John jumped at the feeling of his hand being squeezed. It shocked him enough for the tears to stop streaming down his face. He glanced down at the pale hand clasped in his own and then let his eyes flicker to Sherlock's face. Said man's eyes were twitching behind the lids, which was a sure sign that he was beginning to come out of his comatose state.

Mycroft chose then to walk into the room and see everything. "Do go and get the doctor, John," Mycroft more or less ordered the ex-army doctor. Without another word or look, John was up and out of his seat. He darted into the hallway to look for Sherlock's doctor or any one of his nurses. He was ecstatic at the thought that Sherlock had actually heard him and was going to wake up.

Trudging down the long hall a ways, John stopped at the desk of the ICU to see one of Sherlock's nurses. She was idly typing away at one of the computers, so John waited patiently for her to finish whatever it was that she was doing. In little to no time she was done and looked up at him with a smile.

"What can I do for you?" She asked sweetly, standing up from her spinning-type chair and straightening her pink scrubs.

"Sherlock seems to be waking up, could you find his doctor?" John asked her with a giddy grin. The prospect of Sherlock just happening to come too at the same time never occurred to him. The nurse went wide eyed in surprise for a moment.

"That's great!" She exclaimed with a laugh. "He should just be finishing up with another patient right now. I'll inform him. Oh, would you mind doing me a favor while you're here?" She pushed her hair behind her ear and continued to smile at John. John, being oblivious to her flirting in his excitement nodded his head.

"What can I do for you?" he asked, trying to calm down. He figured doing a small favor for one of Sherlock's would work as a way of thanking her.

"Could you run down to the cafeteria and grab me a coffee? Just tell them Jenny asked for it and they'll give it to you," she said while walking away from John. John nodded as she walked away and started to walk further away from where Sherlock was.

Taking the elevator, John made his way to the cafeteria quickly. Upon receiving the nurse's coffee, he paid for one of his own. He had calmed down enough by now to start thinking about the situation with Sherlock.

"What if he doesn't want to see me?" John mumbled to himself out loud while sipping his coffee. He decided to take the stairs back up to Sherlock room this time so he could sort through his thoughts. He walked past white door after door and picture after picture that was hanging on the walls. He was only a few floors down, so he knew by the time the nurse got her coffee it would be perfect drinking temperature.

"Maybe he won't forgive you," John pondered, thinking about how the consulting detective would react to everything that had happened. Mycroft had forgiven him already, but Sherlock was a different story. It was difficult to try and predict what would happen next.

John hoped that Sherlock would forgive him. He hoped that Sherlock heard everything he had said, including the declaration of love. If not, John would be embarrassed.

"Maybe it might be better if he hadn't heard me," John's cheeks flushed at the thought. He trudged up the first flight of stairs with ease. The coffee wasn't jostled as he kept his hands steady. His footfalls echoed in the stairwell as he cleared flight after flight before coming to the exit to the ICU unit. Slightly out of breathe, John pushed the door open and headed back to the front desk where the nurse would be waiting.

On the way, he noticed the curtains were drawn shut where Sherlock was being held. John titled his head in confusion as he passed but continued on anyway. John finally reached where the nurse was waiting for him. She was back to typing away at the computer and looked up with a smile at John.

"Thank you so much," she took the coffee from John and drank a large gulp before setting it down. John nodded his welcome and wandered off back to Sherlock's room. The teal colored curtain was still drawn and John thought it would be best to not go in at the moment. He could faintly hear Mycroft and the doctor conversing and the occasional cough from Sherlock.

"He must be awake now," John thought with a grin. John hoped there would be no permanent damage from all the alcohol Sherlock ingested. That way, things could go back to being mostly normal for the two of them. Sherlock could continue doing cases with John and John could go to work at the clinic in between. Sighing contently, John leaned against the wall and waited until he could see and speak to Sherlock again.

((I apologize for this being so short. It's all I've come up with this week and I have nothing for ACTSG D: I hope you like it anyway!))