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Coming Home

It was weird. I'm back home after being at college for a year now. I finished high school, and was on a scholarship for my 'blessing from the pen' as some of the school's representatives have said. I am working in my bachelor's degree in professional writing. It's something that brings the better person out of me, makes me feel like I'm in my own sanctuary. I still feel like the kid I was; a greaser, a JD, a hoodlum.

I have changed, but I'm not to different, in my opinion. I looked the as I did when I was a kid, but it have matured and my hair is shorter and less grease, and my hair is bronze now. I had taken a liking to the blond and now I miss it sort of… but only sort of.

Anyway, I am back because it's Dally and Johnny's, uh, anniversary of death, you could say, I guess. I am going to be here for a week, spend time with the gang, visit the guys' graves, and I was thinking about talking to Cherry, maybe.

But right now I am driving in an old clunker into town, it's a surprise for Soda and Darry, I didn't tell them. I planned to visit the cemetery before seeing them though. I had bought two expensive looking flowers for Dally and Johnny. For Johnny I got a Rose, it was delicate and gentle and a beautiful scarlet hue.

As for Dally I got a flower called Asian Lily, it spread open and had five silvery tips, five ways I related to Dally. One; he was Greaser. Two; we both wanted to be tough. Three; we would have died for one of our own. Four; we weren't the best behaved people. And five; we cared in our own ways.

I hit the brakes on the clunker and it screeched to a stop, I turned the key and pulled it out. I could remember how many times I had been pulled over for speeding or something and have my seat belt off. I was still paying the last one off. I got out and shut the rusty door and locked the doors. But who would want an old car that would probably die soon?

I walked towards the old graveyard the guys were buried in and the same one as Mom and Dad. I walked up with the flowers in one hand and the other was in my pocket. The fence was still ebony and made of cheap iron posts that outlined the grassy area. I walked to the place under a willow tree where both Johnny and dally were buried. I had memorized the place like the back of my hand. I walked up to the tomb stone marked 'Johnny'. I stopped and laid the flowers down on the designated graves. I knelt down and whispered as the sun went down creating a beautiful sight, and wind hit the short hairs I had on the back of my neck.

"So, how ya been?"

Yeah, it's short and I may add on... I dunno yet! But I hope you enjoyed it! :DDD