not a puppy," Edward huffed and crossed his arms over his chest.

"This could work," Rosalie said as she punched out a quick text message. She got an instant reply. "Bella and Alice think it's brilliant."

"No," Edward said, grabbing Rosalie's wrist." I said no more scheming."

"Yes, yes," she said. She wasn't even listening to him. She was busy texting again. "This is so perfect, Edward. Operation Bring on the Rain."

"I sorta hate you right now," Edward mumbled.

Whenever she named their plans Edward was in big trouble. Rosalie flashed him a sweet smile and Edward shivered. She was going to be poking her perfect nose into his business again.

"Please don't do anything, Rosalie," Edward begged.

Rosalie's phone chirped and sang and bleeped and she grinned like a vampire rolling around in a blood bank. "Perfect."

"What's perfect?" Edward squeaked.

"There's a party this weekend and we're going."

"There's always a party and we always go," Edward said. Maybe she wasn't doing anything.

She flashed him a scary smile and his balls shriveled up.

"Rosalie," Edward whined. "Please. Please. I'll do anything."

"Then kiss him."

Edward stared at her like she had sprouted a third eye. He spluttered and gasped but couldn't get any words to come out. Damn her.

"Don't worry about anything, Edward. We'll take care of everything." Rosalie said, jabbing at her phone some more. She stood up, patted him on the head and climbed off his bed, leaving his room with a huge grin on her face.

"What's she up to," Jasper asked, startling Edward.

"I have no idea," he said with a shudder.

"Did she say anything," Jasper asked.

"About what," Edward choked.

Jasper cleared his throat. "The video," he whispered.

"No, she's talking about some wild party this weekend." Edward did not want to talk about that stupid video.

"There's always a wild party." Jasper gave him a lopsided grin.

Jeesh, Edward loved that smile, but it fucked with his brain. It made him forget what they were talking about. It made him want to lick those full lips and shove his tongue in Jasper's mouth. It made his fucking dick hard.

"Um, that's what I told her," Edward said, proud of the fact he had kept up with the conversation.

"Why did you throw your underwear all over your room?"

Edward snorted and scrubbed his face. "Er..."

Forget about it." Jasper clapped Edward on the shoulder. "I'm sorry you have to put up with her. She drives everyone crazy."

"I've been doing it since we were fifteen." Edward shrugged. "I can handle her."

Jasper laughed. "Let's go eat. I'm fucking starving."

"Okay, give me a second," Edward said.

Jasper nodded and left his room. Edward heard someone knock on the door and Jasper was shouting that he would meet Edward down at his car.

"Right, I'll be right there," Edward said.

As soon as he heard the door close, Edward dashed out to the living room. He dropped to his belly in front of the couch and stretched his arm out, feeling around for his movie. He dragged out six huge balls of dust, a discarded rock hard pizza crust, three M & M's, possibly a cheeto and a stick.


The movie was no longer under the couch.

So where was it?

He glanced around the room, but saw no sign of the case. Well fuck. He distinctly remembered kicking the movie under the couch, but now it wasn't there. Maybe Jasper took the movie and tucked it in his backpack to return to Rosalie. Edward spotted Jasper's backpack on the chair. He yanked on the zipper but halfway down, it got stuck. It was open enough for Edward to dig around. There was no movie. He was tugging on the zipper when the door flew open.

"Hey," Jasper shouted. Edward jumped away from Jasper's bag. "What the fuck, Edward, I'm starving."

"Uh, couldn't find my keys," he said.

Jasper smiled and picked the keys off the small table by the door, dangling them in front of Edward's face.

"What would you do without me," Jasper said, winking at him.

Edward felt his face flush. Well, that was the million dollar question and according to Rosalie it was time for Edward to find out what it was like to not hang out with Jasper all the time.

But could Edward do it? He looked at the beautiful man standing in front of him. Jasper jingled the keys again and Edward snatched them out of Jasper's hand. Their fingers touched and Edward ripped his hand away. He couldn't handle the innocent touches anymore. They never felt innocent to him.

If Edward thought about it, all those innocent touches were driving him insane and keeping his dick in a constant state of arousal. Fuck, if he really thought about it, Edward had been semi-hard since he was fifteen years old. Most guys were thrilled when they figured out how their dicks worked. It only confused Edward. It never seemed to get hard at appropriate times.

Bella, his girlfriend at the time, started to get suspicious when the only time he could get really hard was during a good blowing. Edward sighed and tried not to remember what happened next.

Never, ever gasp someone else's name when your girlfriend is giving you head.

His best friend had invaded his dreams. His best friend made his dick hard. It should have been Bella, but no, his traitorous dick let him know that it was Jasper and his tight little ass that made his erection weep and strain against his zipper. Nothing could ever be easy. He had been a sixteen year old boy who apparently wanted to do dirty things to his best friend. At least Bella had been understanding. Okay, not so much. It took her six weeks before she could even be in the same room as him. It was another month before she said hello.

"This is your fault," Edward mumbled to his dick.

"Whose fault," Jasper asked innocently.

"Rosalie's," Edward shot back. It was always easy to blame things on Jasper's sister.

"Everything is Rosalie's fault," Jasper agreed.

They both started laughing. This friend thing would have to do. At least Edward would still have Jasper in his life.

No matter how much it hurt.

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