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I just kept flying. Ever since that day, that was all I did. A couple stops at energon deposits I located and neutralized from under Megatron's nose, but other than that nothing interesting ever occurred. I am Starscream, the use to be proud aerial commander and second in-command to the Decepticons. Over the eons of working under Megatron my ex-leader I was known to act a little unorthodox, my lust for power made me try to attain it by any means necessary. But after eons of failed attempts and punishments from Megatron for said attempts I gotten nowhere, surprisingly I still maintained my status as second in-command. Thanks to my many failed attempts I was titled as the 'biggest traitor in the galaxy'. But last week I attempted the unimaginable, on a mission with a fellow Decepticon Airachnid we went to retrieve an experimental weapon from a crashed ship. Airachnid betrayed me and left me in the hands of the enemy, the Autobots. To save my own hide I tried to join the Autobots stating that if I joined all the secrets of the Decepticons would be theirs. All was going smoothly until I was stuck under the watch of Arcee, one of the Autobots' scouts.

Just thinking about that fem got me riled up, my anger slowly beginning to rise. It was all her fault! Everything was going smoothly until she had to get all emotional on me with her whole story of fallen comrades. But I suppose blurting out that I in fact killed her partner Cliffjumper when she was speaking of someone else killed by Airachnid was not the best plan. She became enraged and was willing to offline me then and there, of course I stalled like a coward not wanting to die. When she had her guard down I striked and left a huge gash in her side, my confidence returning I was prepared to finish her off until she got the better of me. Defeated I limped out of there, non of the Autobots were the wiser. From that day I decided I would be part of no factions, Autobot nor Decepticon.

As I flew thinking about my past mistakes my sensors alerted me of several objects coming my direction. I transformed and floated midair noticing a large quantity of Vehicon jets were coming straight for me, I landed on the ground and waited for them. They all transformed and landed in front of me.

"Evening troops what brings this pleasant surprise", I asked expecting them to beg my return, but what came next came as a shock. The Vehicons activated their blasters and started shooting me so I did what I always did best, I ran out of there. As I ran I entered a forest using the trees as cover, the sound of heavy foot steps and laser fire growing more and more distant until it became eerily quite. Before I knew it I was being bombarded by missiles from above, the trees surrounding me were completely leveled and I was no longer hidden. The Vehicons landed and surrounded me, I knew that there was no running from this and I had no choice but to fight.

I blasted a missile from my hand into the faceplate of the closest Vehicon catching it off guard, they probably were expecting me to surrender. I started to dodge volleys of missiles and laser fire, I managed to somehow dodge most of them, either they were worse shots than I thought or I am a lot more nimble than I thought. Of course if I managed to not run away from most of my battles I would of tested this hypothesis before. I dodged more blaster fires and kept getting closer to my next target, when I got close enough I rammed my claws into the drone's chest. My strike was so fierce that my servo went right through him, in my hand sticking out of the drone's back was said drone's spark chamber. I ripped my arm back out and crushed it's spark in my hand. I slashed at the next drone standing next to it's dead comrade, four gaping cuts were on his chest and I aimed in the dead center shooting a missile into it killing it instantly. Three drones lay lifeless on the ground and only two remained. They stared in horror looking at my energon stained servos, the two remaining drones transformed and tried to flee. I wasn't feeling very merciful so I transformed and made chase, those fools didn't know who they were dealing with apparently. Everyone knows I am the fastest seeker there is. I quickly caught up to them and shot one of them down, I watched it crash into the ground and no movement occurred from it. I activated all of my weapons and destroyed the last Vehicon midair, there was no pieces left to salvage of that one.

I landed back onto the battle ground and inspected the damage, there was nothing too serious, just a few laser burns and grazes. But my energon tank was horribly depleted, the fact that I was already on my last reserves before the battle did not help. But at the moment I felt like I was on top of the world like no one could stop me now, it was unfortunately short lived.

"My my that was quite impressive Starscream, I thought you were going to try and high-tail it out of there with your wing struts between you legs", I turned around and saw the last person I ever wanted to see, Megatron. "But you managed to surprise me with your aggressive display of power, I just might let your newest act of treachery slide by".

I glared at Megatron, I don't know what came over me but whatever it was, I gave in. I shot a missile at his chest point blank, and then I shot another one and another one until I was completely out. I stared at the cloud of smoke and dust that formed expecting to see an off-lined body.

"Well aren't you courageous today", Megatron said while walking out of the cloud.

I stared in shock and horror, there wasn't a scratch on him! No one could've survived a blast like that!

"This coming from the biggest coward in the galaxy is quite a surprise", great now he is using my other title. "But I am afraid I cannot let you go unpunished. I know about your short partnership with the Autobots," Megatron's statement surprised me.

"How, how do you know about that?", I asked him.

"I have my sources."

Soundwave that double-crosser!

"Trying to take my position as leader of the Decepticons is one thing but trying to join the enemy and giving them top secret information is the last straw", Megatron aimed his fusion cannon at me.

"Yes", I agreed, "Lets finish this".

I jumped up into the air and dodged the blast of his fusion cannon, being completely out of ammo I was forced to resort to using hand-to-hand combat. I slashed at his chest but unlike the wounds I gave to the drones there was only four small scratches across his Decepticon symbol. Megatron tried to punch me but to both of our surprise I dodged it and did an uppercut causing him to step back. He tried more luck with his fusion cannon, I dodged most of his blasts but the last one managed to graze me on the side. Ignoring the pain I rushed and slashed at him multiple time, left right left right, I kept that pattern for I don't know how long. I finished with another uppercut and Megatron fell to the ground, I collapsed onto my hands and knees from exhaustion. I was overjoyed, after eons of trying I finally defeated Megatron, again short lived.

"Heh heh heh ha ha HA HA HA HAAA!", I watched Megatron get back up as if all his wounds didn't affect him. "Well Starscream this is quite the surprise, I thought I could finish you off without any effort at all-", he began laughing again as I stood up, "but I suppose I will have to try a little harder".

I ran at him prepared to finish this, until.


Megatron's fist collided with my face and I crashed into a nearby tree causing it to fall to the ground with me. I heard a blast fire go off and quickly my frame had a gaping whole that barely missed my spark chamber. I collapsed onto the ground in agony, the pain from this fight and the previous one finally caught up to me. I laid on my back and stared up at the night sky, when I think about it this planet can be very beautiful to an extent. I suppose perishing here wouldn't be so bad.

My sight of the stars were blocked by Megatron's hulking frame, "I can't say I didn't expect this to one day happen, you laying on the ground battered and broken".

That aft was gloating at my expense, "But I'm afraid it was inevitable Starscream".

Megatron kicked me so now I was laying face first, the pain I was feeling intensified even more when he grabbed the back of my head. He somehow managed to open the panels in the back of my head, now he has full control over my processor.

"You won't be needing this", Megatron took out my Decepticon chip and crushed it in his hands, my faction symbols disappeared. Now I was truly part of no faction. "Now that you are going to offline either way you won't require your memory hard drive of all your time with the Decepticons".

My optics widened in shock, I tried to gain enough strength to stop him but it was too late. I felt my memory board being ripped out of my head, electricity started surging through my whole body. I let out a scream of pure agony, the pain was unbearable.

The last thing I heard before going into stasis lock was:

"I'll leave you here to rot like the lowly piece of scrap that you are."