As the cruise went thru the group was happy being together one last time

"Guys, I honestly had the best time here"

Uniqua said hugging her friends

"Same here"

They all agreed

"It will probley be the last time I get to see you, my station is moving towns"

Tasha said applying some make up

"You're leaving Normville"

They replied shocked

"Yeah, this opportunity is too big to pass I'm sorry, the town not far, I'll still be on TV but I'll miss all of you"

Tasha said hugging Uniqua and Anubis then the boys

The rest of the gang said they were leaving town except for Uniqua, Austin, Tyrone, Drew and Donny

"Well let's promise we will always be friends"

Uniqua said tearing up


They all responded

"Well let's make the best of the cruise"

Tasha said pouring a glass of red wine for each of the nine members

"I will always hold all of you in my heart forever"

Anubis said

"Well we have the week, so let's enjoy ourselves"

Steven said shaking a beer can he opened it fizzing in Drew's face

"Steven's right, we're here together, the Backyardigans one last time forever"

Donny said as they all held up their wine glasses

"To the Backyardigans"

Donny said

"To the Backyardigans"

The all replied toasting as they drank their wine as they cruse ended the 9 of them went separate but never forgetting each other and the adventures they had as kids it seemed like only yesterday when they were playing in the green backyard, although they weren't together at least they still had their memories.