Elizabeth awoke to the softness of a bed beneath her. Outside her window a storm ragged, lightning flashing against the sky as rain pelted the small window. Blinking away the linger darkness on her vision, she sat up and took a good look around. This wasn't her home, that was for sure, yet the room she had been placed in was beautiful. All the walls were made of stone yet there were rugs made of fine fibers covering the floors, tapestries hung from the walls displaying beautiful designs and warm colors. The satin sheets that covered her felt warm despite the cool temperature of the room around her. Taking a look down at her person's though she was dressed in a beautiful nightgown, the color of freshly packed snow.

Rising from the warmth, she walked towards the small window on her right, watching how the lightning lit the sky and the fields surrounding her rescuers home. Squinting she was sure that she caught something on the edge of the forest but as soon as the lightning flashed again it was gone. Jutting out her bottom lip slightly in a pout she turned and further investigated the room. Right in front of her bed was a massive wardrobe and as Elizabeth opened it she was greeted with the sight of beautiful evening gowns, each in either a black or red color. Running her hand over one she let a small smile greet her lips before suddenly the door opened and she was thrown out of her musing.

Standing in the entrance was a man. He seemed kind enough, thought those almost piercing blue eyes had her on edge a little. His red hair ran down his back a little and his form was covered in an almost medieval dress. Letting a smile cover his lips, he didn't move from his spot seemingly not wanting to scare Elizabeth. Standing by the wardrobe, she tried to calm her beating heart hoping the other couldn't hear how nervous she was becoming. Clearing her throat though, she made the first move to conversation.

"Were you the one who saved me?" The red head nodded his head but said no more, sizing her up and letting those soul searching eyes take a look over her form. Shivering slightly, Elizabeth swallowed the spit that collected in her mouth before finally moving to curtsey. "Then I thank you."

"There is no need for you to thank me. I was only doing what I was needing to do. I couldn't allow a beautiful young girl as yourself get eaten or killed by the monsters that rest within that forest." Walking further into the room, the man made his way towards Elizabeth's beside and smiled. "My name is Marcus."

"Elizabeth... Elizabeth Maroni." Nodding his head, he made a note to look outside before letting a small sigh slip through his lips. Walking further towards her location in the room, he made sure that their eyes locked before he began.

"What were you doing out there Miss Elizabeth? Clearly you weren't taking a midnight stroll." Letting her eyes scan the ground below her she stayed silent for a moment. Marcus made no move towards her and he also made no move to have her talk. He was waiting for her to tell the story but what would she say? Anyone in their right mind wouldn't dare to believe that vampires existed or much less that she met a wolf that stood like a man. Thinking back to the white wolf from the forest her cheeks warmed slightly, her hand tracing the small area of flesh were she swore that cold nose was still pressed against. "Miss Elizabeth?"

"Forgive me. If I were to tell you the reason, you'd think of me as crazy." Marcus stood his ground and watched the girl as she made it clear that she wouldn't look into his eyes. What was it that she was hiding? Had something happened before he and the death dealers got there that she was unsure to speak of? Running a hand through his hair, an action not the least bit noticed by Elizabeth, Marcus sighed.

"Maybe in time you will tell me. For now, please choose a dress of your liking. You've been sleeping for a few days and must be hungry." With that Marcus was gone, seeming to be a shadow. Elizabeth looked around, noticing that the door was shut and that she was once again alone. Setting herself on the small window seat, she stared out in the darkness as the storm began to pass, the moon slipping through and allowing her the taste of its rays. Scanning the forest line she hoped to see the man from a few days before, but there was nothing. It was almost like he never existed.

Staring out for a few moments longer, she decided it would be best to finally eat and gathered a beautiful red gown in her arms, slipping it on quickly so that she would not be leaving her host waiting much longer. Though as she went for the door handle she stopped. What would be beyond that door? She was about to enter into a place she knew nothing of, a place where there was no one to guide her. Casting her fear and uncertainty aside she walked out of the room and scanned the halls. No one walked down from either side and Elizabeth grew worried. Wasn't Marcus afraid that she was going to be wandering the halls of his own castle?

As she slipped down each corridor, Elizabeth took in the sights, never meeting anyone that she passed eye to eye. What she had observed that was like Marcus, almost everyone there had that same pair of soul searching eyes. Reaching a crossroad, Elizabeth tried to decide which way she would go next. A few people milled about, rushing past in order to complete their duties. Hearing a few chuckles she noticed the group of vampires that she hand run into. The same ones that had her fleeing to the forest.

Shocked and scared that they would finally have her as their meal she escaped down the left hand corridor, opening the door and slipping inside in hopes that she would loose them. Feeling eyes on her, she turned and was greeted by the sight of a huge stone room. Straight towards the back of the room sat one lone chair, rising high above the others. Around standing in a half moon shape on the floor were six others, Marcus resting right in front. Beside him was another man, older looking with long black hair much like her own. Upon her entry, Marcus turned and addressed her.

"Miss Elizabeth, forgive me I'm afraid I never did assign anyone to show you around. Its a wonder how you found the counsel room." Shaking her head, she curtsied for the others before taking each one in at a time. There were only three women there which had Elizabeth calm but it was the men that almost scared her stiff. "Come in, wont you?"

Taking a few steps forwards, she heard the door behind her open. Turning her head, she was greeted with the sight of the vampire leader who had chased her down. Bowing towards the elders, he took a deep look at her before turning and standing beside the large throne on the left. Noticing the way Elizabeth seemed to shy away from the guard, Marcus could only imagine that she knew him in some way.

"Is something the matter miss Elizabeth?" Taking another look at everyone around her, the pounding of her heart grew faster. They weren't human, none of them. It was clear as day to her now. Taking note of how frightened his guest looked, Marcus walked forwards lightly, not wanting to spook her.

"Maybe now you'd be more inclined to tell me exactly what happened?"

"I... I was being chased..." The others in the room grew quiet now as Elizabeth made sure her eyes never moved from that one spot on the floor. Her eyes brimmed with tears as she remembered the pure fear that raced through her veins. She could almost feel the wind as it blew her hair back, the sound of her horse's nostrils taking in large gulps of air as he galloped faster and faster. "I never meant to... I never meant to stumble in. I only wanted to know what it was like outside the village limits..." Marcus waited patiently as did the others but the meaning behind her words were confirmed to them all. They all knew that a girl had stumbled upon a feeding and the guard that had entered only a few minutes before had chased her in hopes of shutting her up.

"Please go on." A female voice spoke out and had Elizabeth looking up at into the caring eyes of one women there. Nodding her head she fidgeted some before continuing on with her story. She recalled each sensation as she spoke, making sure that they knew each and every detail. When it came to the clearing she almost stopped. Would she tell me them how close she was to becoming food? Shaking her head she told them all of her surprise.

"That's when I saw them. I saw glowing eyes in the forest, I heard the growls and before I knew it my horse was gone and I was alone. I remember the fear. I remembered the stories that my village would tell to the children and I punished myself for thinking that I was brave enough to leave the village. That's when I saw him..." A blush rose to her features as she thought about those eyes, the loneliness that filled them.

"Who did you see Miss Elizabeth?" Marcus' eyes hardened slightly. He had seen William standing in the tree line as they left. Was it him that she saw? If so why did he not attack her? Why was she spared? Thinking back he remembered the slight whine that he heard echoing through the trees as Elizabeth was taken away.

"I wouldn't say it was a who... for I known not if he had a name. I remember hearing a larger growl and the others began to back away. Then something entered into the clearing. It looked to be a wolf but I knew he wasn't. He stood on two legs much like a man, yet he would at one point always come back down on four legs... I was scared but... at the same time I wasn't." The other were strangely quiet as Elizabeth finished. So William had been there. He had been so close to this girl and yet she was alive, no mark in sight. The others looked towards Marcus' direction as he nodded his head.

"That creature you saw is William. He's the first of his kind, bitten by a wolf long ago. He is also my brother." Meeting Marcus' eyes, Elizabeth's went wide. This man standing before him was brothers with the creature that she met in the woods? That would explain why the wolf was much bigger then the others yet knowing his name for some reason made that lonely look come back to life. He was once a man. He knew what it felt like to be lonely.

"Your brother?" Walking towards her Marcus placed a hand on her shoulder.

"You are very lucky that you made it out alive Elizabeth. Anyone who is bitten by my brother becomes what he is, unable to take a human form ever again. Surely you saw others there? You must have seen those that looked like they were once human?" Nodding her head, she was unable to speak anymore. "My brother is a monster ruled by his instincts. You are lucky that I arrived before he had hurt you."

Turning towards the others he addressed the woman who had spoken earlier. Stepping forward she placed a hand on Elizabeth's shoulder and soon lead her away from the others, making sure that her attention was off the elders. Elizabeth looked towards the woman, noticing the softness that resonated from her. Many they passed in the halls bowed towards her as they walked.

"You are lucky, as Marcus says Elizabeth. Here, through these doors is where you'll be given something to eat. Afterwards I'll lead you back to your room.
Despite having just risen you've had a long day." Smiling, Elizabeth curtsied towards the woman before entering through the doors. Sitting in front of her was a large dinning area, though it almost seemed unused. A fat woman bustled around one seat, setting a plate and silverware before rushing over and sitting Elizabeth down. Amelia, as Elizabeth soon found out, sat with her though ate nothing as she asked simple questions about where she had once lived and who her father and mother were.

Upon realizing how far away from home she really was, Elizabeth soon lost her appetite and was walked back towards her room. Her poor mother and father must have been worried sick that she was no where to be found. All in all they probably though of her dead. Thinking of this, Elizabeth grew sad, tears wanting to escape but she held them in, not wanting at all to seem weak in front of the other.

As the door to her room closed, Elizabeth headed straight towards the window seat again, hoping to catch a glimpse of the man from the woods. As she looked out the full moon rose over the lands and she was greeted with the sight she had been longing to see though the man's image as soon replaced by the wolves. A howl broke from the forest as he paced back and forth, looking her direction as if actually seeing her. Something caught in her chest. It wasn't the fear that she felt before it was something different. She wished to run down there, to see those startling eyes again and hope to catch any other emotion that William may have had.

She sat there for hours, watching him through the window as soon the sun began to rise. Watching as the world lit up, Elizabeth soon realized that William was heading deeper into the forests now. Sadness filled her chest as a hand went to the window, hoping to catch his attention before he left. Looking up, she saw William staring in her direction before letting out one last howl.


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