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Chapter one: Left For Dead

Echo Park: exact street unknown : 9:07 PM

It was supposed to be easy. A quick in and out trip. That's what Graham said. That's what HE said. No one was supposed to die, or even get shot. Just infiltrate the base, steal their weapon blueprints and leave. But they had been anticipated. She tried to be brave, tried to help. And it got her here. Lying on the sidewalk, at night, in a quiet neighborhood somewhere in Burbank, California. Sarah Walker knew it. She was going to die.


They were joking, as they geared up for the mission. Joking about how easy it would be. Joking about getting drinks after. They only brought pistols, because they weren't going to get caught. This was FULCRUM, for god's sake. No one took them seriously. They were the two best agents anyway, Bryce Larkin and Sarah Walker. Also known as the Anderson couple in some parts of the world. Their routine consisted of kicking ass, sex, and killing. The way they liked it.

Fulcrum Headquarters/ Secret Base: Unknown Location: 7:37 PM

They drove to the base, relaxed. " So, since Graham offered to get us an extra night at the hotel after this, I was thinking about hitting the bar." Bryce was being his flirty self. "

"We'll see." Sarah wasn't keen on discussing this before the mission, but this was supposed to be easy anyway, so she allowed it this one time.

Bryce parked a few streets down, so that they wouldn't be seen. He got out of the car and came around to meet Sarah on the other side. "I'll snag the blueprints, while you keep them busy up front." Bryce explained.

Sarah nodded, "Sounds good." With a somewhat heated kiss, they were off.

As Bryce went in the back way, Sarah came up towards the front. It was a large facility, literally in the middle of nowhere. It was fenced, with a few visible men guarding each heavy door. Sarah applied the silencer to her gun, keeping low in the shadows as she did. The first man she saw was at the closest door, right over the fence. She leaped it easily, staying in the shadows. She didn't blink as she squeezed the trigger and ended his life. "goodnight." she muttered and pushed the door he was guarding open.

That was when all hell broke loose. There were at least five agents, all with there automatic weapons trained on her. "Freeze!" the man who appeared to be their leader stepped forward. Sarah glanced him over, as she had no choice but to drop her gun as well. He was tall, and had a large scar over his right cheek. "Agent Sarah Walker..." he drawled." My men and I have been dying to meet you."

Meanwhile, Bryce had just finished downloading the files onto his flash drive. Slipping it into his jacket pocket, he pressed his earpiece in, trying to hear Sarah's response. "Walker?" his voice was calm at first, but after hearing no reply, it raised an interval or two. "Walker?" he tried again. "Sarah!" Instinctively, he took off running. He burst down the hall, trying to get to Sarah. He stopped upon hearing their voices around the corner. By the amount of talking going on, he could tell there were four, maybe five guards. He pondered the situation momentarily. That was too many to take on with his pistol. It was times like these were he wished he hadn't joined the agency. The stress and guilt was enough to kill a man. He had to turn his back on Sarah. As he ran for the car, he mumbled to himself, "Hang in there, Sarah. I'll always come back for you."

The leader smirked at Sarah, who adorned a frown on her gorgeous face. She'd seen Bryce's shadow. Why'd he turn away? Didn't he know she was in dire need of help? She shook away thoughts of him, narrowing her eyes at the leader as he stepped forward, slowly talking, as if to try her patience.

He smiled, "You are certainly as beautiful as they say, Ms. Walker. I'd like you all to myself..." he reached out to touch her face. That seemed to be the biggest mistake of his life. As his hand reached out, Sarah's training kicked in. Faster than he could blink, she twisted his arm backwards, yanking the gun free from his other hand. She stood now with his own weapon pointed at his head. Immediately, the leader's men tensed, guns still trained on the blonde beauty. "If you move, he dies." she stated, the venom in her voice seemed palpable.

"Do it." One man called, acting as if it wasn't a big loss.

Sarah shot the weapon once, firing it straight into that very man's chest. She killed him right on the spot, in cold blood. She needed to show every one else who had the power. "Stay here." she ordered, her voice was undeniably calm, but it was all a facade. She had no idea how to handle this. "If you follow us, he-," she jerked her head to the leader she held captive, " -dies." She began to back her way out of the building, watching the men carefully. No one dared follow, especially after the cruel murder they'd just witnessed.

Sarah dragged him all the way to the street. It was there that she finally ended his life, shooting him once, square in the chest. As soon as she did, she ran, desperately trying to navigate her way back to Bryce. One thing she hadn't counted on? The Leader wearing a bulletproof vest. It wasn't until an hour later that she figured out he was following her. She froze, realizing it was all a setup. They were trying to follow her back to Bryce. As she spun around to shoot him, she was met with a bullet, tearing through her shoulder. She fell to the ground in agony, squeezing her eyes shut. "Thank you, agent Walker." he grinned as he bent over and took her phone, which was ringing with Bryce's face on the screen.


Sarah's vision was blurry. She had lost a lot of blood. She thought she'd been hearing voices.

"No, Morgan." the voiced sounded," I didn't get the job, it's just, I-" he cut off; gaping at Sarah's broken form on the floor. "Oh god! Oh god! Are you okay?" he dropped his cell phone, running to her side. "What happened? You're shot! Oh god!"

Sarah caught a glimpse of his name tag. Chuck. That's who her curly haired savior was. He took a few breaths. "I'll call 911!" he finally decided. "Please, no hospitals!"

Sarah croaked," I'm fine, really..." she coughed.

"No hospitals?" Chuck cried. "Are you insane? You're shot!" he couldn't comprehend why she wouldn't want proper treatment.

She just shook her head, "No hospitals." she stated.

Chuck thought hard, "Ellie!" he cried. "My sister! She's a doctor!" he seemed to see a ray of hope.

"Fine..." Sarah nodded reluctantly. Chuck gently lifted her up, careful to avoid her bad arm all together. Sarah leaned heavily on him, her life depended on him.

Chuck carried her past the fountain and rapidly knocked on his sister's door. Ellie opened it up, and upon seeing Chuck and the injured girl, immediately snapped into doctor mode. "Chuck! She's shot! Quick, get her on the couch!" Ellie wheeled around, facing her tall boyfriend, who just so happened to be a cardiologist. "Devon, get the first aid kit!"

Sarah was breathing hard on the couch; her blood loss was becoming fatal.

" Stay with me!" Chuck cried as he held her hand. "You're going to be fine..." he paused, fishing for her name. She decided to maintain her cover name, just to be sure. "Sarah...Walker..." she supplied, her breathing labored. It was the last rational thought she'd have for a little while.

The End, or the beginning if you really think about it...