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Chapter 20

"Then we hit him where it hurts!" Knockout exclaimed in sinister glee.

"Now you're beginning to understand. With Megatron down for the count there will be no one left to get in my way as I become leader of the Decepticons!" Starscream laughed in triumph. "Once my rule is attained the only thing left to deal with would be the Autobots."

"What is your plan, lord Starscream," Knockout mused.

"Oh it is quite simple, once our audience witnesses the demise of Megatron I will give them two choices." Starscream smiled coldly. "They can either bow before my mighty whim or get blasted to scrap metal."

"Are you sure it will be that easy? They've escaped far worse." Knockout said.

"Before the Nemesis? Unlikely. Even so, the point will be made and that is all that really matters," Starscream answered. "That fool Megatron had many chances to get rid of the Autobots, but his pride got the better of him every time."

Knockout rolled his eyes as he listened to Starscream's rant, to think he actually thought Starscream's time with the Autobots changed him.

"Good to see you back to normal, it was odd seeing you not boasting about your superiority. Almost thought the Autobots got to you. It is good to see you back on the winning side," Knockout said.

Starscream frowned, his enthusiasm gone, "Its good to be back."

Knockout raised a brow ridge as Starscream began leaving the med bay, "Wait where are you going?"

"Back to my quarters, the planning stage is complete so I recommend you to rest. Tomorrow will be the day that we put our plan into action." Starscream said as the med doors shut.

Starscream entered his quarters, making sure to double check if anyone followed him this time. Seeing nothing he locked his door and made for his berth.


Starscream screamed and nearly fell over, he clutched his chest breathing heavily and glared at his intruder.

"Are you going to do that every time you wish to see me? You nearly gave me a spark attack! What do you want now Skyfire?!" Starscream demanded.

Skyfire had a look of true sorrow on his face, "I thought you could change."

"What? Oh not this ridiculous nonsense! I told you, I am a Decepticon and I'll always be a Decepticon." Starscream said with little emotion.

"It wasn't suppose to end this way! Tell me Starscream, if I never died would things of ended differently?"

"Skyfire I-"

"Answer me! I've known the answer for stellar cycles now, but I just want to here it from you. Its my fault you ended up this way, its my fault that you're on the wrong side, its my fault that you became a monster." Skyfire said sadly.

"No, it wasn't your fault Skyfire. None of this was your fault. This was inevitable, I would've made this decision either way. You remember how corrupt our government was, I would've chosen the stronger side and I did." Starscream stated firmly.

"You can't believe that! If things ended differently than maybe-"

"No you can't believe that. Maybe if you never died, my trine never died, everything I ever believed in never died than maybe things would've ended differently." Starscream paused to take in a shuddered breath. "Last we spoke, you gave me a choice and now I will choose."

Skyfire stood silently watching Starscream mull over his next words, Skyfire was patient but nervous for the next words to come. Starscream closed his eyes, he tried to will the next words that were coming for he knew it was not what his late friend wanted to hear.

"I choose to stay where I am, here with the Decepticons. You can't stop me, my plan will go on as scheduled and the power that I rightfully deserve will be in my grasp."

"Is that your final decision?"

"I suggest you leave Skyfire."

Skyfire let out a depressed sigh, "I'm afraid I can't do that."

Skyfire thrust his hand into Starscream's gut and fazed through it, but the pain was still there as if he really did punch him. Starscream felt like he was being ripped apart inside and out, a bright light ensued as Skyfire delved deeper into Starscream's very spark.

"Skyfire what are you doing?!" Starscream roared in pain.

"If I can't help you make the right decision than I have no choice!" Skyfire yelled as he fully fazed into the writhing seeker.

Starscream clutched his stomach, he felt like he was going to purge his tanks.

"I will make you see the light," Starscream's eyes turned blue as those words that were not his spoke from his lips.

Starscream clutched at his helm in pain, "Skyfire I demand you to leave my processor this instan-aaaaauuuughhh!"

The combined screams of both Starscream and Skyfire engulfed the room and the neighboring halls, a piercing scream that caused all Vehicons in the area to run in terror. Starscream clawed at his helm in the worst pain he ever felt, even worse than when he finally regained his memory board. His eyes widened as they began to switch from a deep red to a bright blue, then they switched to a new color. They became a sickly putrid green, similar colored electricity surrounded his helm the power intensifying as his pain did. As quick as it appeared, it was gone. Starscream collapsed in agony, he hung limply onto his berth trying to gain the strength to climb on but failed.

"S-skyfire?" he was met with silence. "S-sky... fire?" he fell into stasis lock.


Shockwave entered his quarters, an entire day has gone by yet again nothing was accomplished. He is getting sick and tired of having his talents wasted, Megatron has been growing more unstable as the days progress. Instead of coming up with ways to destroy the Autobots he has been more concerned with that blasted Starscream! Shockwave slammed his good hand onto his work table leaving a large dent, he has been having trouble keeping his emotions in check lately. Shockwave needed to do something quick or the insanity that has crept its way onto the Nemesis will get him next.

Shockwave typed away at his terminal and brought up the secret spy cam inside Starscream's quarters, just in time as it seems Starscream just entered. He watched as Starscream let out a girlish scream and almost collapsed to the floor.

'I wonder what has him on edge,' Shockwave thought.

He continued observing as Starscream began talking to himself. Yep all sanity as left the ship, the most sane beings left are probably the Vehicons and that is saying something. Then something caught his interest, Starscream clutched his stomach and looked to be in pain. His eyes flashed blue and he spoke with a voice not of his own. Shockwave clutched his audio receptors as Starscream released a scream that sounded like two voices screaming at once. He could just barely here the screaming through the hall, he could also hear Vehicons running for their lives. He continued watching nonetheless as a strange green aura surrounded Starscream's helm, before he could see more the camera disconnected. He surmised that the dense energy emitting from Starscream caused it to blow up.

"Slag!" Shockwave slammed his fist against his desk again deepening the dent.

Shockwave typed at his terminal and small rectangular object exited, "At least this wasn't a total loss. With this I will finally get rid of you and become Megatron's first lieutenant as I rightfully deserve."

Shockwave exited his quarters and made haste for the main control room, he passed multiple cowering Vehicons. Shockwave would've smirked if he could, they had every right to fear him.

He entered the control room and faced a very irate Megatron.

"Shockwave! What has gotten all the Vehicons so spooked and what was making that annoying racket?" Megatron ordered.

"The answer to both your questions is right here my liege," Shockwave said showing the cartridge.

"What is it?" Megatron said taking the cartridge

"It is a recording of Starscream inside his quarters," Shockwave stated simply.

"How did you acquire this?"

"I have my ways."

"Soundwave play the recording!" Megatron ordered giving Soundwave the cartridge.

The three of them watched and Megatron had very similar reactions as Shockwave did, Soundwave however was hard to decipher. When it ended Megatron rubbed his chin deep in thought.

"What is our next course of action lord Megatron?" Shockwave asked.

"We do nothing."

"I beg your pardon?" Shockwave asked confused.

"You heard me, let Starscream try to overthrow me its not like he will succeed." Megatron stated plainly.

"But what will do about him afterwards?"

"We will let him do as he wishes and once everything is over and done with than the plan will resume as scheduled."

"After all that has happened Starscream still wishes to betray you, his immediate termination is the most logical course of action! Why do you still keep him online?" Shockwave demanded.

"You fail to grasp the situation Shockwave," Megatron said loosing his patience.

"Then indulge me my lord."

"It is all a part of the plan and that is all you need to know."

"But my lord-"

"Since you have been one of my most trusted soldiers for eons I will ignore the fact that you are defying my orders, but if this happens again I won't be as lenient." Megatron said turning his back on Shockwave. "Soundwave destroy the evidence!"

Instead of simply deleted its hard drive Soundwave crushed it in his hand just to spite Shockwave, well it worked.

"You may take your leave," Megatron said.

"... yes my lord," Shockwave turned and exited the room leaving it in silence.


Airachnid laid in her berth, she had the regular standard issue quarters but somehow it was just as dark and decrepit as she was. She was extremely board, nothing interesting has happened in a while. For some reason the Decepticons have been less willing to leave the confines of the ship for any means and she was hating it! Her doors suddenly opened and she saw the last person she ever expected to visit her.

"So you wanted to team up?"

Airachnid's widened eyes narrowed, she carried a cruel smirk.


Airachnid flew above a dense forest somewhere in South America, a purple Cybertronian jet hovered next to her.

"So what are we doing all the way out here?" Airachnid asked.

"All in good time my dear, now will you hurry up! Your blasted alt-mode is so slow!" Shockwave yelled.

"You sound like Starscream," Airachnid said.

"Don't you dare compare me to that fool!" Shockwave growled.

"Geez what's got your turbines in a not?" Airachnid asked.

"Enough! Just keep flying, we are almost there."


They kept flying for a few more minutes until Shockwave ordered her to descend, they transformed and landed. Shockwave held a scanner and pointed it towards the ground.

"That's why were out here? To scout for energon?" Airachnid said exasperated.

"Oh it is much more than energon," Shockwave said.

The device began to beep, it intensified and soon the beeping wouldn't let up. Shockwave carved an x on the ground and gestured Airachnid at it.

"There, I need you to drill there."

"That's why you dragged me here, to be your personal tool? Why didn't you just bring one of the drills on board the Nemesis?" Airachnid demanded.

"It was more discreet this way, now just do it!" Shockwave ordered.

Airachnid grumbled to herself but complied, she drilled deep into the ground until she fell into open space. She took in her surroundings and found herself inside an underground tunnel, she followed the tunnel and found herself in a large cave. She gasped at seeing what was inside, rows upon rows of stasis pods lined the cavern. She smiled and attempted to get closer to the pods, she screamed in pain as intense volts of electricity pumped their way into her body. She collapsed and fell into stasis lock. Shockwave stood over her unconscious body, energon prod in hand courtesy from Knockout.

He chuckled to himself placing the prod onto his back, "Foolish wretch."

He walked through the rows of stasis pods and stopped in front of a random pod, he wiped away accumulated dust from the pod and stared into the blank visor of a massive insect like machine.

"It is time to rise from your deep slumber my pets."