Summary: It has been 5 years since Kail became king and Yuri his queen and they defeated Kail's stepmother, it seems a new evil wants to take over Kail's kingdom and make Yuri his queen. But this time there's help in a women named Hikari who somehow was taken from Yuri's old time to Ancient Turkey to help. (Prince Zannanza is not dead in this story, he was saved and only about 4 years later the defeat of the their stepmother did he come back)

Hikari (Kari for short)

Age: 18

Eyes: Light purple

Hair: Light blonde hair that reaches down to her butt with natural purple streaks (Always in a high pony-tail)

Height: 5'8ft

Weight: 130pds

Tattoo's: Has a big white tiger tattoo on her back,

Clothes: black skinny jeans, white tan-top over a black fish net long sleeve top, black shoes (?), violet pendant necklace, 4 diamond earring piercing in each ear, she always carries around her black skull school bag which has her purple blackberry phone, Ipod touch, a small boom box for her Ipod touch, two thick writing books, big pencil case, 2 thick drawing books and a 21inch laptop (all electrical stuff is solar powered ). After arriving in Ancient Turkey she now wears gold sandals that tie up all the way to her knees, a white loose mid thigh dress with a leather belt around her waist plus her jewelry, when inside the palace she leaves her hair down which reach's mid thigh.

Abilities: is able to control all elements, knows everything to do with martial arts stuff, knows how to use all different kinds of weapons, when she sings she can lull people to sleep and then kill them and she can see into the future.

Past: She was born into a rich and royal family; she is the youngest of 4 siblings and the only girl. Hikari likes to spar with the royals guards when she is not busy with other stuff. Hikari is stubborn, friendly, strong-willed and energetic.