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When they were clean and getting ready for bed, Jasper chuckled and Edward caught him around the waist, shoving him against the wall and kissing him hard. "Thank you," he whispered.

"For what," Jasper asked, smiling.

Edward bit his lip. "For making it rain in my desert."

Like Wishing For Rain

Chapter 10

"I have no idea what the hell you are talking about Edward, but you're welcome."

Jasper gave him a smile that lit up Edward's entire world. Oh god, he wanted this forever. Edward watched as Jasper ducked under his arm and crawled into his bed. For several seconds, Edward didn't know what to do. Did he climb in Jasper's bed or go back to his own? He'd never fucked his roommate slash best friend before and he had no idea what Jasper was thinking. Were they together now or friends with benefits or was this just a one time thing?

Fuck, he should've asked for a rule book before they started. Or maybe a rule book wasn't such a hot idea. In fact, Edward figured he'd broken at least seventeen rules. One should never kiss one's best friend. One should always have lube on hand. One should never carry a torch for one's best friend for six fucking years and then fuck the best friend over the kitchen table without talking first. Christ, that one was probably on page one in bold fucking shouty caps of the rule book.

"Hey," Jasper said, fluffing his pillow. "Aren't you coming to bed?"

When Jasper patted the empty space next to him, Edward burned the fucking rule book. He was writing his own fucking rules. He took three steps and jumped into bed, snuggling up to Jasper's side.

Jasper chuckled and wrapped his arms around Edward. He played with Edward's hair, letting the strands slide through his fingers. Jasper snickered. "Your hair is still greasy."

Edward's face flamed as he remembered why his hair was greasy. Sliding his butter covered fingers down Jasper's crack and slipping first one finger, than two into Jasper, twisting and pumping until Jasper was writhing in time with Edward's thrusts.

Holy fuck.

"Edward, you're drooling," Jasper said.

"Mmmm, butter."

Jasper giggled into Edward's neck and Edward felt stirrings in his cock.

"Not a good idea," Edward whispered to his dick as he squeezed his thighs together. He was not going to get hard. They still didn't have lube and he wasn't going after the butter again, unless Jasper begged because what could you do when those blue eyes were staring up at you, begging to be fucked. Of course he would dip his fingers in the butter again.

Fuck he was demented.

"Hey." Jasper nudged him. "You okay?"

"Just thinking that if this is a dream, I don't ever want to wake up."

Jasper pinched his thigh.

"Ouch," Edward squealed.

"See. This is real. You're not dreaming."

"Are you sure," Edward asked.

"I will be here when you wake up."

"Really," Edward said.

"I promise," Jasper said.

This all came down to trust. Edward did trust Jasper, he just didn't trust his own mind. In the past six years Edward had created some totally awesome dreams about Jasper but sometimes, when he smoked weed, the dreams went nuts.

"Edward," Jasper said. "I promise. How can I make you believe me?"

"Kiss me," Edward said.

Jasper leaned over and softly slid his lips up Edward's neck until he reached his mouth. His tongue slipped across Edward's lips and he moaned rather loudly.

And now his dick was hard. Dammit!

He was not going to touch his dick.

Jasper's hot breath tickled his neck. Those red lips slid down his jaw.

He was starting to see stars. He was not going to give in and touch his dick. They were just kissing, reveling in the moment.

Fingers tangled in his hair, gently tugging until Edward's head fell back against Jasper's shoulder. Teeth nipped at the exposed skin.

He was not going to touch his dick. Fuck, he needed to touch his dick. He needed to come. He needed...

"Holy fuck," Edward shouted and sat up.

"What wrong," Jasper asked. "Did I hurt you?"

"Lube. I have lube in my backpack."

Edward was pretty sure a dust cloud followed him as he flew out of Jasper's room in search of his backpack. He found it hidden under his jacket in the living room. He dumped out all the contents, kicking it around until he saw it and it made him squeal. A small tube of lube that lit up the room like a thousand sparkling diamonds. There would be no more butter tonight. Edward did a happy dance all the way down the hall.

"I found it," he shouted triumphantly, holding the tube high in the air so Jasper could see the wonderful treasure.

"You carry lube in your backpack?"

"Er," Edward stammered and looked at the floor. "No?"

"Edward," Jasper chuckled. "You don't have to explain right now."

Oh thank god, because you know, Edward liked to be prepared and he'd been studying so hard lately and sometimes when he was sitting alone in those stupid study cubicles in the library, Jasper would creep into his thoughts and his dick would spring to life. There was never anyone around and he was always quick and neat about the whole thing, except that one time when he was leaning forward, sorta sprawled on the table as images of being buried in Jasper's ass danced through his mind. He may have even been thrusting just a tiny bit. Fucking Rosalie snuck up behind him and tapped him on the shoulder just as he was hitting the high note. He almost jumped out of his fucking pants, literally. The napkin he had positioned strategically slipped off, fluttering to the ground. Yeah, he sprayed fucking come everywhere. And Rosalie laughed so loud that they both got kicked out of the library and banned for three days until they could learn to behave like adults. The whole time the librarian was lecturing them, Edward was desperately trying to get his zipper up. Rosalie just kept snorting and snickering.

Edward often wondered what the cleaning crew thought about that cubicle. He made sure to never sit in there again.

God, he was a certified pervert and it was all Jasper's fault. He needed to teach him a lesson.

"Can I fuck you again," Edward begged. "Please."

Oh, yes, begging made him sound like such a Dominant.

"One day, you are going to tell me why you carry lube in your backpack," Jasper said, flashing a dimpled grin at him.

"I'll tell you anything, just please," Edward whined. His fucking dick was aching and if Jasper didn't hurry up and let him screw him, he was going to stand here and jack off in front of him. A wicked grin spread across Edward's face.

"I can't take it much longer," Edward said, trying to be seductive. He crawled on the bed, hovering near Jasper, but not touching him. He raised up on his knees, his hard cock jutting out tall and proud and leaking. Leaking a lot, like so much liquid was dripping out of his slit that the lube might not be necessary. Christ, Edward was horny.

A small squeak came from Jasper the moment Edward fisted his dick and it twitched with happiness. "It's just my hand. Don't get too excited," Edward whispered.

"Since you can't seem to make up my mind, I'll have to get myself off," Edward said, rolling his hips along with the slide of his hand. Fuck, this felt pretty damn good.

There was more noise below him and when Edward focused his eyes on Jasper, he almost fell off the bed and stopped mid-jerk. Jasper's legs were spread wide open, his knees pulled up and his hips slightly lifted off the bed as he slowly finger-fucked himself. Drool dripped down Edward's chin and his dick lurched forward, trying to get to the promised land.

In and out. In and out with a tiny little twist of his wrist. Edward was hypnotized by Jasper's fingers. First one and then two, pumping in unison. He was getting dizzy watching and if he wasn't careful he was really going to fall off the fucking bed. Was he even breathing?

"Jasper," Edward whispered.

"Fuck me," Jasper said, staring at him with dark blue eyes that could see right through him.

"Oh my gah," Edward groaned and leaned forward, capturing Jasper's red lips. He fumbled around the bed with his free hand, searching for the small packet of lube and the condom. Something crinkled and he sat up and ripped open the packet.

"Let me," Jasper said, taking the packet from him. Slowly Jasper slid the condom down his aching dick.

"If you fucking lose it before I get in Jasper. I'll kill you," Edward whimpered to his dick.

Thankfully, Jasper released him and Edward took a few deep breaths. He took his time drizzling lube into his open hand before slathering it all over his dick. His hand dropped and slowly caressed Jasper's dick. He traced the veins down to his sac where he rolled his balls and finally his slick fingers breached Jasper. He arched into Edward's hand.

"Now. I'm fucking ready," Jasper squeaked.

Christ, Edward was ready too. So ready that he was probably going to come the moment he got inside. He needed to count and breathe.

"Edward," Jasper snapped.

"Sorry," he said and slid his fingers out. Jasper lifted his hips and Edward gritted his teeth and pushed in slowly, letting Jasper's body adjust to the invasion.

Edward couldn't look down. If he looked at Jasper's beautiful face, he would come or cry or proclaim his undying love and he didn't know if Jasper was ready for any of that shit.

"Edward, look at me, please," Jasper whispered.

Edward bravely cracked an eye open, peering down at the most beautiful sight he had ever seen in his life. Jasper's flushed cheeks and the glistening swollen red lips slowly opening as he gasped for air when Edward shifted his hips. He stared at the messy blond locks, plastered against Jasper's forehead and his bare skin glowing with a lovely sheen of sweat. Edward reached for Jasper's hands, raising his arms above his head and pinning him to the bed. And then Edward started to move, slowly at first, gradually settling in to a gentle rhythm that had Jasper making all sorts of delicious noises. When Jasper tried to wrench his hand free, Edward shook his head.

"My dick is gonna make you come. Trust me."

"Edward," Jasper groaned and squeezed his eyes shut. Edward's hips sped up and he altered his angle until Jasper was lost in a haze of 'yes's' and 'ohmyfuckinggod' and 'right there'.

Edward slammed into Jasper and he arched up, squeezing his ass around Edward's dick. Warm come splattered on Edward's chest and Edward tumbled off the proverbial cliff that all porn talks about. It was a very lovely fall. Jasper wrapped his legs around Edward, keeping him in place and still while they road out their orgasm's.

Edward collapsed on top of Jasper.

"Next time," Jasper whispered against his throat. "I want to watch you finish what you started. I want you to baptize me with your come."

"Holy fucking shit ," Edward sighed. His dick chanted next time, next time, next time over and over. If Jasper kept this shit up, he would be hard again in no time.

Jasper curled into him and Edward pulled him closer, breathing in the scent of his best friend. His dreams didn't hold a candle to the real thing. Fuck, he was turning into a huge sappy romantic. Again, all Jasper's fault. Maybe next time he would go all Dom on Jasper. His eyes slipped closed and his dreams were filled with mountains of butter and one beautiful blue eyed boy.

There was light shining on his face. Edward stretched and groaned, smacking his lips. God, he was fucking thirsty. He stretched some more and mumbled, grabbing the blankets and then it hit him. He was alone.

"Oh fuck, it had been a dream," Edward muttered. He ran his fingers through his messy hair. Something crinkled on his forehead. He peeled it off and realized it was a sticky note. He flipped it over and written in Jasper's messy scrawl was three words that made his heart do backflips.

Jasper was here...

Those had to be the most gorgeous words Edward had ever seen in his life. He rolled out of bed, grabbing a pair of Jasper's underwear and a t-shirt. He floated down the hall staring at his note.

Not a dream...not a dream...Jasper was here...he giggled like a tween girl, hugging his note to his chest. Jasper was here. He was going to get that tattooed on his fucking ass.

Holy shit, was he actually thinking of letting Jasper fuck him, because as of right now, Jasper hadn't been anywhere near his ass.

His strange thoughts were interrupted when he saw more little sticky notes. There were three notes in his bathroom, four more in the hallway, six in the living room and one large note warning him not to go in the kitchen because obviously someone had been screwing around in there. All that note did was wake his fucking dick up.

"Yes, yes, good morning to you. Didn't you get enough last night," Edward asked his dick.

The front door banged open. "Who are you talking to Edward," Rosalie shouted.

Edward froze. Fuck. He needed to keep her out of the kitchen.

"What the fuck are you doing," she asked as she strode into the apartment. "Where's my brother?"

"Went to turn some paper in to his professor," Edward said, trying to make himself as large as possible to block her view of the kitchen.

"You're acting weirder than usual and it smells funny in here."

She sniffed the air, wrinkling her nose and shoved Edward out of the way.

"Holy shit. What the fuck happened," Rosalie asked. "There's butter everywhere."

"Nothing," Edward said. "We were hungry and I was stoned. I tried to cook. It didn't work out."

His dick twitched as if to remind him that it did turn out very well. In fact, it was the best fucking dinner he'd had in his entire fucking life. Jasper bent over the kitchen table.

Rosalie cuffed him in the head. "You're drooling."

"No, I'm starving. Let's go out for breakfast," Edward said, trying to shove her out of his kitchen of love.

"I'm not going anywhere with you until you shower," she shouted. "Stop touching me, you're a greasy mess."

Rosalie stopped and Edward banged into her. She slowly turned around and Edward knew he was a dead man. She knew. She knew. OhmyfuckingGod, she knew and now she was going to ask him all sorts of embarrassing questions. Edward did the only thing he could think of. He ducked under her arm and bolted.

"I'm taking a shower," he said, racing down the hall. Rosalie was hot on his heels, but he managed to get into his bathroom and slam and lock the door, before she could open her big fat dirty mouth.

Edward," she shouted pounding on the door. Edward turned the shower on and turned his music on full blast.

"I can't hear you," he said.

He stayed in the bathroom until he thought he was going to collapse from hunger. Maybe Rosalie got so hungry she left or maybe the roof caved in and crushed her. No, that would make Jasper sad and him too, because even though Rosalie was a pain in the ass, she was one of his best friends. He just wouldn't answer her. She could pepper him with questions until he died. He wasn't explaining anything.

The first person Edward saw was Jasper sitting on the couch. A weak smile spread across his face and Edward knew Rosalie had been grilling him.

Rosalie gave him her evil eye and he shuddered.

"Hi Edward, Jasper and I were just talking about your kitchen," she said. Edward saw Jasper shake his head. Ha, she hadn't gotten anything out of him and now, she was trying to trick Edward into saying something. Wait a minute, didn't Jasper want Rosalie to know they were together?

"Edward," Rosalie said. "You have a sticky note stuck to your elbow." She yanked it away from him. "Jasper was here."

Jasper giggled and Edward melted.

"What the fuck is wrong with you two? You're acting all weird." Rosalie kicked Jasper on the shin and huffed.

"Could you leave, dear sister? Edward and I were getting ready to plan out the rest of our life..er day," Jasper stammered. "Day, we're planning out our day."

Rosalie's lips twitched. Edward could see it was taking all her strength not to call Jasper out on his word mix-up. Edward really liked the mix-up. He wanted to plan out the rest of their life too.

"Yeah, Rosalie," Edward said, sticking his tongue out. "Go away."

Jasper grabbed him and pulled him into his lap. Their lips mashed together and Edward sighed.

His fucking desert was in full bloom.

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