I… I Can't Remember

I slowly open my eyes. At first, everything is a blur. But soon I begin to see things more profoundly. I look at my hands. I'm wearing black cut-off gloves, and a white jacket with no zipper, so it shows my black shirt. I also have black pants on, and black-and-white shoes. I look at my reflection on the metal wall I'm leaning against. I have pale blue hair, and grey eyes to match. I also have a necklace that was shiny silver angel wings, and was held onto my neck by a silver chain. But for whatever reason, I can't remember anything. I look around. I'm in a metal cell with one wall that's pink, but transparent. There's someone in there, but all I can see is their back. They have grey hair, and some weird things coming out of the back of their heads. They're wearing a blue robe, but their's something strange about them. "Hey… Where… Where am I?" I manage to say. They turn in shock. "How are you still alive!" They yell as I study their face.

He has gray skin and two pink stripes on either side of his face. He also has two pink horns atop his head. There are black marks where the eyes are, and go to the side until they meet the hair. The man has yellow eyes. I suddenly realize, this is no human. "What are you?" I ask. "Don't toy with me human. You know who I am!" He yells, and adds a twinge of disgust to the word, human. "Listen scales-for-brains, I don't remember a single thing, except for one word." I retort. He raises a-well, he doesn't actually have eyebrows, but if he did it'd be raised. "And what would that word be?" He asks. "I don't even think it's a word, more like a name." "Tell me!" He yells. I narrow my eyes. "Take a chill pill asshole." I say. "Tell me or else!" He shouts. "Fine. The word is… Duna." His eyes widen.

He typed something into a pad. Moments later a girl runs in. "You wanted to see me sir?" She asks. She has pink hair; and yellow eyes that seemed to glow. Her skin was blue, and she also had pink stripes on her cheeks. Her blue ears were pointed out of her hair. She had some pink thing covering only her chest. Her stomach was showing, and she had a pink line at her waist. Her shoulders had lighter blue parts, the rest of her arm down to her hands were dark blue. She had light blue parts near her wrists too. Her legs followed the same pattern, dark blue down to her feet with two brighter spots on her knees. Parts of the front of her feet were lighter blue. Her tail was pink for about seven inches, and the rest of her tail was blue except two spots on either side of her tail.

"This is Duna." The man says. "He already knows me." She says. "He lost his memory in the blast." The man tells her. Her eyes widen. "Anyone care to tell me who the dude is and what blast you're talking about?" I ask. "I am King Dynal; lord of all Dinaurians." The guy says. "Dynal huh?" I ask. "Yes. The blast was an attempt to destroy an island in the Pacific Ocean but you took the full force of the blast to save your home, and because of you we must wait months to repair." He said angrily. "Why an island?" "That island had the only way of stopping us." "And what was that?" "The only way was to destroy you." "Me?" "Yes. You are the only thing that could possibly stop us. But without your memory, you are nothing."

Dynal walks out and leaves Duna in the room. She walks up to a keypad and types in something. The laser thing disappears, and she walks in. On instinct, I grab her arm, twist it behind her back and push onto the ground. "Hey!" She yells. "Muscle memory." I say slyly as I release her. "Do you remember anything?" She asks. "Like I told Dynal, I only remembered one word." "What was that word?" "Duna." "Yeah, that's my name. What was the word." "Duna!" "Yes! That is me!" "No, the word was 'Duna'. The word I remembered was 'Duna'." "You only remembered that much?" She looked sad at that. "…Yeah…?" I say, not as confidently as I hoped I would have. "Is there a reason that you look all sad, or is that normal?" I ask. She glares up to me. "Okay, not normal." I say. She sighs and walks out, putting up the shield. Whatever happened, I know that she had something to do with my past.