Chapter 1: On the Beach

So I thought that Paul needed a new love interest because we all know that Kelly is a big mistake for the wonderful Paul Slater.
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It all started the day I decided to go to the beach. I mean, sure, I happen to be blind, but that doesn't mean that a girl from Minnesota doesn't appreciate the sun! I had already carefully mapped out the route to the beach and Auggie, of course, was going to get me there in one piece, like he always did- I hope! Now he is a very smart Seeing Eye dog and he also had some protective training, curtsey of my overprotective cousin and her husband, but I had some doubts. I mean, he is a dog and he is in no way infallible. But that is beside the point; I was getting out if this house if it was the last thing I ever did.

Ever since moving to the west coast, things had gotten rocky. I was glad to be away from the Midwest and all, but I missed all of my friends. The last year had been difficult and senior year was coming up. I had no idea how I was going to manage high school again after a whole year, but I had grown tough, tougher than most girls my age and with my disability. I mean, I moved to a new state, and like I had be encouraged to do, I accepted it and was making the best out of this opportunity.

So, senior year. Supposedly the best year of your high school career and I had to start mine out at yet another Catholic high school, but at least on the plus side, there were none of those horrid jumpers at this new school. Not that it would matter what anyone thought of how I looked because I could care less.

I felt around in my dresser drawers and pulled out my bikini and slipped into it and then pulled on shorts and a t-shirt over it. I topped it all off with a hat and sunglasses. I also grabbed my beach bag that I always kept packed so I wouldn't have to ask for assistance when It needed to be packed.

"Auggie?" I called to my wonderful seeing eye dog. I heard him scramble off of my bed and wait for further instruction. I snapped my fingers and he came to sit right at my feet, placing the handle of his harness at my fingertips. I gripped it and commanded, "Head out." He took off towards my door and pulled it open and led me down the stairs and to the door. I could hear the sounds of my cousin and her kids in the back yard and left without anyone noticing. I groped for the door and opened it and felt the afternoon sun on my face. I felt my pocket one last time before we headed off, making sure I had the cell phone that my cousin, LeAnne, insisted that I carry at all times.

We walked down the street to the corner and turned left. We continued down until I could hear the distinct sound of the ocean. There was one thing about Carmel, California that I had to admit that I liked. The streets all led to the ocean, kinda like all roads lead to Rome. Very helpful for a girl who happens to be blind.

Finding the beach was the easy part. Really, the hard part is finding somewhere to stretch out. Weaving through all of the people on a beach in California is like trying to navigate your way through a crowd in Times Square, or so I would imagine.

I could hear people all around me laughing and splashing in the water as I laid out my blanket and pulled Auggie closer and took his harness off so he could be comfortable as well. I stashed it in my bag and striped down to my bikini. I lay there for a while and soon fell asleep. That is until I was awoken by something hitting me and someone falling over me and then their strangled shout as Auggie reacted to their proximity and threatening action. I let out a squeal and tried to sit up but the man, for it was a man, was still draped over me. He was struggling to get up and off of me all the while Auggie was growling and doing his fierce protective act I also heard a loud popping sound.

"Shit!" The voice said above me as he finally pushed away from me and, I assumed, stood up. I heard Auggie go nuts and felt him lunge at the man. I heard him let out a straggled cry and heard the sand crunch as he fell back to the ground a few feet away from me. "What the hell?" He was asking me. I struggled to my feet myself and attempted to calm Auggie down before anything too traumatic happened. I looked in the general direction of the voice and answered him.

"He has special issues...Auggie, hush! You're fine!" but he kept it up and I started to fear that he would attack the man in front of me. "Could you please step back, sir. My dog is a little shaken right now?"

I heard him scoff at my words. "A little shook up? He seems a little bit more than that!" He sounded slightly amused, which served to confuse me. I was about to ask him if he would please just do as I asked when I was interrupted by a very rude voice.

"Paul! What the hell? Are you alright? What the hell is wrong with that dog? He should have a muzzle on or something. You can't even bring dogs to the beach anyway. Especially dogs that bite! Your dog actually bit my boyfriend!" By this time, I could tell that the whole beach was watching as this scene we were all making.

I looked in the direction of the new voice and immediately took a disliking to it. My dog had every right to defend himself and me.

"Well, maybe your boyfriend should have been watching where he was walking and we wouldn't be in this situation, now would we?" I know I was being smart ass, but I didn't care. I was covered in sand and had a feeling that Auggie wasn't going to recover from this anytime soon. "Look, I'm sorry my dog bit you...Paul?... but he has every right to protect his space—"

"Well, not here. You know I could sue you up and down for this?" Miss Bitch said to me. I can only say, in my defense, that I do not like to be threatened.

"Well, Bitch, I would like to see you try..." I left the sentence hanging and turned to my stuff and pulled on my shirt. I could practically hear the girl behind me seething at what I had just said. I then reached for Auggie's harness.

"I will have you know that I will sue you to the fullest extent of the law. My father's a big time lawyer here and he will have that dog put down faster than you can say—" her voice cut off mid-sentence as she saw the harness and I can only say that she was probably gapping at me with her mouth hanging wide open. Auggie, seeing his harness went silent and walked over to me and nudged the hand holding the leash. I held it out for him as he stepped in and I snapped it shut, grabbing the handle in my right hand.

I turned back to Paul and said in a cold voice, "I'm sorry my dog bit you. You should probably get it checked out or something." Then I turned around and commanded, "Home." And Auggie immediately started to walk in the direction we had come from earlier that afternoon. I was embarrassed, yeah, but I was even more irate. I had just used my disability as a weapon. I didn't like to be seen as a weak, helpless person, but I had just wanted her to shut up. I really was sort that that Paul guy had gotten bitten. I really was.

It was as we were making our way up the beach away from the nosey onlookers almost to the sidewalk that I heard Paul behind me calling for me to wait up. I paused. This guy didn't get it. Auggie was really not the forgiving type, at least not this quickly. I felt him tense up and start to growl low in his chest. I held the harness tighter.

"Hey! Wait up! Look, I'm sorry Kelly is a bitch. I- she can be a pain... Just disregard everything she said."

"No, it's fine. You don't have to play the hero. I'm really not that interested, okay?" We began walking again and I felt him step in front of me, at least he had the common sense not to stand too close to me, or Auggie. All the same, I held Auggie's leash tightly.

"What can I do to make it up to you?" I laughed at that. Was this guy serious?

"I think that you are confused. It should be the other way around. I should be the one asking what I can do to make it up to you. And really, there isn't anything that I can do but suggest that you get yourself checked out."

"Well, can I give you a ride home at least?" I felt my heart speed up and tried to tamp down the fear that was rising in me and then I realized what he was doing.

"Look, I'm not some charity case, alright? I don't need your help. I can get myself home just fine. And if you come anywhere near me, I'll make sure that you won't be able to jerk off ever again, alright. Same thing if you follow me home. Auggie can, and will, attack you even if you are in a car." With that, I pulled Auggie along but he kept looking behind us and growling. After a while of walking though, he stopped and led the way. My heart rate slowed and I felt myself able to breathe easier. I was shaking slightly and was more glad than ever that Shane had gotten Auggie trained in protection.

When we got home, Lee was in the kitchen making dinner. I could smell the oregano and the garlic: spaghetti tonight.

"Hey, Becca, sweetie, school called. They said that Father Dominic made an appointment to meet with us in the morning and give you a tour..." She kept talking and I only half listened. The Mission Academy; another parochial school, but like I said before, at least this one didn't have a uniform policy. They were going to help in any way that they could. Great, senior year was about to start. And once again, I would be the center of attention.

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