Night was shining down on Normville as the town has changed buildings were different, years have passed, and the Backyardigans were grown up and went their separate ways

(Snakeskin diner- mid Normville 8:00 pm)

Uniqua was wearing a waitress outfit as she was walking a table carrying a plate of food

"Here's your order"

Uniqua said handing two men their food

"Thanks miss….Uniqua"

One of them said reading her name tag as she turned walking away the man jestered to his friend taking a bite of his food

"Damn Bitch, this chicken is cold!"

he said slapping Uniqua on her butt as she turned around

"Do that again! I dare you!"

Uniqua said smacking him in the face as she heard a voice

"Pink, you get ass in here right now"

A Chinese dragon said as Uniqua grumbled confronting her boss

"Yes Mr. Wong"

Uniqua said sitting at his desk

"Cigarette, Pink"

Mr. Wong said handing her a cigarette

"I don't smoke"

Uniqua said as Mr. Wong cut to the chase

"Why you must hit customers! What customers ever do to you!"

Mr. Wong said throwing the cigarette in a fishbowl

"They were sexually harassing me"

Uniqua explained

"I no care if they tie you up, ride you to Tuesday and throw you in dumpster they money is good here, I pay you seven dollar an hour so you do as me say, pole dancer Christine beak leg, need you fill in"

Mr. Wong yelled at Uniqua throwing her a revealing outfit

"What, I'm no pole dancer!, I'm a waitress!, I never agreed to exposing my body to the public!"

Uniqua snapped back

"You shake you goodies or you fired"

He yelled getting up Uniqua sighed

Uniqua said admitting defeat, she needed this job to money on her table, she lived in an apartment didn't have much money

"Good Pink, you now put on good show, or you no get pay"

Mr. Wong said as Uniqua sighed leaving to get changed as she pulled a photo of the 9 backyardigans as kids

"Then everything was so easy"

Uniqua said tearing up