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"P-Please be quiet, Sato-san!" Saori's desperate pleas filled the kitchen, which was now filled with a tense atmosphere.

"Ehh? You have a fiancé, Saori-san?" Noi squealed, rushing out of the kitchen to see.

"Hello." With a warm smile, Sato greeted the others. "My name is Sato Yamashita. It's a pleasure to meet you."

"H-hello!" Noi greeted, her eyes widening. "My name is Noi Kasahara. I just met Saori-san, but I sincerely want to be her friend!"

"E-eh?" Saori asked, blushing. "U-um! I want to be your friend too!"

Noi smiled warmly at the gentle girl. "Thank you!"

"Please take care of her!" Sato said gratefully.

"No...It's my pleasure!" Noi laughed.

"Ah...I will go help Sunako out at the kitchen now."

"Oh...I will too!" Noi offered, starting to follow Saori into the kitchen.

"Wait..." Sato interjected, putting a hand on Noi's shoulder, but only for a second, because he felt uneasy under Oda's intense glare. "Can I ask you a question?"

"Sure! What is it?"

"Um...Are you living with Saori-san? I heard she will be living with other tenants in this house."

", I'm not! Actually, I'm the only one here who isn't living here."

"Huh?...Then...she's going to be living with...these guys?" Sato asked weakly, his face turning pale, as he stared at the Ranmaru, Oda (who was looking extremely bitter after seeing Sato and Noi acting so friendly), and Yuki who were leaving the kitchen and walking toward him and Noi.

"Yes, she is! Along with Kyohei-kun and be honest, I was a little worried at first, but I think she is going to be fine here." Noi remarked cheerfully, oblivious to Sato's shock. Then, in a small voice, she added, blushing, "I was also a bit jealous because she would be living with Takenaga-kun, my boyfriend, but I decided I was being childish. And I trust him." Noi smiled cutely, her cheeks turning very pink.

Ah, young love...Sato thought peacefully, acting like an old man. Then he gasped. Wait. Now is not the time to be thinking this. I don't know about this "Takenaga-kun", but I am not sure I can trust the others to stay away from an innocent girl like Saori.

Meanwhile, Oda, who didn't hear the last thing Noi said, was simmering with jealousy.

Grabbing Noi's hand, he introduced himself to Sato with a cold smile. "Hello. My name Takenaga Oda. Nice to meet you...Sato-san, right?"

"Y-yes." Sato smiled tensely, feeling uncomfortably cold.

"Hi, I am Yukinojo Tomoya. You can call me Yuki!" Yuki smiled wholeheartedly.

"Do I have to introduce myself too? Ranmaru Mori." Ranmaru dully said to Sato in a monotone voice.

Two seconds later, Ranmaru got hit in the head.

"Hey! Who was tha-?" Ranmaru turned around to see Sunako angrily looking down at him. He shuddered.

"Don't act so rudely to our guest!" Sunako chided.

"But...if it's not a woman, I'm not really interested..." Ranmaru retorted.

The blood drained out of Sato's head. To let with people like this...I can't let this happen!

"I! I will live here as well!" Sato blurted.

"Huh?" Everyone seemed confused with the random declaration.

"Well, since you're not a radiant being, I guess that is okay." Sunako said.

"Really?!" Sato's face brightened. Then he looked at Sunako's face. "Wait..."

"...But we don't have any spare rooms. You're going to have to share a room with somebody!" Sunako continued.

"Well, that's fine. I am imposing on you, after all." Sato said considerably. Then, leaning closer towards Sunako, he remarked, "Wow. You really look like Saori chan the more I look!"

A hand grabbed Sato's shoulder, and Saori's fiancé turned around to see Kyohei looking at him, annoyed. Saori, having cleaned the kitchen, stood beside Takano, regarding the scene in front of her with a worried expression.

"So you're going to be living here?" Kyohei growled, glaring at him.

"Yes." Sato's voice didn't waver.

"I don't want you to!"

"Wh-why?" Sato asked uneasily. "Could it be you like Saori? it something else?"

Kyohei looked genuinely confused. "What are you talking about? I was just worried my share of food would be smaller!"

Sato was completely dumbfounded. "What...?"

"Because we need more money for food! Aunty covers most of our rent, but she doesn't supply money for everything. So we will get smaller portions of food!" Kyohei explained.

Is this "Aunty" the one who made/let Saori stay? "I-if it's a money problem, I can cover the rent and the cost for extra food!" Sato insisted.

"Really?" Kyohei looked skeptical.

"Of course! I can even buy some snacks for you! It's my apology for suddenly imposing on you like this."


Sato nodded.

"Okay! You can stay! Why don't you share my room then?" Kyohei offered, suddenly feeling very generous.

"Really? Thank you!" Sato gratefully thanked him.

"Okay! I'll tell Aunty about this!" Sunako said, rushing toward the phone.

"W-wait!" Saori hurried to where Sunako was. In a low voice, she pleaded, "Please don't! If Aunty finds out he is my fiancé, things will be bad! After all, I am supposed to be your boyfriend!"

"Oh right!" Sunako turned to Sato. "It will be hard to let you stay here."

Sato and Kyohei chorused, "Why?"

"Because..." Sunako tried to think of something.

"It's okay, Sunako-chan. I'll tell them." Saori declared.

"Are you sure?" Sunako looked worried.


Clearing her throat, Saori confessed, "Everyone...the reason why I am living to be Sunako's boyfriend."

"WHAT?" Everyone exclaimed except for Sunako.

"Yes...actually, due to some circumstances, Sunako's aunt thought I was a boy..."

Suddenly, Kyohei felt guilty. I made her to dress as a guy...

"...And she thought I would be a perfect candidate for Sunako's boyfriend," Saori continued, "So she made a deal with my oblivious aunt to let me stay here under the conditions of being Sunako's boyfriend. Everyone, I'm sorry..." Saori finished, hanging her head.

After what seemed like an eternity of silence, Sato grabbed Saori's hand, pulling her out the door. "We're leaving. This is too dangerous."

Kyohei blocked the exit, refusing to let them leave. "You can't."

"Huh? Why can't I? It is too dangerous to let her have some kind of fake relationship with someone she barely met, let alone let her live with a bunch of guys!" Sato snapped, getting angry.

"What are you, her dad?" Kyohei retorted back. "I'm telling you to let her stay! She just made a new friend, and this is partly my fault too...I mean, I didn't think it would turn out like this, and our plan has backfired too, but..." Kyohei trailed off, not knowing what to say.

"He's right. I want to stay here, Sato-san," Saori said gently. "I like it here, and Sunako has been such a good friend to me, so I will go along with this. This will also help my uncle's company. It's my decision."

Speechless, Sato just nodded. "Fine...but I'm still going to stay here." I can protect her if anything happens. But what is this about her uncle's company? And some...plan? Oh well. I'll ask later.

Saori smiled. "Okay!"

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