Title: A White Lie
Fandom: Detective Conan
Theme: #14—"lies; trickery"
Rating: PG (slight euphemism?)
Disclaimer: All DC characters belong to Aoyama! I'm merely playing around with them for my own enjoyment.

As a toddler, Kazuha often took baths together with her parents. It was inevitable that one day, she would question why she and Mommy looked different from Daddy.

"How come I don't have one?" three-year-old Kazuha asked Daddy, staring at it with wide eyes.

At that moment, both her parents froze momentarily. They always knew this question was going to come someday, but it still managed to catch them by surprise.

Regaining his composure and his calm smile, Kazuha's father pat his daughter on the head as he explained slowly, "it's because you're not old enough yet."

To which his wife snorted and mumbled something about how terrible it was that he was lying to her so blatantly, but it couldn't be helped. How could he explain it otherwise to his precious, innocent child?

As for Kazuha, well, she didn't look convinced. "But … but Heiji already has one!"

Uh oh.

"It's not fair! I want one too!"

"Uh … Dear? Will you—"

"Nuh-uh, don't even think about it; you got yourself into this mess on your own."

Toyama women were just downright cruel sometimes, weren't they.

"How come only Heiji gets to have one, Daddy? Daddy, tell me, tell me!"

The whining wasn't going to end, was it.

"Kazuha … sweetie … you … you'll … you'll grow one when you're older!"

Inwardly, he cringed as his mouth formed the words. She was going to hate him for this one day.

"... You promise?"

But he just couldn't bring himself to deny the girl with her bright, bright eyes. So he crossed his fingers behind his back, and managed to force another one of his serene smiles. One little white lie wouldn't hurt.




After she had her father's word that she'd grow one of her own, Kazuha couldn't help but stand up and cheer with her arms raised in the air.

She, in fact, was so excited that she decided to tell Heiji all about it on their next play date.

In front of their parents, no less.

And while Heizo Hattori usually had quite the poker face (if that's what you could call it with his ever-present frown), he couldn't help but choke on his green tea at Kazuha's declaration.

Toyama had a lot of explaining to do.

AN: A bit of silliness from the Toyama family. As for why Kazuha knows Heiji has one, well ... that's a story for another time?

In any case, I've always wanted to tackle a themes challenge, so here we go; there are 30 themes in total. Thanks for reading!