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So far: Constantine is being watched by both angels and demons, torn between God of Heaven and Lucifer of Hell. Both desire his soul, and try to reserve it for themselves. But as he goes it alone through his waging battle, he tries to find where he ultimately belongs. Heaven? Or Hell? Which will triumph?

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Bold italics = demon talking

Italics = thoughts


"Die," John muttered, firing bullets into the demons launching themselves at him like rockets. Their cries and roars were faint and muted in his ears, and their bodies hurtled at him in slow motion, not fazing him in the slightest. If anything, it bored him. He had grown used to this sound; the sound of their anger; their fury; their hate; their pain and suffering.

It was all normal to him now.

I'm beginning to feel nothing, no matter what sort of being I demolish, he thought, panting as he poured holy water on the few remaining, watching them scream and hiss, flying towards him.

"Die, Exorcist!" they roared, but were shot between the eyes or in the heart, disintegrating their souls back into the deepest pits of Hell. They shrieked and glared at him, pointing accusing fingers at his body. "You…will die!"

"Yeah, when you're in heaven," Constantine snorted, lighting a cigarette. Coffin Hill. It had a stingy aroma that kicked his senses, but the nicotine dulled them at the same time. It gave him a sense of relief from his life, if only for a short moment.

"Your soul belongs to Satan. You will die, exorcist, just like the rest of the miserable human race," the demon laughed before screaming as John shot a bullet into its skull. Its body went limp before fading, disintegrating into dust.

"Yeah, so I've heard," he snorted, walking away smoothly from the scene towards his relaxing apartment. He merely draped his gun over his shoulder while he walked along the desolate sidewalks. He wasn't concerned over any humans that would come by. His route was his and his alone. No one else came by this side of town.

He heard the swooshing of the wind and the constant buzzing and flickering of the street lights. He stopped and sighed, inhaling the foul scent of a half-breed. His nose wrinkled in distaste and he turned, only to be met with the cruel eyes of Balthazar.

Constantine growled and slowly lowered his head gun, looking with distaste at the half demon.

"Hello John," Balthazar drawled, smirking at John's tired face. "You look tired John. Have you been pulling all nighters again? That is bad for your health."

"So is the whole damn world-bad for my health," he grunted, turning and puffing on his cigarette. "What the hell do you want, Balthazar?"

Balthazar grinned at John and moved to stand beside him, smiling evilly.

"What I want?" he drawled, "is to put an end to all this fighting…and for this world to be totally annihilated and controlled by the demons of Hell and ruled by Mammon, the true leader and owner of this land."

John smirked at Balthazar and said, chuckling humorously, "You are one crazy son of a bitch, aren't ya?"

Balthazar laughed and said, "Sorry, I was born to no female, only from the darkest ashes of human pain."

John sighed and pulled out his cigarette and blew a steady stream of smoke from his lungs, coughing roughly.

"Damn, you sound terrible, Johnny," Balthazar said in wonder, stuffing his hands into his designer pants pockets and striding past Constantine. He chuckled and stopped, leaning back against a street lamp, whose light bulb flickered at the ominous power radiating off of Balthazar's body. "What do you say to some dinner, huh?"

"What?" John asked in between coughing fits in utter confusion, exasperation, and weariness. He was tired, sore, and ready to collapse. But some food and a few good shots of scotch and rum did sound pleasant. The only issue with this picture was that it was Balthazar, a ruthless half-demon who he had almost killed and sent back to hell, was the one offering such a luxurious opportunity. Why did it have to be him? Why did it always have to be a demon? Why not a girl?

"Come on, Johnny. It'll be just like the good ole days. Remember?" Balthazar asked, his eyes flashing. John shuddered as he remembered the days he had mingled amongst the demons and was always battling with the ever irritating Balthazar, who had found it "amusing" to mess with his head.

"I remember all too well," John muttered and stored away his gun and dropped his cigarette onto the sidewalk, grinding it beneath my boot. "I'll play your little game, Balthazar, but know this…you try anything, and I'll blow your head off and your heart to smithereens."

He didn't give Balthazar another glance as he strode past him towards a fine bar where he knew it would be nothing but humans, and where he at least could eat something edible. He also ignored all snide comments directed at his backside.

"I wouldn't dream of it, johnnycakes."


Darren watched from high above, gazing down at the half-breed leading john Constantine away, going on and on about something while the exorcist ignored him promptly. The half-breed strode after Constantine while chattering on and on irritably.

It hurt Darren's ears to listen to his constant chatter, and honestly felt like revealing his presence to kill the damn bugger. But he restrained his annoyance and instead focused his mind on a different topic.

Azarel's face popped into his mind and he found himself contemplating about the young human male. Or could he have been a half-breed? Darren was uncertain; when Azarel had responded so quickly, he could have sworn that he was responding to Darren's thoughts.

Could he be a mind reader? Or an exorcist like Constantine? He thought through the possibilities while following the pair down below. He moved through the shadows of the building, watching them.

They entered into a fancy looking Italian restaurant and he cocked his head when a flood of delicious scents intoxicated his senses. He sniffed the air and felt his stomach grumble for food. He growled to himself and his tail uncurled from its position around his belly and waved in the air.

It curled back and forth. It was very similar to a lion's tail, all black with a fluffy tuff at the end. His human features began to melt away into demonic features. Black stripes began to curl up around his cheeks and his hair grew slightly into wispy, wild strands that spiked everywhere.

He watched with cat pupils down at the restaurant and cocked his head while trying to listen to the hushed, quiet conversation going on down in the confined area. His ears twitched as he leaned down over the edge of the building, letting his senses fully take over.


Balthazar smirked as John Constantine sat down before him. The man was still handsome and didn't look as old as he should, despite how much nicotine he inhaled in a day. The man was currently sipping on a glass of scotch mixed with a powerful red wine. It smelled and probably tasted vile, yet John showed no discomfort.

"Tell me, John, how is it that after Lucifer took out that black acid called cancer; you still go back to your habits?" Balthazar asked, spotting the packages inside John's coat pocket. Constantine glanced at Balthazar and snorted.

"Hard to quit; guess his efforts were in vain," John replied, taking a large chug from his glass before setting it down and leaning forward, "now what do you really want to ask, Balthazar. I'm not an idiot as to think that you came here to make idle chit chat."

Balthazar gave him a hurt look and pouted, swirling the white wine that was in his wineglass. It swished like a whirlpool and Balthazar wished that he could see something in it. He glanced up at John's stern face and couldn't help laughing.

"That's so mean of you, john. You're accusing me of doing something or demanding information. Can't I relax like any other human?"

"You're not human-entirely," John snapped, sipping on his drink mixture again, his eyes never straying from Balthazar. The half-breed was a sleazy, sly bastard that John had learned to never trust in his lifetime.

"Entirely," he pointed out, pointing one finger at John. He bluntly noticed it was his middle finger.

"Yeah, right; so I am to believe you're completely innocent?" John asked, leaning forward.


"Bullshit," John said, eyes narrowing before their waitress wandered up to greet them to take their orders. "Uh, I'll have the chicken pasta with a salad. It's okay to smoke in this section, right miss?"

The waitress was astonished by the sudden change and she stuttered, "U-Uh w-well I guess so b-but-uh!"

John had already whipped out hi lighter and a Coffin Hill, lighting it ablaze, smoking in the nicotine. Balthazar waved away the smoke and looked seductively at the girl.

"I'd like the full chicken and pork platter with biscuits and gravy, mashed potatoes, and a cranberry salad with raspberry sauce on the side," he said and flashed a beautiful, dazzling smile. Her face flushed and she nodded vigorously, rushing off to get the order put in and completed immediately. Balthazar gave John a cocky smirk then.

"Bastard," John muttered, inhaling and deflating his smoke while tapping the ash into a tiny tray on the table. He leaned forward and said, "Now then, what is this that I hear about Mammon trying to take over the world again?"

Balthazar' smirk fell slightly, but he quickly recovered while sipping his drink.

"I don't know what you're talking about Constantine."

"Don't go pulling this crap with me Balthazar. It won't end well for you any better than it did last time."

"What? You going to jump across the table and exorcise me."

"Possibility," john said, grinning as Balthazar's face paled slightly. John was not one for kidding or joking; he meant business. Balthazar sniggered and sipped his drink again, this time gulping most of it with greed.

"Well now, John, I'd say you're threatening me won't get you very far on the road that you seek…in fact, it will bring your demise all the faster."

"My demise? Nah, I won't be dying for some time, so you'll be dealing with my sorry as for quite a while longer," John said and puffed on his smoke. He watched Balthazar chuckle and said, "What's so funny, half-breed?"

Balthazar couldn't contain the loud laughter than erupted from him, interrupting many conversations occurring around them. John glanced all around and sighed, glaring at Balthazar for causing unwanted attention.

"The fact that you believe you'll live for so long is hilarious, Constantine…you see, and you won't be living for much longer with all the demons and angels crawling after you. Don't you sense them outside?"

"Of course I do, idiot. I can sense them plain as day, as I have for the past years of my life. What else is new?" John asked, shrugging and tapping the new ashes into the tray with boredom.

Balthazar smirked and nodded as the waitress brought their food, giggling and wiggling her bootie as she sashayed away to the kitchen, casting a flirtatious glance over her shoulder. Balthazar watched with interest before grinning at John's irritated expression.

"You see John…you will die before tomorrow's sun even rises. And the Morning Star will claim your soul, and then the True God of this Earth will rise from the ashes to destroy and conquer this pitiful world. As it is his to claim," Balthazar said, his flesh flashing to its ugly, holey and disgusting image.

Beady black eyes glared into john's cold brown before he tipped back the rest of his drink and stood up, not even touching the exotic smelling food. He fished out his wallet and plopped down a few bills.

"Thanks for the food and the warning, but I've got some news for you, you god damned son of a bitch," John said and leaned close, his smoke moving up and down with his lips. Smoke and alcoholic breath streamed into Balthazar's face. He sat still but coughed in disgust softly. "I won't be dying so easy, or without a fight."

"Then be ready to have a painless fight and a quick death, Constantine."

John snorted and stormed out into the open air, leaving behind untouched food, a content and happy Balthazar, and trudged down the roads while the weight of the half-breed's words sunk into his skull. And his senses became sharper and his spiritual energy gave warning to many surrounding him.


Darren stared down with glowing cat eye at john Constantine's moving form and quickly followed. Yet as he moved, he felt his body slowly being entered from his soul. He willing allowed Lucifer to take over his senses.

My Lord Lucifer, he said quickly, as the cat eyes turned red. Lucifer's gaze zeroed in on Constantine's back and a deep rumble echoed n his chest. Darren could sense his Lord's interest in the male exorcist and followed quickly, prowling high above.

Ah, how lovely it is to hear from you again…uh, what name have you taken on again?

Darren, my Lord. My name is Darren in this world, he replied, the name now rolling smoothly off his tongue like a natural pro.

Well Darren, I must congratulate you on a job well done so far. However, pretty soon; tonight actually, you will be relieved of your duties, Lucifer said cheerfully, and Darren couldn't help but shudder. John Constantine was doomed by the tone of Lucifer's malicious and excited tone of voice. He almost felt sorry for the human.

Yes, my Lord. Would you like for me to continue following him?

No, you may do as you please for now. Thank you, Darren.

It' an honor to serve you, my Lord.


Now go, Lucifer said and cut off his link with his Second, Darren. The cat demon came in very handy, as did many of his advanced demons he had stored throughout his kingdom. The demons in the pits of Hell were his children, sharp teeth and killing claws.

But the advanmced were his greatest creations, developed from the very first demons.

He shook his head and reclined in his sleeping quarters, waving his hand. He ran his clawed fingertips through his obsidian black hair while a crystal ball floated over to him. He reached ut and crushed the ball in his hand before scattering the dust. It formed a mirror and revealed an image of John.

He sighed in pleasure and shifted underneath the satin silk of the bed sheets over his groin, feeling arousal flood his bloodstream. He sighed in content as his primal instincts screamed at him to go and steal Constantine.

He reined in his demon and instead watched the image walking through the dark streets, and the pure images of angels following him. He growled softly when he saw many half-breeds following him as well.

"No," he whispered and waved his hands. Instantly, the half-breeds in the mirror were diminished to ash rolling away through the streets like sand. He watched with bloody satisfaction a John stooped over in the street to cough up blood as the nicotine effected his lungs again.

He shifted again to adjust the silk sheets running alone his bare chest and legs. His Queen didn't dare enter his quarters, so he had the luxury of letting his primal, animalistic lust drive his senses into overdrive.

He relaxed back further as he let his hand wander.

"Soon enough, John…wait for me," he said and closed his eyes and imagined the delight he would feel before the night was over. "I will keep you oh so entertained, so as payment; show me a good fight to the finish."


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