Title: A Chocolate Confession
Fandom: Detective Conan
Theme: #04—"misunderstanding; a heartfelt apology"
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: All DC characters belong to Aoyama! I'm merely playing around with them for my own enjoyment.

Kazuha hated Valentine's Day.

It was pretty unfair, wasn't it? Girls were expected to give all the guys knew chocolate; think of all the expenses that would pile up from buying all of those obligatory chocolates! Not to mention the quality of sweets you want to get for your actual crush or sweetheart. Meanwhile, what; guys only have to respond to one person for White Day?

It's just all so dumb.

She knew this, she knew it so well that she repeated it to herself endlessly, but at the end of the day, she still found herself pausing as she passed a confectionery, glancing at the different types of sets the store had on display. Milk chocolate, dark chocolate, extra dark chocolate—'oh, they even have Heiji's favori

Ahou, ahou, ahou!'

The cashier standing near her couldn't help but be a little concerned as she watched the Osakan girl start hitting herself on the head with a school bag. Meanwhile, Kazuha was convinced it was the only way to knock some sense into herself. She'd done this last year too; buy chocolate for that dumb octopus-head last minute, then see it get lost in the huge pile he ended up bringing home at the end of the day. Why were other girls so insistent in getting him chocolate too anyways? Were they blind? Delusional?

And here she thought no one could be quite as naive as her to fall for the densest idiot in the world.

Regardless, Kazuha scanned the aisles to see what was left. By this time of the day, she didn't' have tons of choices, but she wasn't looking for anything extravagant. She didn't have enough allowance money left to even afford anything too indulgent anyways, so when she ran across a selection of small chocolate hearts, each adorned with a white letter, something about them just made her smile.

Maybe this was just what she needed this year.


Who was she kidding.

She spent ages the night before, carefully wrapping the chocolates in a small gift bag, and for what? She still couldn't bring herself to give it to him, and the day was almost over. Something about seeing the piles of sweets in his arms grow as the day went by left a bitter taste in her mouth, and her will was slowly diminishing as the sun continued to set. They were walking home now; she'd finished her aikido practice not too long after he'd come out from kendo. Normally they walked side-by-side, but today, her distracted thoughts had her trailing behind.

She was running out of time.

'Bah, to hell with it!'

Kazuha thrust her hand in her bag to take out the sweets, her fingers grazing against the soft jade ribbon, when Heiji suddenly stopped and held his hand out.

"Well …"

She almost ran right into him because he stopped so suddenly. "What?"

"Your chocolates. I'll take them now."

"... What?"

Heiji let out an exaggerated sigh, rolling his eyes at her confusion. "Y'know what I'm talking about; I saw you walk into that store yesterday. And, hah, it's not like you're getting chocolates for anyone else, right?"

Kazuha just about lost it right then.

"You ass, how would you know?"

"I mean, if they really weren't for me, you had all day to give it to someone else, right? I didn't see you approach anyone; you stayed in the classroom all day."

He wasn't lying, she knew it was all logical and true. Which made it that much more infuriating to hear as she felt her cheeks heat up. But Kazuha would jump off a cliff before she admitted it straight out.

"Wh-what, have you been watching me all day? I … I didn't realize you had such stalker-like tendencies, Heiji."

"Yeah, yeah, yeah. Don't try to weasel your way out of this," he muttered, closing the already narrow distance between them in order to reach for her bag. With Kazuha more concerned about the proximity between them, it was easy enough for Heiji to pull her bag out of her hands and search for the darned candy himself.

"H-Hey! What the hell do you think you're doing?"

She kept crying out to regain possession of her bag, but he had the height advantage and she kept grazing the darned thing but couldn't quite grasp it completely. Meanwhile, Heiji's hand kept rummaging through the contents.

"I know they're in here somewhere …"

"Heiji! Let go!"

"... Aha!"

Oh god.

It was all over now.

"Geez, you really splurged on the candy this year, huh?" was Heiji's initial sarcastic reaction towards the light package. Kazuha, in turn, punched his shoulder before stomping off ahead of him. That dumb ahou couldn't even show a tiny bit of gratefulness. He'd probably eat all of the chocolates in one go without realizing what they said. It'd be just like him to do something rash like that.

Seconds later, however, she felt a hand on her shoulder pull her back and turn her around. Perhaps it was the surprise of suddenly being pulled, or her growing embarrassment at the slight posibility that he actually did read the chocolate's message, but Kazuha's cheeks were thoroughly flushed and her eyes wide when they faced Heiji once more. Meanwhile, Heiji held an almost unexplainable expression.

"Kazuha," he murmured, his emerald eyes gazing at her jade ones. She swore he was looking past just her eyes with that piercing stare, to her very heart and soul, beating what felt like a thousand times a second. "Are you … serious … about this?"

She was frozen in place for a while, still trying to comprehend everything that was going on, before she slowly nodded. That was all the response he needed from her to bring his hand behind her head to raise it closer and closer to his. The moment their lips met, she could hardly think coherently anymore, and all that ran across her mind was, 'soft, soft, soft'. This unfamiliar warm fluttery feeling started to grow inside her, but the brief contact ended as abruptly as it'd started.

And then her conscience finally caught up to the situation at hand, and her fist involuntarily hit him on the head. "A-Ahou! Who said you could do that?" Although she tried to sound upset, her lips were still hypersensitive after feeling his warmth, like … like she wanted more.

Meanwhile, Heiji clutched his head in pain and winced as he tried to determine whether the attack would cause a large bump or not. "What the hell! You're the one that asked for it!"

"What the hell are you talking about?"

"The chocolates, you dumbass! They said 'ki su,' didn't they?"

Kazuha wanted to go crawl into a hole right about now. She hadn't even imagined he could misread the message that way. "You're the real dummy here; it was supposed to be … to be 'su ki,' ahou …" she mumbled, looking anywhere and everywhere but his face. She couldn't bring herself to face him under his scrutinizing gaze.

Yep, that hole sounded fantastic right about now.

But because her head was turned, she missed the half-smile that broke out on Heiji's face at her explanation. That small, small voice she used to explain herself had really done him in, and he'd swear he couldn't help himself when he brought her in for another kiss.

"I think I liked my version more."

"Sure you did, you octopus head."

"Shut up and just enjoy the kiss, ahou."


AN: Happy Valentine's Day! Just as a clarification, in case anyone missed it, "suki" means "like" in Japanese. Hope you liked the little twist on words there! As always, thanks for reading ~