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Chapter Twenty Three:

"I've been waiting so long for this..." Casey grinned outside the interrogation room. He looked like a dog staring at a steak, just waiting to pounce and devour it.

"I don't think so." Sarah smirked, approaching him.

"Walker? Where's Bartowski?" Casey grunted, seeming to deflate when he learned that he wasn't going to have the prick all to himself.

"Sleeping at home, John." she leaned against the window, watching the sleeping log.

"You alright?"

"Oh, I will be after this." Sarah smirked. He would pay. For everything he did.

"Remember, Walker. It's interrogation...we need him alive."

Sarah smirked. "I know...where would the fun be if he were dead?"

Casey chuckled, shaking his head. This was one pissed off agent.

The two opened the door in a rush, cameras recording everything.

Sarah took a look at the standard torture items...they'd work just fine.

Sarah eyed the metal rod on the table...that'd be useful.

"Wake him up." She tossed it to Casey, who smirked, doing the honors. With a swift hit to the face, Daniel roared, fully awake.

"What the f-"

"Good to see you're awake, Danny." Sarah smirked. "We need you to answer a few questions..."

Daniel smirked. "You know my terms, Walker." he practically undressed her with his eyes.

Sarah took the rod from Casey, sending it slamming into Shaw's leg. She heard the familiar crack. Shaw howled in pain.

"Oops..." Sarah smirked. "What was it you were saying?"

Shaw couldn't respond. Casey smirked and punched him square on the nose. With the already injured area cracking once again, he found satisfaction.

"The lady asked you a question, moron." he smirked. This was fun.

"Who do you work for?" Sarah snapped.

Shaw clutched his nose and knee in either hand, shaking. "It's...a faction...the ring."

Sarah nodded, threatening to hit him again. "And?"

Shaw just laughed maniacally, throwing his head back.

Casey glanced at Walker, who threatened to grab the ammonia which was on the counter.

"Death by ammonia is a pretty bad way to go..." Sarah smirked.

Shaw growled. "Beckman would never let you."

Sarah let out a cold, raw laugh. "Guess what, danny boy?"

Shaw didn't dare. But she continued anyway.

"Beckman doesn't know about this...it's pretty much unsanctioned. And it's our little secret." She approached him with the needle.

The information they recieved was useful...however Sarah and Casey "slipped up..."

Daniel Shaw was dead within hours.


Chuck knew what Sarah and Casey had done. He didn't like it...but that bastard had to pay. And they'd made him do just that. What mattered was: Daniel Shaw was disceased, and he'd left a workload of mysteries in his wake...and they wouldn't tell Chuck what those mysteries were.

Chuck was currently sitting beside Sarah on their couch, his head on her lap. She glanced down at him, smiling gently as she did. The two couldn't have been more in love.

"Sarah, I'm the intersect, I can help-"

"Chuck, I screwed your life up once...not again." she told him decidedly.

"You aren't going to tell me?" Chuck was shocked.

Sarah sighed, looking down into his chocolate eyes. "No..." she admitted.

"Sarah, I thought you trusted me..." he sighed.

"You and I both know that this has nothing to do with trust." She told him, hands holding his.

"Sarah..." He glanced up at her. "Can you really just leave all this behind?"

"I won't, I'll just be keeping you out of it...safe..." she tried.

"There's no way I'd let you go out there alone, Sarah." he told her. "Not now not ever."

Sarah watched him, heart melting like always. He always knew what to say...

He rose. "And I have a way of ensuring that." He reached into his pocket , shaking slightly, as he got down on one knee.

"Sarah Lisa Walker..." He began. "I fell in love with you the very first day I met you. I don't know how, or why, but it seems as if all of life's forces are pushing us together. And I want nothing more than to wake up and see your beautiful face every morning for the rest of our lives...Sarah, will you marry me?" he managed.

Sarah was on the edge of her seat, blinking away the tears. The smile on her face was incomparable to anything else.

"Yes..." She nodded, watching him slip the gorgeous ring onto her finger. She couldn't believe this was happening. She was going to MARRY Chuck Bartowski.

She threw her arms around him as the two shared a kiss. It was filled with love, passion, dedication, promise, and commitment. It shook Sarah to her very core. She lost control as his hands roamed her body. Somehow, they found their way to his bedroom.

They didn't come out until much later.


"So, I was hoping you-" Ellie stopped talking to Devon as the doorbell rang. "Nevermind." she stepped over to the door, answering it with a smile. "Chuck, Sarah!"

The couple was glowing, seeming even more in love than usual...if it were at all possible.

After the bout of hugs, Ellie invited them in, promising Casey and Morgan would be there soon enough.

Chuck simply couldn't wait to share the huge news with his sister.

"El, we have to tell you something." He began solemnly, hiding a smile.

"Oh god...Chuck, what happened?" Prepared for the worst, she nearly fell over when Chuck and Sarah exclaimed, "We're engaged!"

"WHAT?" Ellie jumped, rushing to see Sarah's extended ring hand. The ring was amazing; it had to be all of Chuck's life savings. "Wow...Sarah...that's incredible!"

Chuck smiled. Finally the CIA paid off...aside from giving him an angel in the first place.

"Guys...wow, I'm so happy for you!" Ellie gushed.

Devon grinned, hugging the couple. "That means we have two big days coming up...AWESOME."

"So, we'll be picking out dresses together?" Ellie grinned, pulling Sarah aside from Chuck, whom she hadn't parted with all day and last night. He gave her a little grin, and she returned it, taking a seat with her soon to be sister in law.

Devon invited Chuck over to the kitchen, grabbing him a drink. "Wow...she's amazing, bro. How'd you work up the nerve to do it?"

Chuck shrugged, glancing at Sarah, who met his gaze with a smile. He winked at her, continuing to talk to Devon. "I just got on my knee and hoped she wouldn't reject me..."

"Yeah, she's probably had so many offers..."

Chuck turned to Devon. "Thanks, awesome."

"Well, she chose you bro." he grinned. "That means something."

Chuck laughed. "You should've seen Casey's reaction. I don't think he'll admit it, but he may have cried...just a tiny bit."

Devon rose a brow. "John Casey? Dude...that's bitchin!"

Chuck laughed at his "brother's" frat boy vocabulary. You could take him out of the fraternity...but you could never take the fraternity out of him.


Later that evening, Sarah found herself curled up in Chuck's arms, a glass of wine in her hand. Ellie and Devon sat similarly, and Morgan and Casey...they sat individually, of course.

Sarah was listening to Ellie recall her and Chuck's life before Sarah and Devon.

"Well..." Ellie laughed. "Chuck, as you know, was no casanova."

"He fooled me." Sarah defended him teasingly, as he placed a gentle kiss on her head. Ellie watched adoringly.

"Anyway, there a girl, Jill Roberts." Ellie began. Sarah listened intently,tensing up for some reason, and Chuck pretended to ignore them.

"He was convinced he loved her. And she used him like a tool." Ellie told her, Sarah gently squeezing Chuck's hand. Chuck noticed how sharply she was listening.

"Where is she now?" Sarah interjected.

Chuck cut in. "I haven't spoken to her in a long time, sweet heart..." Sarah glanced up at him. She gave him a warning glance. He nodded.

"Well, I'd say it's time for us to head home and hit the sack." Chuck sighed, rising with Sarah. The two thanked Ellie and Devon, bade farewell to the others, and returned to their apartment.

Chuck was genuinely surprised. Was she that jealous?

"Jill Roberts?" She asked warily.

"Sarah, I swear, we never-"

"Chuck, I trust you, it's not that at all." she assured him with a glance, checking the database in castle from her phone.

"Then what is it...Sarah?" He asked.

"She...she was on Shaw's list. She works for the ring...and she knows you..."

Chuck sighed, nodding. This was going to open up a whole new set of missions, plus the wedding...

As if she read his mind, Sarah gave him a soft smile.

"One mission at a time." She reminded, sinking into his open arms as the two embraced each other.

Whatever came next...they'd be ready, so long as they had each other.

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