Pairing: DamiTim

Warnings: Lime

Damian watched Tim typing away at his laptop in the den. Recently, he had turned eighteen. As far as things went, he was relatively happy about it. Mainly because it meant that now he things to Drake that he previously couldn't have as a minor. He knew Tim had an inkling of his presence but for the sakes of them just being them, Drake ignored him and Damian remained where he was and watched.

Damian eventually stands and walks over to Tim, looking over his shoulder to see what he was typing. "What are you doing?" He asks quietly, laying his chin on Tim's shoulder as he watches.

Tim flinched slightly, tensing but not turning towards the younger. "Work," he said uneasily. "What are you doing?"

"Watching you work" Damian says simply as his arms worm their way around Tim's body in a hug. "What kind of work is this?"

Tim looked down at Damian's arms, his mouth being to turn into a frown. Closing the laptop, Tim turned his head in Damian's direction, and stopped. If he turned any further the younger would practically be kissing him. "Damian," Tim started. "What are you planning?" Tim raked his eyes all over Damian as much as possible, expecting a knife to materialize immediately and impale him.

"I'm not planning anything...I just want to spend some time with you, Drake" Damian says innocently but the look in his eyes was anything but innocent. His eyes travel from Tim's face to his lower torso and back up again.

Tim fidgeted in Damian's grip, attempting to pull away. His eyes narrowed when he was able to pull away enough, but still encased in the younger's grip, to look him critically in the face. "When have you ever wanted to spend time with me?"

"Now" Damian says with a smirk as he pulls Tim closer, the chair rolling towards him.

Tim froze, feeling Damian's breath on his neck. Tim didn't know how much time passed before he bolted out of Damian's grip. The little demon just stayed where he was, looking at him with those smoldering blue eyes, that were freakishly looking more and more like Bruce's every day.

Abandoning his laptop, Tim backed away, eyes still narrowed and headed for his room quickly. Time for Plan B. Seeing as how Plan A had not even materialized and Damian was no doubt winning at whatever sick little Damian Game he was up to.

Damian chuckles as he watches Tim run away and he slowly walks, no stalks, after him. Tim was so very cute when he was scared, it made Damian want him more. "Oh, Tim~ Why are you running?" Damian asks in a sing-song voice.

Tim braced his back against his bedroom door, eyes darting around his room. Rope. He kept it under the bed. Check. Cell phone? Shit! He had left it downstairs. He needed to call Dick. Alfred was out grocery shopping and Bruce was at work. Tim heard Damian calling him as he ascended the stairs. Diving for his bed, Tim was quick to fish it out. Hiding quickly, he saw Damian's shadow at the foot of his door and waited.

Damian knocks on the door to the beat of 'shave and a haircut', laying his ear against it to see if he could hear Tim inside. He was grinning from ear to ear and clearly enjoying this game.

Tim tensed when the door opened, and Damian stood at the doorway in all his obnoxious just-turned-eighteen-but-still-a-demon-named-Damian smugness. He needed him to walk just a little bit further in. just a little further.

Damian takes a few tentative steps in, hearing a soft rustle near the bed.

Tim narrowed his eyes and kept his breathing steady. In the years that had passed, Damian was quickly, too quickly, catching up to him in skill.

"Oh, Drake~ I can hear you breathing..." Damian informs him teasingly as he grabs the covers and pulls them off the bed swiftly.

Tim flinched, and took advantage of the quick cover. As Damian flashed the sheets up, he dove, rope snapping in his grip and coming to wrap around Damian's wrists. The little demon back-tracked a little too quickly, and Tim's foot caught on the sheets, sending them both down heavily.

Tim narrowed his eyes, tightening the ropes. "Quiet, demon," he grumbled. Damian's legs came to lock around his waist and Tim nearly squeaked in surprise. Glaring down at Damian, Tim locked eyes with him, trying to retain a calm appearance. Cool under pressure, always a Bat lesson that seemed to pop up everywhere.

"Make me silent, Drake. I dare you" Damian purrs suggestively, grinding up against Tim ever so slowly. There was a smirk on the younger man's face that could rival the Joker's grin as he stares at Tim, his blue eyes almost smoldering with lust.

Tim's eyes flew wide, trying to backtrack, but struggled in vain. "Damian," he croaked. "This is...This is...not right."

"Why not?" Damian asks curiously as he cocks his head to the side almost cutely, his smirk slowly fading.

"Because I'm your brother," Tim said. He was both thankful and a little frustrated when Damian had stopped grinding up again him. The little brat had left him feeling too hot too suddenly. He lay his palms heavily flat on either side of Damian's head, and tried his best to keep his eyes from shutting when he started to silently even his breath.

"Not by blood" Damian insists but does not grind him again. In truth, he was a little hurt by what he perceived as rejection from Tim, "Why does it matter?"

"You're my little brother, Damian," Tim started. "What would Bruce or Dick say if they saw this?"

"What does it matter, Drake? This is your life, not theirs" Damian insists, frustrated by Tim's focus on his two greatest idols. It was like he refused to be an individual!

Tim wavered slightly, turning his head away. "I don't know, Damian..."

"Tim, look at me" Damian says seriously, his eyes narrowing as his legs tighten ever so slightly around Tim's waist.

Tim looked back at him, grunting at the pressure on his hips. He kept his gaze controlled in the revelation that Damian had called him by his given name.

"Please..." Damian whispers, another first as he presses his lips gently against Tim's in an almost desperate kiss. This was his last chance to get the thing he always wanted since he was a child.

Tim froze, feeling Damian's hands creep up against his cheeks and roughly bring him down towards him. The tightening around his hips increased and Tim groaned lowly. "Demon," Tim muttered against Damian's lips. "S-Stoo~op."

Damian refuses to listen and the kiss becomes more passionate as his fingers move further up and tangle themselves in Tim's short hair gently. 'I won't give up so easily, Drake'.

Tim felt his body being shifted but didn't pay any necessary attention. Where the hell did Damian learn to do such nice things with his tongue? He felt his back hit the carpet and the hold around his hips slacken. Damian's fingers found his thighs, his lips till never missing a beat, and roughly pulling them around the younger's waist. "D-Damian~!" Tim groaned. "S-Stop!"

"No" Damian mumbles against Tim's lips, taking a couple of short breaths before further intensifying the already fervent kiss. He straddles Tim's hips as his hands travel up his body and under his shirt to gently run over his toned chest and abs, letting out a pleased moan into the kiss.

Tim arched as Damian's nails scraped across his chest, and sunk lower. His toes dug into Damian's thighs.

Damian breaks away from Tim's lips and presses chaste kisses and love bites down his neck, taking off Tim's shirt. He sinks lower, making small reddened marks on Tim's chest. His fingers hook on Tim's pants, ready to pull them down.

"Hey, Timmy, have you seen my-" Dick starts as he walks in and takes in the sight. He had accidentally left his phone in the Wayne Mansion on his visit and had remembered it when he was half-way to Bludhaven. However, he certainly was not prepared to see his brothers half naked and panting on the floor.

"You know what, it's not important. I'll come back later. Sorry for interrupting" Dick says quickly as he backs away and shuts the door, blushing bright red.

Tim flushed deeply, arm flying to cover his eyes as he groaned. "Shit," He cursed. "It would be Dick. It would be."

"Well...That was unexpected..." Damian mumbles, blushing just as hard as he stares at the door, feeling awkward and embarrassed by Dick's discovery of their actions.

Tim cleared his throat, looking at Damian. "Well..." He said softly.

"Yes...?" Damian asks quietly, shifting his gaze from the closed door to Tim's face.

Tim looked at him slightly annoyed, and flushing harder. He grunted and shifted underneath the younger. "Don't make me say it, Demon."

"Say what exactly, Drake?" Damian asks in confusion, honestly not knowing what Tim wanted and moaning out when he shifts and rubs against him.

Tim tugged at Damian's belt loops and glared up at him. "Come back down here," he muttered lowly. "We weren't finished."

"...Oh! I see..." Damian says as the realization that Tim wanted to continue dawns on him and the evil smirk returns with a vengeance. "Well, I don't know...You asked me to stop, after all" Damian teases, pretending to be disinterested.

Tim eyes narrowed dangerously, pulling harshly on his younger brother's belt loops. "Like you would listen to what I have to say."

"I would...Especially if you begged me to do something" Damian purrs suggestively, his smirk growing impossibly larger as he rests his chin on Tim's chest and looks into his light blue eyes. His hands were braced on the floor on either side of Tim almost defiantly, refusing to even ghost over the older boy's skin.

Tim huffed, fingers curling in Damian's belt loops tightly. Through gritted teeth he uttered his next few words. "Please, Da...Damian...will you...kiss me again?"

"Of course, Tim, when you ask me so sweetly" Damian whispers almost mockingly before he presses his lips gently against Tim's again, his hands roaming over Tim's bare chest and abs. After all this time, Damian finally got want he wanted, big brother Tim was all his.

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