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Elizabeth was bored, plain and simple. During the days she had free roam through the castle and yet she always seemed to find herself back in her room, staring out the window. She'd watch the clouds roll buy, enjoying the feel of the sunlight upon her skin. Closing her eyes, she'd daydream of vast lands filled to the brim with flowers of all shapes and colors. As her thoughts would escape her though, she would suddenly be drawn back with realization that she was stuck in the castle.

Marcus upon her fourth day among his home, had told her he would allow her to return home but of course that came with the strict warning that they would have to pass through the forest. With the sudden rise of wolves in the area he would always seem to advise against travel. Not that Elizabeth was complaining much. It was the only place remotely close to William.

His name rolled off her lips once more, her eyes drawn to the forest line in hopes of just a brief glimpse of the one that occupied her thoughts. Every night so far, since her arrival, she had been greeting with his image and never once did he leave her thoughts. Most would think her mad, a young woman her age dreaming about a monster. Yet something deep inside of her kept bringing up those linger emotions in William's eyes.

After a week of being held prisoner almost among the castle grounds, Elizabeth grew tired. Gathering the rolls of her midnight blue gown, she quickly exited her room, gliding down the halls towards the entrance of the building. Maybe if she hurried she might be able to reach the forest line before nightfall. Of course that meant sneaking around a few human maids and some of the castle guards, but that was not going to stop her from her quest. As she finally reached the castle gates, a voice rang out from behind her.

Turning, with innocence upon her face, Elizabeth was greeted with the site of her personal maid, honor of Marcus. Letting a small unheard sigh escape her lips, she let a forced smile grace her lips. As the maid approached she hoped to find an easy exit, but spotting none she was forced to stand still.

"Miss Elizabeth you shouldn't go out there! If Master Marcus was to find out, he'd surely be angry, not to mention those horrid monsters are still out there. Please wont you come inside for some tea?" Shaking her head, Elizabeth stubbornly stood in her spot.

"It's alright Milly. If Marcus asks it was entirely my idea. I can't stand to sit around in the castle any longer and no amount of tea or fittings for dresses will have me change my mind." Walking forwards she placed her hands on Milly's shoulders and smiled. "I am grateful that Master Marcus has allowed for me to stay here, really I am, but I can't just sit around anymore. You need not worry about me, I promise I'll be fine."

The sun was beginning to set, the sky turning a orange in hue. Cursing under her breath slightly, Elizabeth began to realize that soon she would not be able to exit the castle grounds. Making her way towards the stables she saddled up and readied for her trip. Of course Milly was behind her every step of the way, words deaf to Elizabeth. She understood what was out there now, thanks to Amelia and Marcus' teachings, but that wasn't going to stop her any longer. Fear was not going to hold her still.

The horse she was to ride neighed in anticipation, clearly wanting to be free of his bounds. Running a hand down the pure white muzzle, she soon mounted the stead and took off, knocking back a few human guards that tried to stop her. The feeling of the wind whipping through her hair had a true smile rising to Elizabeth's lips. She could always remember the time her father would ride alongside her, laughing and pointing out directions to make sure they never traveled too far. The memories that bombarded her brought tears to her eyes, but she soon wiped them away, tried of crying.

The forest loomed in the distance as she slowed her horse to a stop. Taking a quick look around she hoped maybe that she's ketch the glimpse of eyes within the forest but nothing moved, not even the birds perched in the trees. Swallowing her fear, she urged the horse forwards, taking her time. Taking a small look back towards the castle she noticed the darkness beginning to spread and could only imagine how Marcus and the others were going to react to her leaving.

As she entered the forest, something inside her grew restless. She wished she could return toward to small little sanctuary that she first met William in, but unfortunately she had been gone from the living world and did not know from which way her saviors came.

Walking further into the confines of the forest, she noticed that nothing seemed to stir. It almost seemed that no life existed there but thinking of this only made her realize that the hairs on the back of her neck were standing up. There was something watching her for sure, whether it be William or one of the infected, she knew not. Daring herself to keep her eyes open to in front of her, she squeaked at the snap of a branch to her left. Holding the reigns tightly she never looked as she continued forwards. By the time night had fallen, the moon shinning above at only half luminosity. It gave her a small window of sight but it wasn't enough and soon she felt the sting of a wound upon her cheek. Raising a hand she wiped away the blood and continued on.

What seemed like hours later, Elizabeth stopped her horse, a small stream up ahead providing the relaxing sensation for both of them. Gathering some water in her small hands, she was about to take a sip when something caught her eye. Letting the rest of the liquid escape her fingers she stood, eyes wide as the roamed the form of a man resting on the other side of the stream. He was around six foot maybe, give or take a few inches and his hair was as white as snow. His eyes were pure white as well yet something familiar made Elizabeth stare. Nothing was said, neither of them moved as they just took in the sight of each other.

Finally Elizabeth shook herself out of her musing and let her eyes drift from the man. Blushing she realized how daft she must look. Taking a peak up at the man again though she noticed the slight tilt of his head, almost in wonder or confusion. Gathering her courage she opened her mouth to speak but knew not what to say. Suddenly a howl broke through her thoughts as her heard the nervous breath of the horse beside her. Taking a glance around in the darkness she tried to keep the fear from creeping through her bones. That's when she finally noticed the white wolf standing there.

With his head titled towards the sky slightly, Elizabeth watched on his fascination as it seemed William was listening to the wind's whispers.

"William..." His head whipped around to look at her, almost seeming to be shocked at her words. Her hands tightened together as she watched him, waiting. She only hoped this time that if Marcus has sent someone to find her that they would grant her just a few moments longer with him. Rising to his full height he let out a howl to the surrounding forests before finally moving away from Elizabeth's form. "William!"

Halting in his tracks, Elizabeth felt his gaze as she moved closer towards the bank. Her foot sloshed in the water slightly as she tried to calm her beating heart. What was she to say? He was there, waiting for her to speak and yet she found her tongue tied, unable to complete a sentence much less a word. She begged with her eyes for him to stay but soon he turned and ran through the tree line, darkness swallowing his form. Letting her hands fall to her sides she let a sad sigh slip through her lips. She was a fool.

Gathering the reigns of her horse, Elizabeth soon took off in the direction she believed the castle was. The entire journey seemed to drain her energy and seeing William began to bring about unknown emotions from within her chest. This wasn't friendship, for if it was they both would have had to be on friendly terms. Taking a glance back, Elizabeth hoped to see his white form again but nothing reached her eyes, only the many trees that gathered. Shaking her head for the small pain that arose in her chest, her eyes came back forwards only to be met with the site of a low hanging tree limb.

As soon as she could register what was about to happen the branch smacked her straight in the forehead, knocking her off her horse who soon disappeared into the darkness. Raising a hand to her forehead, she felt the warm sticky sensation of blood before her eyes began to close. Right before she fainted a form appeared in her vision but as soon as it appeared her eyes closed and sleep took her.