Sorren= The Great Prince

Fallow= Sorren's friend (fawn/deer)

Bugsy= Sorren's friend (rabbit- brother of Rocky)

Rocky= Sorren's friend (rabbit-brother of Bugsy)

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Chapter 1- This is where I first met your Mother

Sunlight spilled across the floor, melting away the last remains of clumped snow that was scattered throughout the forest. The birds fluffed their feathers and then belt out a song, filling what used to be the winter silence, with the sound of upcoming spring.

A doe and her fawn arose from their thicket. The female peered cautiously from the entrance, her ears pricked forward as she let her head swivel from side to side as she assessed her surroundings with wide dark brown eyes. Finally, she stepped through, seeming more relaxed and she peered into the thicket, signaling for her young one to come out.

A young fawn peered his head out and then grinned jovially before jumping from out of his thicket and enjoying the warm sunlight. The light made his usually dark dorsal line color seem a warm brown and his normal pelt color almost a caramel color.

"Now, don't go bounding off yet Sorren," The doe said with an amused expression as she looked down upon her healthy bright son. She then took her time to reach her impatient son's side and nuzzled him before enjoying the warm air herself.

"Mother! Where are we going?" The young fawn asked, eagerness raw in his voice as he started to jump on his dainty black hooves. His caramel colored eyes shone with wild excitement, as he anticipated where they'd go next. The meadow? The stream? Maybe even the hill. The meadow as better though, because he'd get to play with the other fawns.

"Can we go to the meadow mother? Please?" He asked as he wiggled his tail frantically like a dog wagging its tail. Sorren wanted to see his friend, Fallow. The two had met when they were just learning how to walk, and since then they had become great friends.

"The meadow is dangerous, but since it's not the hunting season for man….we shall go," His mother assured him, as she smiled wide and began leading her young towards the meadow, letting her eyes flicker back to her bounding son who was jumping around nonstop like a young rabbit.

Once they reached the meadow, Sorren stopped his jumping and grinned wide as his eyes became enlarged in excitement. It seemed the other deer had already planned to visit the meadow themselves, and there were new deer among them, mainly fawns. Most were either younger than Sorren, or older so the fawn stuck close to his mother, his eyes wandering around, trying to pick out his friend.

"Sorren!" He heard a small male voice cry behind him. Sorren spun around and smiled at his friend and then wiggled his tail.

"Hey Fallow!" He greeted, happy to see his friend. Every winter had been the same. He barely would see any other deer, so he could only spend time with his friend in spring, and summer. Fall and winter was when Man would hunt.

"Sorren, wanna play hide-and-seek?" Fallow asked, his dark green eyes sparkling with excitement as he was bouncing on his own hooves. Sorren rose a sleek small brow at him before tilting his head.

"But it's only the two of us. Hide-and-seek is no fun with only two fawns," He replied, feeling bad for putting down his friend's offer.

Instead, his friend only gave him a smug look.

"Who said we're the only ones? I've asked Bugsy and his brother Rocky to play," Fallow replied, puffing up his chest as if he had been declared the top buck of the season.

Sorren grinned and nodded his head.

"Ok then!" After Sorren received permission from his mother to go play with his friends, the two young fawns bounded off excitedly deeper into the forest where they were soon to meet up with Bugsy and Rocky.

Bugsy and Rocky were both rabbits. Bugsy was known for his large bug-like eyes while his brother Rocky, had inherited his father's dark gray pelt, reminding the animals more of a rock.

"Ok, who's it?" Sorren asked as he looked between the three. The young prince disliked being the one to be it. In this large expanse of forest, and with two much smaller animals playing, it often took hours to find everyone.

"Not me!" All young animals cried at once, causing each other to stare at one another before bursting into fit of giggles.

After their small dispute, it was settled that Fallow would be it, much to the young fawn's disappointment and his other friends' amusement.

"Ok, remember, not too far or I quit!" Fallow declared as he shook his orange colored pelt. All three friends nodded and then as the lighter colored fawn began to count, they all dashed off to their hiding spot.

Bugsy and Rocky, like always, went together and they were fast, dashing through the grass. Sorren on the other hand went solo and darted around the trees wildly, pretending that Man was on his tail as he ran beside a gentle stream, not really knowing where he was going.

Before long, he became lost and stopped, noting how everything in the area was slowly blossoming. It was mostly a soft pink and the grass here was almost a dream-like green, causing he scene to be quite beautiful. Sorren never remembered an area like this before.

As Sorren began to search for a suitable hiding spot, his eyes fell upon something floating….more like drifting and flying. It was a butterfly. Such a beauty he had never seen before. It was a translucent white and it fluttered about with no care in the world. Intrigued, Sorren followed after it, his caramel eyes glued onto the creature as he forgot about the game he was playing.

He stopped when the butterfly suddenly vanished in a mess of bushes and trees.

Where'd it go? He thought as he tilted his head upward to see any signs of how the butterfly managed to disappear in such a way.

Sorren huffed and then reached out carefully with one spindly leg and kicked the bush. His hoof caught on one of the branches and startled, Sorren pulled and then realized that he could push the branch upwards.

Now curious than ever, Sorren released his hoof and with his head, he pushed the branch all the way up before he slipped through it, letting it fall behind him as he entered what could only be described as heaven.

The sun's rays splashed down upon a slightly larger, but calm stream that seemed to look more like a magnificent mirror. The golden light seemed to make everything glow in an eerie beauty that would take any animal's breath away. What surprised Sorren the most though, was that the plants here seemed to have all grown. The leaves glowed and stretched upward, creating a circle to the vivid blue sky and that's when he saw it. A large flock of those beautiful white butterflies.

"Wow…" Sorren breathed as he looked skyward, watching as the butterflies all suddenly on cue fluttered in a wave and circled, as if trying to fly to the bright sun.

When the butterflies then calmed down and floated back onto the leaves of the high trees, Sorren finally let his eyes drift back down to the ground, where he froze.

There, on the other side of the silvery clear stream, was another fawn. Her large curious eyes were a chocolate brown and she had a deep brown dorsal stripe along her back and a light brown pelt. She still had her spots marked along her back, showing that she was still quite young. Maybe a year younger than the young prince himself.

What awed Sorren the most was how silent she was. He hadn't even heard her approach! Even now, as they both studied each other, she was quiet. He got the aura that she was a shy one. Even then, her eyes still held curiosity and fascination as she studied him.

Sorren gulped. He had never seen her before. Was she new? He had never really been up close to another female fawn before. Normally he had stared from afar while close to his mother, but he never approached them anyway.

Suddenly, the female then swiftly turned on her petite cloven hooves and then looked ready to leave when Sorren finally mustered enough courage to take a step closer.

"Wait! W-w-what's your name?" He asked warily, nervous, as this was his first time speaking to a female fawn without his mother's encouragement.

The female only glanced back over her shoulder and widened her chocolate eyes and blinked.

"Sorren!" Fallow called from a distance away, his young voice muffled from behind the thick wall of bushes and leaves.

"Sorren! Where are you? I give up!" His friend called once again. Startled, the young prince turned his head around to where his friend was calling from and then looked back over to the other side of the stream.

The fawn was gone. Sorren was shocked. Where had she gone? She had been so quiet…

Sorren sighed and then looked back towards where he could hear Fallow becoming more impatient and desperate. Deciding that this would be his own secret place, the young prince left the area swiftly and turned to take a last look at the area before running back to his friend.

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