Chapter 1

Kurt checked his phone again for the time before pulling into the empty parking lot. Six minutes until the glee club meeting, he thought at least someone else would be there. Mr. Schue told the New Directions to be there at 7 to tell them some important news before school. As Kurt fumbled with his keys he heard the roar of an engine coming from behind, he looked in his mirror to see Puckerman pull up in his motor cycle. It was odd for Puck to actually show up somewhere early let alone on time, Kurt had better things to wonder about.

He checked his phone again to see a text from Blaine: hey baby sorry i might be a bit late to the meeting this morning 3. He quickly typed a reply before exiting his car making sure all the doors were locked.

"Hey Hummel! Where is everyone?" Kurt spun around in alarm, "I have no idea." then checking his phone again to see if Blaine sent a reply, no new messages, he wanted to ask Blaine why he might be late, but he could just ask when he got there. Kurt placed his phone in his back pocket and looked at himself in the car window.

Kurt smelled something that made his stomach curl and looked up to see Puck smoking a cigarette "Do you really have to do that here? Now?" After taking a long drag Puck spoke, "Yeah, why not?" Kurt opened his mouth to speak, "b-but… never mind."

He felt his phone vibrate in his back pocket, it was a text from Blaine: I'm on my way now, be there soon. A smile spread over Kurt's face, Blaine would be here soon, Kurt reassured himself.

Two more cars pulled into the parking lot when Puck asked, "Where's Finn, wouldn't he be with you?" breathing out puffs of smoke as he spoke. "He had homework to finish, he'll be here later." Puck looked around to see who was in the cars, just Santana and Brittany, and Mike and Tina. Checking his phone again Kurt saw that the meeting was suppose to start a few minutes ago, Mr. Schue was probably waiting.

The New Directions jumbled into the choir room excitedly waiting for the news. When they arrived they noticed that Rachel was already there sitting with a smile plastered on her face. "What are you so happy about troll face?" Santana's rude remark didn't phase Rachel's emotions. She took a deep breath before her reply, "I just can't wait to see what Mr. Schue has to tell us!" Rachel let out a small giggle after her words. Santana whispered a few things to Brittany before taking their seats. Observing the room Kurt noticed something, Where's Mr. Schue? He was always there long before anyone else, and Rachel was just sitting there with a smug expression. What was happening? What does Mr. Schue have to tell them? Why did Blaine say he would be late? shouldn't he be here? All of these things were racing through Kurt's mind as he continuously checked his phone and the door for any signs.

A few minutes later Mr. Schue rushed in arms full of what looked like dictionaries, "Sorry guys i had to go get these from my car, i forgot them when i came in before. Thank you Rachel for waiting here. Did you tell them?" "Nope!" practically giddy with enthusiasm. Mr. Schue placed the books on top of the piano and took a few papers out of his bag, then passed them out among the glee clubers, "What do we have to do with this?" Quinn questioned out loud. "That is a good question. Well.. we are going to be preforming in it, and each of you will be writing your own songs. You are allowed to break up into partners but no more then that, i want plenty of songs!" The New Directions were going to be writing and preforming there own songs as part of a charity concert. They split off into pairs while Kurt stayed in his chair staring at his phone, "come on Blaine where are you?" he mumbled to himself.

Staring around the room Kurt saw everyone else laughing and jotting down ideas, he was starting to get worried. He'd hoped that Blaine would have been there by now, after all he said he was leaving half an hour ago and it takes about ten minutes to get here from his house. The clock was ticking as the seconds turned into minutes, louder and louder. It was all Kurt could here, he felt as though it was taunting him. With every tick that went by panic began to swell up in his stomach, until it became a physical pain. Kurt squirmed in his seat thinking of all the possible things that could be keeping Blaine from being there, he couldn't help his imagination from reaching dark places. No, no Blaine was fine. Probably just stuck in traffic, or flat tire, or-or…. he didn't want to think about it.

Kurt sometimes hated this about himself, that he became too worried too quickly, but he couldn't help it. His mind wandered and one thing lead to another and whoever or whatever he was worried about became the biggest concern in his life. Glee club was going to end in five minutes and Blaine still wasn't there. Then they all heard a banging at the door, Kurt sprung up from his seat and flew over to the door waiting for the mysterious figure to open it hoping it was Blaine. The figure slowly turned the knob and Kurt was practically about to pounce on them.

"Hello um…. what did i miss?" The tall man fumbled into the room, Kurt's face immediately drooped as he slumped back to his seat. Mr. Schue explained to him what was going on, Finn took a seat next to Rachel and began working on their song. A glimmer of tears started filling up in Kurt's eyes until the door flew open and a small slick haired man ran into the room.

"Sorry I'm late…so-some things happened, what's the news?" He gave Kurt a weary glance then directed his eyes to Mr. Schue.

"Blaine i just can't do this anymore, after your father left i couldn't afford to send you to Dalton! Now this glee club in Mckinley is having you be at school early, I have to miss my job to take you. We need that money!"

"Mom you don't have to take me, i can walk, or ask Kurt if he can give me a ride!"

"oh Kurt, your boyfriend! Does he know about everything thats going on!"

"No mom, I haven't told him anything, but he does know about Dad…. but not about the money problems."

"Good, i don't need those parents to look at me like I'm some kind of charity! Just!" Blaine's mother runs into the other room.

"Mom? Is everything okay? C-can i go now?" He gets no reply just loud noises of things slamming and what sounded like zippers "Mom!"

"I'm sorry honey…. I-I just need to go away for a while." She pushed Blaine out of the way as she heads for the door. "Here's some money for whatever…" She storms out of the house and a few seconds later Blaine hears the screech of tires.

Sh-she's gone, my mom left me, I'm all alone, my dad couldn't accept who i was… now my mom. Blaine slid down the door and tears start pouring down his face. He felt as though he had no one, he never felt so lost in the world as he did now. The last thing on his mind was showing up for school on time to make it to the glee club meeting. He sat there for a few minutes until his phone rang, it was Kurt: Hey, I'm leaving for the meeting now. See you there XOXO.

Blaine stared at his phone for a minute, Kurt, the only person I had in the whole world is Kurt. Yes the New Directions are kind of like my family… but I want my real family. He told Kurt he would be late for the meeting. He just couldn't leave now. Blaine got up and walked over to the fridge and pulled out some milk and grabbed the cereal from the cabinet. When he was done he looked at his phone again to tell Kurt he was on his way. Kurt: alright, I'll miss you :). The sight of this made tears fill up Blaine's eyes again, Kurt can't know about this, not yet at least… it was too much to spring on his this early in the morning. As Blaine started walking over to McKinley he mind was racing with how to tell Kurt and if to tell Kurt and if he could stop crying before he got to the school.

He had been walking for almost a mile and getting exhausted, he didn't want to show up at glee club looking like this, but if he didn't show up at all people might start to worry. Blaine started running because he only had eight more minutes to get there, he was about fifteen minutes away. He tried his best not the think about his mom or dad and anyone, just getting to that school before the morning bell rang. Beads of Sweat were falling from his forehead, luckily the gel in his hair gel was strong enough to keep his wild curls from forming. He had two more minutes, he could make it. Bolting down the hallway, the choir room was right there. He hesitated for a minute, then continued his run full speed right through the door.

"Sorry I'm late… so-some things happened, what's the news?"

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