She Said No

A short story written to show everyone that I still love the amazing Sirius Black!

Summary: Sirius Black has never been turned down by a girl in his entire life. Not once. Well apparently he hasn't met a certain Ava Moon...

Disclaimer: All the characters and places you recognize are owned by J.K. Rowling*sniff*

Sirius Black was bored.

As always, he had been abandoned by his friends at promptly 7:30, so they could go have fun, while he was stuck in the Common Room.

Well… in truth, James, Remus, and Peter were all there in the Common Room with him, but Sirius didn't dare go near any of them.

James for instance, was off romancing-well trying to at any rate-Lily in some dark corner.

She had finally decided after seven years of harassment, that maybe James wasn't so bad after all.

She had allowed James one hour each day to talk to her, and Prongs had simply flipped out at the prospect.

A whole hour with just him and his lovely Lilyflower?

Nothing could ever persuade him to skip that sacred hour each day.

And you better believe Sirius had tried.


He had some very nasty bruises where the sun don't shine from trying to keep James from his bloody Evans.

And then there was Remus.

Now Remus wasn't usually the friendliest, as he was a bit shy.

Ironic, considering he was a werewolf.

Remus normally spent the majority of his time in the library, doing piles of homework, and keeping his bloody grades up.

Remus was the one Sirius found himself poking the most fun at.

And Remus barely ever stood up for himself!

Even Peter held his own more than poor old Moony!

And that was saying something!

But that's what made Remus such good mate to be around in the end.

He did most of the homework for him after all.

But when he was studying himself?

Oh no.

It was like going through one of the earlier full moon nights all over again.

It was not pretty.

Never disturb Remus while he's reading.

And of course, little Peter.

Sirius didn't even bother with Peter after dinner.

Peter would simply stuff himself at dinner, come upstairs to the Common Room, and pass out on a sofa.

It was no use to even try to wake him up.

He would probably drown you out with his snoring, or unconsciously kick you in the face.

Sirius was speaking from experience.

And that's why Sirius was bored.

Normally on occasions like this, Sirius would observe the Common Room, searching for "entertainment", so to speak.

He would zoom in on a likely looking lady, and commence flirting until one of his mates became unoccupied.

Sometimes it even resulted in him convincing the girl to come upstairs with him.

And not once had he been disappointed buy his choice.

And not once had he ever been turned down.

He was just too good looking for that he supposed.

But when his gray eyes landed on a certain Ava Moon, he had no idea that all that was about to change.

A/N: So here is my new short story that I have written after lots of thinking, in order to show everyone that I still love Sirius Black. For people who don't know, I'm currently writing a story about James, where Sirius is the villain, and a lot of people didn't like that.

So to show everyone that Sirius is still one of the best, I tribute this short little story to him!

And just BTW all the chapters will be this short... hence "short story".

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