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Jade calms down a while later, and by a while- I mean about a week. For that week she avoids me, and when we do have to talk she is dismissive, which is unexpected. I was used to her attacking me, so this was- to say the least strange.

It's mornings like this that make me miss Jade. I'm standing outside of my car, with three girls I've never met before. Tori is locked inside my car, the girls trying to attack her from the outside. If Jade was here, this wouldn't have happened. Mainly because Jade used to scare them away in the mornings. Ever since she left, I let them ride with me to school. How they get to their own schools after that is a mystery to me.

"Andre?" I ask into my phone when it stops ringing.

"Uh huh- Grandma- No I'm on the phone- Grandma" Andre shouts. I pull the phone away from my ear as Andre fights with his Grandma. After a few moments I dare to pull it closer.

"Andre." I say "Andre. Andre! ANDRE!"

"Yeah Beck" he replies. I can't help but roll my eyes.

"I need you to come get Tori" I tell him.

"I thought you were taking her to school."

"She got in a fight..."

"With who?" Andre exclaims.

"Everyone" I sigh. "So can you come pick her up?"

"Yeah where are you guys?"

I glance back at the girls who are now glaring at Tori from outside the car. "Two blocks away?"

It's the longest fifteen minutes of my life as I wait for Andre to arrive. When Andre gets the two of us have to hold back the girls so that Tori can make it into Andre's car. I see Andre's grandma sitting in the back.

I don't see Tori again until I get to school. She's standing at her locker when I walk up to her. She turns to me and thrusts her hands into my face.

"Smell them" she beckons. I sniff her hands, and they smell oddly breakfast-y.

"Did they smell like that earlier?" I question, taking one of her hands in my own so I can inspect them. It's thin and soft. Her fingers are notably longer than Jade's.

"They didn't smell like this until Andre's crazy grandma dumped her oatmeal in my hands!" she snaps, yanking her hand from mine and waving it frantically in my head. I step back, trying not to accidentally get hit.

"Sorry about that" I tell her "So Andre won't do as a replacement?" Tori shakes her had sadly, shutting her locker, and pressing her head into it. "I can drop you off at home."

"It's okay, Andre is going to drop me off before he picks up his grandma" the bells ring "But thanks anyway Beck." she says squeezing me in a quick hug and she's gone. She's a sweet girl. Nice. Just nice. A bit unaware. But nice. Rash. But well intentioned. I shake my head, and stop watching her walk to class and head to my own class.

I'm late for directing for the screen. It's my best class Jade and Robbie are in the class. The only open seat is right between them. Jade and I used to sit down together during all our classes- and now we never do.

I take the open seat. Mr. Newport shakes his head at me, and continues the lesson.

Jade smirks. "Mr. Perfect's late" she mumbles before sipping her coffee. This is the first time Jade has said something to me she hasn't had to in a week.

"Since when did I say I was Mr. Perfect?" I retort in whisper, leaning slightly towards her. I feel weight on my side, and then Robbie is leaning over me.

"You kinda are" he hisses. Jade rolls her eyes, still smirking.

This class had been, a bit unbearable for a while. I wasn't really friends with anyone else in the class besides Robbie and Jade, and Jade was the reason I took the class this semester. Directing was interesting to me, but I didn't want to direct. Jade did. She was the one who convinced me to take it.

"It's only a semester long" she complained.

"But why would I take 'directing for the screen'? I don't even want to direct!" I explained. Jade was sitting cross legged on my bed while I make coffee. We had a late night of studying ahead of us.

"Because if you don't take it Robbie will be the only other person in the class" she argued.

"You know," I began "there are seventeen other people in the class." She stared at me. "Seventeen people also interested in directing." She continued to glare. "That you could maybe become friends with." She stared.

"No" she stated, shaking her head before she returned to planning her scheduele. I poured the coffee into to two mugs. I brought one to Jade. She shook her head.

"Jade" I pressed, holding the coffee out.

"I don't want any" she snapped. I sighed.

"You want it."

"No I don't. Just like you don't want to take directing for the screen." I rolled my eyes.

"Fine, then I'll just put it right here" I said, placing the mug next to her. She stole a glance at it from the corner of her eye. I sat down on the bed, and attempted to organize my own schedule. After a few minutes I heard sipping. Jade was drinking her coffee.

"How about I make you a deal" she finally said, looking up from her schedule. I looked up from mine, and met her eyes. "If you take this class I will cast you in every film I make."

"Every film?" I asked with a smile. She nods seriously. "So I'll never get to be in a romantic comedy...or a family film... or have any attractive costars-"

"Male or female" she teased.

"Male too?" I questioned. It was a new addition. Jade leaned toward me and kissed me. She pulled away, her eyes inches from mine. "I'll consider it."

Her eyes widened with frustration. I laughed, and kissed her softly on the lips.

"Just kidding- I'll take it" I told her before we returned to kissing.

Now there is no more kissing. There is no more us. But for the rest of the week, we aren't friends, but we're better.