She Said No

A short story written to show everyone that I still love the amazing Sirius Black!

Summary: Sirius Black has never been turned down by a girl in his entire life. Not once. Well apparently he hasn't met a certain Ava Moon...

Ava attempted to calm her racing heart at the sound of Remus' voice. For as long as she could remember, she had been trying to convince herself to just suck it up and go talk to him. But no matter how hard she tried, she could never quite build up the courage to break that barrier.

She deliberately stared down at the books in front of her instead of chancing a glance towards Sirius who was sure to be making some sort of obnoxious face at her. It was bad enough that they had to work on a project together, the boy she loved and the boy she hated, but now Sirius had the ability to completely humiliate her throughout the duration of it.

As a result, she felt rather than saw Remus pass by from behind her to take a seat in the chair on the opposite side of the table. What a waste of an opportunity, she thought. Rather, her mind thought. The rest of her, on the other hand, was immensely relieved that Remus had seated himself far enough away to prevent any fluster on her part.

Sirius and Remus engaged in easy conversation while Ava continued trying to calm the flush on her cheeks before looking up. In an attempt to make it look like she was just being quiet and not stalling, she began pulling materials out of her bag sitting on the floor beside her. With deliberate slowness, she pulled sheets of parchment out of her bag one by one.

This was working quite effectively until, of course, everything had to go wrong. As she was (very slowly) tugging the last piece of parchment out of her bag, it seemed to snag on something. She began pulling a bit harder without trying to release the strained grunts she was struggling to repress, but the sheet would just not come free. In a last ditch attempt to pull it out, she gave it a sharp tug.

Now in normal circumstances, and to normal people, the paper should, at worst, have torn a bit and come out. Ava, however, was as far from normal as possible and when she pulled the paper out as hard as she did, it caused her chair to fall backwards with the force of the release, along with the apparent flight of her bag which unceremoniously dumped its contents all over the floor around their table.

With a small squeal, she tipped back with her chair, closing her eyes in anticipation of contact with the ground. It never came, however, and she slowly cracked one of her eyes open only to be met with the amused ones of Sirius Black. Her attention was very quickly drawn away, however, when she heard the sweet tones of Remus Lupin inquiring after her health.

After stutteringly informing him that she was fine, she quickly jumped to her feet to retrieve the contents of her bag. As she attempted to pick everything up from the floor as quickly as possible, a hand entered her line of vision holding that darn, last piece of parchment (which was the only party unharmed in this disastrous event).

Looking up, Ava was met with the kind of eyes of none other than Remus Lupin, closer to her than he had even been in her whole life.

Sirius could not help but think how innocently amusing the two of them were. Ava, who seemed to be naturally jumpy, and Remus who was ready to help anyone in any situation. They were quite the pair, and he could not deny the amusement it brought him to observe them.

As expected, as Ava began picking up her belongings from the floor, Remus had jumped up to help. Also as expected, it hadn't occurred to Sirius that he should probably help too, but where was the fun in that. In his opinion, Ava's face was redder than the entire Gryffindor house at a Quidditch match. And that made up for any guilt he had at not trying to save her from the embarrassment she was currently experiencing.

He watched Ava as she looked up at Remus as he was handing her a piece of parchment and could not repress a small grin at the pure terror in her eyes at his proximity. He wondered why he hadn't taken advantage of Ava in the past. He had not felt like laughing this hard in an incredibly long time.

He watched them both as Ava finished placing everything back in her bag and they both returned to their respective seats. Ava was still blushing and was staring down at her hands in attempt to make it less noticeable, he supposed. Not that it was working. Remus on the other hand seemed quite pleased and was smiling amiably at her.

Sirius could not possibly imagine not getting to experience this comedy gold ever again. And it was then that a quite incredible idea came to him.

hey guys! it's been like a year i'm pretty sure but i'm back! i'm not really sure who's still here from so long ago when i started this story, but if any of you are still out there, here's a new chapter for you!

if you can't tell, my writing style has changed a bit from the previous chapters, but i've finished outlining the plot and i think this is the best way for the story to proceed. there also will not be a whole lot of dialogue until the last couple of chapters as this story is more about the observations and thoughts of sirius and ava.

i feel like it will now be a lot more apparent that this story is not as light hearted as before and i attribute that only to the fact that i've gotten older and i just can't write like that any longer with cringing at myself.

so whether you're an old reader (in that case hi, i've missed you!) or a new one, welcome! let me know how i'm doing so far! all suggestions and criticism are welcome! thanks for reading!