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Chapter 5- We have met before

That night was just about terrible as it had been to the trip to the meadow with Fallow. The Prince tossed and turned and his mind just wouldn't clear. It was rampaged with swarming questions, all that revolved around Meadow, his secret glade and his past.

Could it really have been her?

Sorren knew that it was only possible. When he had bumped into her, it didn't seem just a coincidence that she was near his secret area as well. What had she been doing? Did she know of the forest glade?

Groaning, the young buck sat up and yawned. It felt like his eyes had bags under them, which there probably were. He couldn't concentrate, not even to go to sleep despite the fact that his body was screaming to have some good sleep.

Shaking his head, he groggily made his way out of his small personal thicket and went over to a nearby creek that bubbled close by. The water here was fresh and cool, very refreshing. Sorren dipped his maw in and drank from it, his eyes closed and his face looking serene but his mind very much chaotic.

Sorren had hoped that taking a small drink would allow his mind to rest but it didn't. Instead, it made him feel more energetic to go roam the forest. It had been quite awhile since he had last wandered through the forest while it was night out.

Sighing heavily, head hung low from fatigue, the young buck wandered a little farther into the forest, his normally fast smooth face, choppy and clumsy from lack of sleep and stress.

Yawning wide, Sorren then plopped right onto the ground and gently laid his head down and closed his eyes. Swirls of black rolled in his vision, but soon those annoying questions kept popping up. They were all related to Meadow. Sorren had no idea how one doe could cause such a disturbance in his mind.

"Prince?" A voice hooted.

Sorren lifted his head up slowly and blinked his eyes up at where he could see a distinct outline of a large bird. An owl.

"Yes? Who is this?"

"I, um, Prince, am Mr. Owl, but others call me Friend Owl. May I inquire what keeps you up at this hour?"


"I was just taking a quick perimeter check on the nocturnal animals," Sorren lied. The owl looked right through the buck and shook his head, his large eyes never darting around like the other animals'.

"Prince, you must sleep. With no offense, I find it that you do not look so..." He coughed, seeming nervous, "Well," He hooted softly, fluffing himself up as he soared a littler closer towards Sorren, barely making any noise. Sorren could tell that the large bird was slightly jumpy around him.

I agree, but I can't.

"That is a fine idea Friend Owl," Sorren replied nodding, as he forced himself with effort to lift himself up after feeling quite comfortable on the ground.

Sorren then turned back towards his thicket, his steps sluggish as he was absorbed into the shadows.

Friend Owl shook his head.

"Ah, I wonder what really kept the poor lad up," He wondered as he lifted off gracefully into the air and silently disappearing into the night sky.

When Sorren woke up- more likely woken up quite rudely by Fallow- his lack of sleep took a very bad toll on him and it was impossible to even move without stumbling.

"Sorren, hey, you ok?" Fallow asked his friend, noticing how the darker buck was stumbling around even on flat terrain.

"What does it look like?" Sorren grumbled irritably keeping his eyes trained to the ground as he tried to walk carefully, which he was failing at.

"Geesh, you don't have to be so grouchy. Now I know how Bugsy feels about his brother Rocky," The light colored buck went on, turning his attention forward once again as he paraded in the front.

"I'm not grouchy!" Sorren snapped from behind, surprising his friend. Fallow stopped abruptly, which caused Sorren to walk right into him and fall to the ground. At that moment, the Prince felt like screaming in anger and irritation but he knew that a prince wouldn't do that. They had to control their emotions.

"Sorry!" Fallow quickly apologized, surprised once again at how easily Sorren had fallen. Normally Fallow as the one who'd get rammed over when the two crashed in to each other as Sorren was slightly larger than him.

"Look, you don't look very good. Did you get any sleep at all?" The concerned friend asked, frowning down at Sorren who seemed to be putting too much effort to get back up again.

Sorren decided not to answer that obvious question, as he knew that he'd only end up exploding his pent up irritation, frustration, and unnecessary anger at that moment.

Fallow finally realized how tired Sorren was and decided to close his mouth, but not for very long though.

"You should go back to your thicket and rest up-"

"I can't!" Sorren nearly growled, his eyes narrowing as they slowly tried to close shut and the buck would forcefully open them again.

"Why not?"

"I can't. It's impossible to," Sorren replied, feeling his irritation bumbling more and more. He knew he'd start shouting soon.

"Is it your father again?" Fallow asked with a frown. Sorren shook his head 'No' and then forced himself up.

"I need to do something," The Prince replied calmly, impressing himself for his control even though he felt it start to crumble.

"Alone," He added when Fallow made a move to go follow him. His friend frowned a little more but nodded his head in understanding and slumped off to the other direction. At his state of mind, Sorren couldn't exactly pin point where.

When Sorren reached his secret area, or at least, near the entrance, Soren didn't have enough to think how he had possibly managed to get so far and actually have made it to his destined location.

Somehow, the Prince had a feeling that he'd see Meadow here. The quiet doe seemed to be attracted areas quite like he did. Plus, he knew he the puzzle solved now. He just hoped he hadn't made a mistake and make a fool of himself.

"Prince?" A voice called. Sorren turned his head to see a familiar doe. Her dark green eyes surveyed him warily, her eyes even held shock.

"You do not look very well. Have you slept enough?" Mena asked, stopping a few ways in front him as she tilted her head.

Sorren felt like yelling, but he knew he'd feel guilty about it later and plus, now was a good time to practice his emotional control..

"No, I haven't," He replied, his voice thick and a little hard to understand.

"Please, I don't mean to boss you around, but you should go to your thicket and-"

"Where's Meadow?" he interjected, already sick of hearing animals telling him to go back to sleep. Like as if he didn't know that already. They would only understand if they knew how many questions were whirling around in his head.

Mena frowned a little and shrugged her shoulders.

"I don't really know. She's been sort of tense lately. She barely meets me. I had thought she would be here….but I guess she isn't-"

"Do you know where she is?" Sorren asked, feeling desperate now.

"I'm sorry, I don't," Mena apologized, shaking her head. Sorren felt like slamming his antlers into a tree that moment but refrained from doing so.

"I need to see her."

Mena rose her brows at this direct statement and blinked.

"May I ask why?"

"At this moment, I'd rather you wouldn't," Sorren quickly replied, becoming impatient. Mena was silent and she looked around before seemingly stepping back from him, a sign that she wouldn't push him any further. A wise decision on her part even though Sorren knew he wouldn't try and harm her.

"She…might be near the falls. Ever since you showed it to her, she's been visiting that area more often," Mena quietly sighed. Sorren nodded his head in appreciation and then took off towards the falls, for a moment ignoring his fatigued, streaming body.

When he reached to a halt near the falls, he almost once again crashed on the unsuspecting doe. Meadow whipped around just in time to see the Prince slide to a halt, and tumbling over, much to his embarrassment.

The doe pursed her lips and refrained from laughing aloud, but her eyes twinkled.

Sorren heaved himself up and felt his cheeks instantly go hot. Why did he always have to act like such a fool in front of her?

"Meadow, I need to talk to you alone," He declared. Meadow blinked up at him and then looked around them. There wasn't any other animal in sight.

"Uh, ok. What is you want to talk about Prince?" She asked, looking up at him.

"Please call me Sorren, besides, you know my real name so why not use it?" He began, waiting for the doe to nod. When she did, he continued.

"I know that you're more a quiet type, but is it just coincidence that you were near that one forest glade?" He asked. At that point, Sorren didn't really care if he had to give out his secret area. Somehow, inside he knew that Meadow knew about it too, he just needed her to affirm it.

There was silence strung between them as Meadow's face became blank before she looked down at the ground and sighed a little. A motion that nearly lulled Sorren to sleep right in the spot.

"No, it wasn't coincidence," She replied, finally letting her own chocolate brown eyes meet his caramel ones. Sorren nodded his head, fighting his head to stay up and not droop down.

"Then if I'm correct, I do find you familiar because we have met before," He continued, his voice mumbled near the last part as he shook himself. He wondered if he was scaring her with his fatigue, but if she was scared, she certainly wasn't showing it. Instead, the buck thought that he could feel an air of worry radiate from her.

"Yes," She replied. Sorren noticed the corners of her lips twitch upwards.

"Then you are the fawn I saw years back when I stumbled into that forest glade." Sorren jumped right to the point, his ears aching to hear her answer, and his body aching for some sleep.

There was silence and just when the poor Prince felt as if he couldn't stand it no longer and would just fall to the ground fast asleep, he heard the doe's answer. It was soft, and just above a whisper, but Sorren just caught it before he fell into blackness.


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