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It was a typical September morning, the sun shyly peeking out from the wispy clouds, the birds singing happily to a new day. Kyohei Takano was sprawled on the couch, as per usual, his faded green V-neck long-sleeved shirt riding up slightly, his well-built stomach exposed. His long blond bangs poked into his eyes, and by now there were narrowed. His perfect lips were arranged in a frown, and his thin eyebrows were furrowed.

"I'M HUNGRRYYYY!" His annoyed and angry cry echoed around the huge house.

He was greeted with a faint scream in the distance, then several beats of silence. Kyohei blinked, then pushed himself up from the couch, stomping toward the direction the shreiks of terror came from.

When he came face to face a dark and heavy wooden door, Kyohei could hear the screams once again echoing from behind it. Banging it open, he shouted, "Sunako Nakahara! I demand that you stop watching those f**king gory movies and make me katsudon immediately! And fried shrimp!"

Sunako whipped her head around, with strands of long black hair flying around her hair, her eyes emitting an evil, murderous glint. "GET. OUT. OF. MY. OAISIS. YOU. STUPID. GLUTTONOUS. RADIANT. CREATURE." The look on her face clearly shouted, "KILL."

Kyohei's instinct told him to back off and run away as fast as he could. But he was being his usual stubborn self and retorted back, the selfish boy that he was. "NO. I need fried shrimp! And-"

The phone ringing in the background interrupted the rest of his rants. Takano turned and picked it up, annoyed as his stomach was growling madly.

"What is it?" He snapped, brushing his bangs out of his face.

"What kind of way is that to speak to me, you brat?" The landlady demanded, menace etched into her voice.

"Oba-san!" Takano exclaimed, his eyes widening. Shit...he thought.

"Anyway, how is Sunako coming along?" Her voice sounded much more pleasant, like it didn't come out from a terrifyingly sadist woman.
"...G-Great!" Kyohei stuttered, staring up at the ceiling.

"Really..." Sunako's aunt didn't seem to believe it. Shivers ran up and down Kyohei Takano's back in terror, wondering what the demonic lady would say next. "If she hasn't improved by Feburary, I will have you all make up for all the rent you haven't paid, AND double it from that point onwards."

"WHAT THE HELL ARE Y-" Kyohei was cut off by the dial tones of the phone. That damn woman hung up on me! he thought in disbelief.

"So...we have to pay double the rent?" Ranmaru asked pointedly, suddenly appearing from behind Kyohei with the others.

"Unless we force her again and give her some horror DVDs?" Kyohei suggested hopefully.

"Come here." Takenaga Oda dragged him outside, the others following closely behind.

When they were outside of the house, Mori shook his head, leaning his elbow on Kyohei's shoulder. "Bad idea, man." The others nodded solemnly in agreement, while Kyohei pouted.

"But-" He protested.

"She will likely kill you if you interrupt her. Remember when Sunako seriously did attempt to do it?" Takenaga Oda scolded, being the over-caring guy he was.

"That was such a long time ago!" Kyohei argued. "Besides, I took care of that." A sly smile crept up his face.

"Besides, we failed so many times and Oba-san found out we were deceiving her. How is it going to work now? We should just leave it." Yuki Tomoyama interjected, ignoring the blond-hair commoner.

"No!" Panic was obviously seen in Takano's eyes. "We can't give up! I mean..."

"FREE RENT..." They all groaned.

"Well... a proper lady would be pretty and gentle..." Mori started, his eyes turning wistful, going into and old-man mode.

"...and care for you a lot..." Oda added. "Like Noi." Everyone rolled their eyes, and Takano thought, She's not a lady...more like someone who's fun to mess with.
"...and fun to be with..." Yuki said cheerfully, and they all could tell that by his round blushing cheeks he was thinking of Machiko, is girlfriend.

"...and makes me food whenever I want it!" Kyohei finished, grinning.

"That's not what proper ladies usually do..." Oda started to say, but he was cut off.

"So...since Sunako doesn't exactly fit that criteria 100%, we need to come up with a plan if we really want to do this..." Ranmaru concluded. "You know, she should be able to say things like..."

"My goodness! I forgot to prepare for tonight's meal! And I must go and buy some groceries for Okaa-san!" A feminine voice cried.

"...that." Mori finished, stunned.

Everyone spun around to see a tall girl with shoulder length brownish-black hair in a ponytail, wearing a light blue blouse and an inky indigo skirt that flowed down to her knees. She slowly looked up to see the four handsome teenage boys staring at her and even from a distance, her deep-crimson blush was visible. They could not really see her face clearly due to her wearing a white sunhat and her long, straight bangs covering her eyes. Suddenly, gust of wind blew off the girl's hat, and it landed onto the dirt road she was standing on with a thud. Everyone gasped, their eyes widening in shock.


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