Percy Pov

I pushed the big house door open and was instantly greeted by a blast of much needed, very beautiful cool air. Could air be beautiful? I'm sure Annabeth would say no but i didn't care. I had just taken a run around camp and god! The sun was burning so bright outside its a wonder how i didn't get sun burned. I didn't care what logic Annabeth had today air was beautiful.
I made V-line straight for the kitchen and grabbed two bottle of waters. The first one i chugged and the second i pourd over my head. It felt amazingly good streaming down my very bare, very burning chest.

"God Percy your getting water all over the floor." Thalia said walking in. She dodged the water sprayed on the ground so she could get farther into the kitchen.

"Sorry Thals but im burning up." I said running a hand through my hair.

"I'll say." A smalll un-known voice said. I turned around and found three girls. All of them looked to be about 19 or so and they were triplets.

"Um...hi. I said awkwardly."

"Hey yourself." Said one of the other girls giving me a flirtatious look.

"Uh...Thals...?" I said whipping my head to her. She smiled at my uncomfort. Being a rockstar i was use to the occasional girl flirting with me and everything, but i was with Annabeth and with Annabeth...i didn't know how she'd react. Sometimes she handles it with ease...and other times...I traced over the scar on my forehead left from the book she had thrown. I knew knowledge was hurtful!

"Meet Tatia, Katia, and Natia." Thalia introduced the three girls. "They are the newest act Olympus records has signed, Hades asked me to talk to them about how life is on the road and all of that stuff. Girls this is my a-dorkable cousin Percy."

"Hi ladies." i said giving them an awkward wave.

"Hey can't Percy talk to us? Give us a few...pointers on being a sexy rockstar god." The way Katia looked at me made me want to put on a full body suit topped over with ski clothes.


"Easy there Katia," Annabeth said walking into the room. She had on a pair of blue jean shorts and a black Minie mouse tank top. Her hair was pulled into a neat high pony tale and my heart did gymnastic flips at the sight of her. She walked over and placed a gentle hand on my shoulder. "this one's mine." She gave me a wink which i returned with my own Jackson famous smirk.

"Don't you forget it." I leaned down and kissed the top of her head.

"Go take a shower." She said whipping sweat off her hand. She got closer to me and whisperd lowly and oh so very sexily, "I'll be there in a second." Annabeth has always been pretty forward with me she was very comfortable saying whatever with me, but after high school...man!. The girl gave me a run for my money back in junior year but now she was bleeding me dry. A sly smile crossed her lips as she took in the stunned look i wore.

Thalia must have heard because she rolled her eyes. She'd gotten use the occasional exchanges between Annabeth and I.

"I-" my voice came out mighty sqeaky. "ahem- I will be waiting." I gave the others a nod.

"Bye girls, Thals."

"Bye!" The triplets said in unison."

"Later cuz." Was Thalia's reply. Turning on my heels i went through the halls until i came to Annabeth and I's room. Technically i really stayed in the 'Apollo' cabin' because as Piper so graciously put it would be highly unreccomended that we leave teens alone in a cabin unsupervised. I split my time between there and here especially when annabeth and i need...alone time. I started the shower up and got in immidiately. On a hot day such as today the appropriate response would be to take a cold shower but i know Annabeth hates cold showers and im almost sure she might be joining me, so i put it on warm. I replayed her talking to me in that low sexy voice in my mind and smiled. Oh yeah she's coming to join me.

I poured some of the Axe body wash my mom got me onto a towel, and started washing over myself.

"You started without me." A pouty voice said and i jumped. Annabeth stood peeking through the front of the curtains with an amused smile on her face.

"Eh...you were taking too long."

"Oh. Well i guess since you don't need me anymore i'll just go into the city with Thals."

"Don't even think about it." Before she could move i picked her up, easily by the way, at her waist and pulled her into the shower, clothes, flip flops, and all.

"Ahhhh!" She said from the sudden burst of water running down her. I laughed and gave her the biggest grin i could mannage through laughter.

"Now that you're here do you mind washing my hair?" I said holding out the shampoo to her.

"No problem." A sly grin spread across her lips and she took the bottle from me. She squirted the shampoo all over my chest. Some of it popped up into my eyes and stung like hell.

"Ah shit!" I said stumbeling until my back touched the coolness of the shower wall.

"Shit!" Annabeth said dropping the bottle. She reached forward to me and touched my face. "Percy are you okay?"

"Yeah just dandy, shampoo feels amazing."

"Here." She pulled her shirt up and over her head revealing her sexy well toned slim stomach and the red lace bra she wore. suddenly i wasn't feeling so much pain. She grabbed the corner of her shirt and used it to go over my eye. She dapped it, whipped it, had me put water on it, and then dapped it some more. "Do you feel better?" I looked down at the beauty in front of me. Her gray eyes were full of concern. She had one hand perched on my shoulder while the other rested on my chest right between my pecks.

Reaching up i pulled her hair free from the pony and watched it cascade around her. Her hair had become eceptionaly long and now heavy with water it flowed probably to her belly button. "Suddenly I feel great." I ducked down and captured her very soft lips into a kiss. Instinctively she brpught her hands too my neck and i wrapped mine around her waist. We stumbled backwards to where she was stuck between me and the wall. We were also under the direct hit of the shower water but we didn't care. as the water drenched us i only continued kissing the woman i loved. Unfortunately we didn't get to enjoy our time long because there was a bang on the door.

"Hey Perce have you seen Annabeth?" Nico's voice called in. "Rachel said they were going to go over some plans." I groaned releasing annabeth but she pulled me back. She started kissing on my neck.

"Ignore him." She said, her breath tickeling my skin. I produced a satisfying shiver. I didn't have to be told twice. But of course it wasn't that easy because soon after another bang came on the door this time the voice belonged to Jason.

"Hey Perce man it's your time to regulate the swimmers."

"Fuck!" I groaned. Annabeth had started to kiss down my colar bone to my chest.

"if you don't get out im comng in." He said.

"Your bluffing." I said. Wrong choice of words. He and Thalia might not look alike but they were siblings, because he called me on my bluff just as quick as she would have. The door slammed open and i heard the jingle as he started to pull back the curtain.
Annabeth straightened instantly and i threw a hand out to stop him.

"Alrigth, alright." He stopped moving and i stuck my head out to see the victorious smile on his face. Nico stood back by the door smirking. "Hand me two towels off the rack." I said gesturing with my head. Jason looked confused but tossed me green and orange towels.
I passed the smaller one to Annabeth since she was indeed smaller then me and all she needed to cover was her top half.

"What you need one just fro your hair?" He teased and both him and Nico began laughing. Their laughter came to an abrubt stop when Annabeth through the curtain back. They starred in shock. I stood behind her with my towel wrapped around my waist. Annabeth stood directlly infront of me holding the towel tightly wrapped around her uper half.

"Hey guys." She said cooly stepping out. The guys looked back at me with raised eyebrows.

"What, i needed someone to wash my back." I said with a smirk. I pushed them out of our room so we could get dressed.

"So," Annabeth said throwing a purple shirt ovevr her head and pulling on a pair of white shorts.

"Another time." I said stated the rest of her thoughts. A smile spread acrossed her face.

"Oh yeah!" One i'd gotten dressed ina pair of black board shorts a white muscle shirt and an unbottoned white shirt over it we left the room. Leo, Thalia, Rachel, Piper, Jason, and Nico were sitting on the couches watching Katie, and the Stolls play Mario Kart.

"Ooo guys yo just got owned." Beck said from his spot against the wall. Everyone laughed to the Stoll's defeat.

"Yeah well Katie cheats." Travis grummbled.

"Oh honey don't be salty its very unbecoming." She patted his cheek and walked away. Silena noticed us and gave a sly smile.

"Enjoy your morning shower?" She asked. Everyone turned their attention onto us.

"Well we were but these annoying little bugs kept interrupting." I gave a pointed looks to my dear cousins which they ignored.

"You ready Annie?" Rachel said standing.

"Yeah lets go." Annabeth gave me a quick kiss on the cheek.

"And i'm headed out for swim watch, anyone want to keep me company?"

"In that heat?" Chris laughed.

"Yeah sorry perce." Piper said giving a shrug. I sighed slipping on my shades and grabbing a water bottle.

"You guys suck!" Was the last thing i muttered to them as i exited the Big house and ventured into the dreaded heat. Out at the lake many of the campers were swimming and hangign around. Some stod in the sand playing football, others watched, others were tanning. The football came flying my way but the sun was bright and i lost it in the light. I found it again but only righ tbefore it made impact with my chest. If i wasn't so well built now that would have hurt a hell of a lot worse than it did now. Groaning I leaned down to pick up the football. Frank, Clariesse's younger brother, came running up.

"Sorry Perce man." He said. "It would seem Dakota has a knack for hitting people with footballs." He threw over his shoulder.

"Sorry!" Dakota yelled from his spot back. I threw the football back to him. Frank let out a low whistle.

"Nice arm? You ever play?"

"Nah I was swimmer and nothing but."

"You want to toss a few with us?" He asked. I remember when i fisrt met Frank two summers ago. He was an arrogant, cocky, some what mean, talented son of a bitch. you can't really blame him for that though. I figured this much so when i learned he was Clariesse's brother sharing the same crazy agressive father. Frank now and Frank then were so much differn't. He was still some type of cocky and very talented but he wasn't mean, or arrogant. I've seen him around with the newest addition Hazel. She's a really sweet girl Annabeth took her under her wing. With Hazel was around Frank change for the better, and whenever Frank was around Hazel seemed to light up like a kid in the candy store. This oddly reminded me of Nico and the way he was with Racehl, he seemed to be less emo. Although he argued he wasn't emo at all.

I contenplated on if i should play with the boys and choose against it. "No thanks man i should probably be keeping a look out." Frank wasn't listening to me though. His attention was otherwise occupied. His jaw was tight and his fingers clenched. Whatever had his attention was pissing him off. Following his gaze I looked farther down the beach. Hazel was sitting on a towel near the water talking to a group of guys. i recognized all of them from the specials group. They had banded together and formed their own little boy group they called Intense.

They boys were sitting with hazel drinking sodas and talking. One of the boys, Derek must have said something funny because they busted into laughter. Derek reached out and pushed some of Hazel's her out of her face. Yeah idiot move on his part. I could see anger rippeling off Frank. Hell i would be too of someone had done so to Annabeth.

"I'll see you later Percy." I heard Frank mummbled starting forward.

"Hey, hey, hey." i said stepping in front of him. "I understand but get it together. No fighting outside of the ring, you know it results in serious punishment.

"Fine if it comes down to it we will get glooves and do it there now can i go?" I looked himover once before releasing him to pass." He stomped away to the group kicking up sand in the process.
One way or another this wouldn't end well for Frank. I kept an eye out making sure nothing got too exciting.


"So she take one look at her and goes A- man-da, I get it. "

"So your telling me she really thought your sister was-"

"Uh-huh!" Derek grinned and we all broke out laughing.

Gwen had suggested we go out and swim today like nearly most of camp. She even talked me into wearing the purple bikini i so stupidly packeded. It's not that i didn't think i looked good in it, it's that i was never all about showing tdo much skin. After uch coaxing though i wore it and when we got out here Gwen so awesomely forgot she was supposed to be doing a one on one with Thalia today leaving me alone. At first i jst sat an dwatched the guys toss around the football but then Derek, Roland, Chase, and Braddy showed up. I was familiar with them from the specials group and they friendly enough, plus Derek had helped me with a certain situation earlier and i was very greatful. I invited them to join me and they'd doen exceptional at entertainign me.

I was laughing hard with tears and started to tipp over so i put a bracing arm out on Derek's arm. Derek steadied me and gave a smile. "You good Haz?" He asked using the nickname he branded me with.

"Fine. Thanks!" Derek pushedsome of my hair out of myface and I grew stiff. I wasn't a strannger to this gesture it was only done by, family memebers, or guys that were about to or at least thinking about kissing you.

"Uh..." I pulled back. "So have you guy done any new songs?" I asked.

"We got something new in the process actually trying to put together a video for it." Chase said.

"Video? Thats cool!" My eyes light with excitement.

"Yeah we need cute girls that look stunning in swim suits." Derek said. "Care to be the lead dancer?" I knew this was another one of derek's flirting attempts. He was to the core a flirt. I didn't really speak much into it but with every line i was getting warrier and warrier.

"I'm a terrible dance." i said deflecting the question.

"You body moves pretty good to me." He said giving me a charming smile that i do admit was oh so very cute but it didn't faze me. Braddy's face suddenly turned worried and her nudged Derek. Derek threw him a look but Braddy only made a gesture past him. I followed the gesture direction and saw Frank coming over. His brown hair whipping in the wind and his chisled features hard. Ah...hell some thing tells me he saw Derek's so obvious flirting attempts. Immidiately i stood to meet him.

"Hey bae!" I said with extra enthusiasm.

"Hey." He said only looking at me for a second. Wrapping an arm possesively around my wasit he looked to the other guys. "Got a little party going?"

"We were just keeping her company while you guys played with your balls." Derek said cooly. I could feel Frank's muscles flex with annoyance. Frank looked down at me.

"What happened to Gwen?"

"She had a mentor, mentee thing its no big deal. The guys were good company."

"Yeah I bet they were."

"Is there a problem Zhang?" Derek asked standing.

"You know damn well what my problem is Derek." Frank said starting ot losen his grip on my waist. I wrapped my own around his to keep him from moving forward like he so badly wanted to.

"Listen man i was just being nice." Derek held his hands up in the air. " I helped your girl out earlier today and we were just chatting now."

"Oh really? And what could you have possible help her with?"

"Clothes." He said with sly smile knowing he had hit a nerve. "It would see someone thought it to be funny if they took Hazel's clothes and all the towels while she was showering."

"What?" Frank's head snapped to me.

"She was in there for fifteen minutes debating on what to do. As you know the girl bathing chambers aren't far from the cabins but it was still a distance to cross naked wouldn't you think?"

"You ran from the showers naked?" Frank asked me.

"No!" My face felt hot. "i'd been screaming for someone to help but everyone was at breakfast. Luckily Derek was walking by. He heard me got me a towel and a shirt of his. Which i will get back to you asap."

"Keep it." He said. "It looks better on you." Frank tensed again. I shot Chase a pleading look. It wasn't hard to see Frank was close to losing it.

"Hey Kev and the others are getting a volleyball game together lets hit it up." He said.

"Yeah sounds cool." Derek said agreeing. He shot me a smile. "Bye Haz." When he was good distance away that i was sure Frank wasn't going to running after him i released my hold.

"You need to stay away from him." Frank said suddenly.

"i'm sorry what?" I said looking at him.

"Stay away from Derek."

"When did this becoem a father daughter relationship? I thought this was a boyfriend girlfriend thing."

"It is-"

"So where do you get off telling me i can't talk to anyone?"

"Not anyone, Derek."

"Derek's a friend." I said crossing my arms.

"Derek's no good." Frank scowled. "I'd bet he was the one that took your clothes in the first place. "

"Why Why would he do that?"

"I'll give you one guess." My face heated again. Frank was starting to seriously aggrivate me. A little jealousy was adorable but this all out anger was just annoying. "You haven't known Derek as long as i have i know his tricks."

"He didn't do it!"

"How do you know?"

"Because it was -" I stopped myself.

"It was who?" Frank asked.

"No one." I said gathering my things quickly. "You know im suddenly not in the mood to swim anymore." I speed walked all the way back to the cabin with Frank hot on my trail.

"Why won't yo utell me who it is?" Frank asked. "I can help. Just tell me and i'll take care of it." Pushign the door to the Apollo cabin open i turned to him.

"The only thing you could do to make it better would only make me feel worse."

"What?" He asked looking genuinely confused. I pushed the door to my room open and found Gwen there she was angrily standing over a messy mound of clothes thrown ascue around the room. I noticed it wasn't just her clothes thrown about but mine were also joined into the mix.

"Who what happend here?" Frank asked but his question was annoyed.

"I just cleaned up the writing on the door this morning now i have to deal with this bull!" Gwen said angrily. "Seriously this has to stop."

"Wait what's goign on? Has someone been messing with you for a while?"

"You didn't tell him?" Gwen asked.

"There's nothing he could do about it." I said beggining to pick up the atricle of clothes.

"Well i might if someone would tell me." He said.

"For the past month little miss Rey Rey has been putting Hazel and me through hell."


"Yeah at first it started with just a few dirty looks but then she started fucking up stuff."

"Is that who took your stuff while you were in the shower this morning?" Frank looked angry again.

"Wait what?" Gwen turned her attention on me.

"It's nothing."

"It's not nothing. We have to do something."

"And we will btu right now i kind of have soem thign else to deal with if you can't see it." I gestured around the room. Frank's gaze softened.

"I'll help." He said but i held up a hand.


"No?" He questioned.

"No?" Gwen questions.

"Why not?"

"Yeah why not?" Gwen said. "There are pletny of clothes to go around." I ignored her.

"Right now im kinda pissy with you so i need you to be somewhere not here." Gwen looked between the two fo us.

"Are you two in some type of fight?"

"No." We both said but our tones so obviously said a differnt answer.

"Okay..." She said going back to her clothes.

"You know what fine." Frank said throwing his hands up. He stomped away and i heard the slam of the cabin front door. No soon after Reyna's room door swung open and the devil herself stepped out.

"Uh-oh troubl ein paradise?" She said ina mock tone. Gwen's head snapped to her direction so fast it was amazing it didn't fall off. she was beyond furious i could see red in her eyes. Not sure if that was anger or blood. she started marching to the door.

"You little Bi-" I slammed the door closed before Gwen got out. "Come on Hazel i just want to talk with her." i snorted.

"Yeah with your fist?"

"I do my best talking that way." i rolled my eyes and got her cleaning again. It took about fourty five minutes to the room back to its original spotlessness. Gwen's kind of OCD! After cleaning we went to the fighting arena and did some punches on the bags. Letting off steam on unanimated objects had turned out to be very helpful we ended up there all the way to dinner. We went and showered and joined everyone at the dining pavilion. After grabbing some food we went over to our usual table. The guys weren't here yet. I haven't spoken to Frank since earlier and it was really eating at me.

"We have to do something thing about that girl." Gwen said dropping next to me.

"I know." I sighed.

"You can't let her keep doing this."

"I know."

"I mean the first three times was bad enough but now-"

"I know Gwen. Believe me i know. Reyna has it out for me becase she takes it i stole Frank from her which i might have sort of did. And im sorry about that but-"

"Sorry?" Gwen asked. "Girl don't be sorry you have nothing to be sorry for. "

"But Frank-"

"If Frank came to you the way he did that means he wasn't even hers to have stolen. Be sorry for nothing."

"Speaking of sorry i have quite of bit of it to say."

"Frank." I whipped around and saw Frank. After a shower he had changed into a button down purple and gray plaid shirt and cargos, at least i assumed it was after a shower because he smelled of Old spice body wash. Dakota stepped out from beside him and gave me an acknowledging nod before going to Gwen's side.

"Will you come with me?" He asked exteding his hand to me. I looked back at Gwen who just shrugged at me. No help what so ever that girl was. I stuck my hand out and let Frank guide me away from the dinning pavilion. We were headed torward the lake.

"What are you doing?"

"Apologizing properly." He said giving me his adorable grin. When the dock came into view i lost my breath. Set up was a candle light picnic. Walking closer i saw the candles werent candles but jars full of fireflies. Frank bent down and opened the basket. "I've got Subs italian for you just the way you like it, Pepsi, sweet potatoe fries, and chocolate covered strawberries.

"Wow!" I said still realing from just the fireflies.. i mean there were a lot of jars it must have taken hours to catch all of them. "You didn't have to do all of this."

"Yeah i did." he took my hand. "I was acting like a bafoon earlier and i'm sorry."

"Why did you let him tick you off so easily?"

"You really didn't notice the flirting?"

"Oh no i noticed, i ignored."

"I just couldn't help it. It's one thing to hear the guys talk about you bt it's a total different thing when they make advances on you."

"Whoa, whao hold up there. di dyou say the guys be talking about me?"

"Well yeah you and all the other girls, but after seeing you at the lake in your swim suit, a lot of you."


"Because your a knock out thats why." He said smiling. He motioned fro me to sit an dhe slid me my sub.

"i listen to girls say how cute and sexy you are but i don't go all she-hulk girlfriend on them."

"It's different."

"What because im a girl?"


"Thats not sexist at all." I said rolling my eyes playfully and taking a bite of my sub.

"It's not just them calling you cute it's them taking notice to certain things."


"Like...certain parts of your anatomy that is very pleasing to the male eye." I stopped midbite and looked at him. He must of thought i was confused because he went into frther explination. "Your ahem chest area attracts the male attention as well as your lower half under your back."
My face was on fire. I couldn't believe what i was hearing. I'd never been an idiot. I knew i had fairly good size chest and equally good sized butt to match. Compared to alot of the girls my age back at foster care,y chest and but were bigger. The girls would say it was the black half of me that contributed that. The other half...well i wasn't exactly sure my other half was becuase i'd never met my father.

"No i get that im just...shocked."

"I don't understand why. Hazel your gorgeous and if you could hear half the things the guys mutter when they think i can't hear you would think it a miracle that hadn't killed someone yet. "

"Okay subject change please." I said. We continued on eating and talking. When we were finished we laid back close together looking up at the stars.

"Why didn't you tell me about the Reyna thing?" He qestioned and I shrugged.

"There was nothing you could do to stop it."

"I cold talk to her."

"Thy only thing she demands for this reign of terror to stop is that we break up." I said glancing at his face trynig to see his reaction. It twisted into a scowl of annoyance.

"She can't be serious? Bullying you out of our relationship is her game."

"Pretty much." I said.

"Well looks liek we have to find another way to deal." He said. "Im not planning on letting you go anytime soon. "

"I kind of get where she's coming from."

"Yeah delusions."

"She's hurt, angry that i took you from her. I think what she wants most of all is for me to say im sorry."

"First off you didn't take me from her, i was never hers and you don't need to say sorry. If anything you should be saying your sorry, your not sorry!"

"Hey guys." Gwen and Dakota walked up.

"Dinner over already?" i asked.

"Yea everyone is off doing whatever until campfire later." Dakota said.

"What you gguys doing?"

"Star gazing, disuccing ho wi should be sorry im not sorry at Reyna."

"That hurt my head." Dakota said while Gwen let out anoise suspeciously similar to a growl.

"Please no Renya talk i'm already going to be forced ot deal with her later at the campfire." Frank suddenly shot up.

"Thats it." He said. "The frist step to getting back at Reyna her weekly camp fire performance she things we all desperately want."

"what we sabotage?" I asked.

"It would be a sham eif hse tripped over a lose board and took nasty fall off stage." Gwen said with an evil glint.

"No lets take it away from her completely and put it in the hands of the one person she cant stan dthe most." The three of them all looked at me.

"I can't do camp fire. Friday night camp fires are for orginal songs only and i haven't written anything new lately."

"Not a problem." Franks said. "Gwen you got any new tracks?"

"Mixed a whole disc fresh this morning." She said proudly.

"See, we've got the tools we need."

"How long until camp fire?"

"About three hours." Dakota answered.

"Yo want to write a new song in less than three hours?"

"Yep, why not we've done it before."

"Ooo the look on her face when she see's you going instead of her, oo i'll need a camera." They already began planning. Eh...what the hell.

"Alright lets give it a shot. It wasn't has hard as I'd imagine it would be. Apparently those special group meet ups and one on one time with Annabeth had paid off. We had spent the last hour writing the song before Gwen and Dakota went to go make the arrangements.

"Beast!" Frank said grinning at me. We had gone over the song really quick to make sure

we had it down. "You did good Annie jr." He joked and I blushed.

Thanks, I couldn't have done it without you."

"Nah." He shook his head. "You could have." Frank leaned in and instinctively I did too. Our lips were inches from each other when I was suddenly yanked out of my chair and being dragged away by my arm.

"What the-" I tried hard not to trip over my own feet.

"Sorry you have exactly ten minutes so we are changing your clothes quickly." Gwen said as she continued dragging me away. "You too Frank." She yelled back over her shoulder. Gwen quickly and firmly I might add, brought me to our room and threw clothes in my hand. "Dress now." She said then left.

"Love you too!" I said chuckling a bit. I looked over the articles in my arms and was satisfied. She picked out a red shirt with various cuts in it on the sleeves and above my chest area, enough to be sexy but not too much to show anything. I thought back to what Frank had said back at the dock and I sighed. If you got it flaunt it! I could practically hear Gwen saying.

My pants were simple, black jeans that fit like tights. She also put out a pair of black combat boots and a black leather jacket. Despite being summer it got pretty chilly out here at night. I saw Gwen's red YOLO beanie and decided to put it on. It was one of those rare moments when my hair was straight thanks to the efforts of Gwen, and I never got to wear beanies often so I thrived at the thought. Once I was dressed I looked myself in the mirror and was very pleased. I looked hot!

"You ready?" Gwen busted back into the room. She had changed too but nothing too. She had one a white graphic tee that said Life in big bold black letters and a hello kitty looking bow on the L. She also had on a pair of black glasses what had a bow on the side of it to match the shirt. She had on black jeans that looked suspiciously like the ones I couldn't find and a gray leather jacket. "Nice touch with the beanie!" She noted. She let her hair fall out of its ponytail and slipped her black headphones around her neck. She looked just like a Dj it made me wonder if she planned to look this way.

"Lets do it!" I said walking out the room suddenly full of some confidence I had no Idea where from. Everyone was making their way to the amphitheater where it was usual at.

"Whoa looking good Haz!" Derek had suddenly appeared next to me. I gave him a small smile. I acknowledged how uncomfortable me talking to Derek made Frank and although I didn't like him telling me who I could and couldn't talk to , I had to be sensitive to his man ego. No matter how stupid it was.

"Thanks Derek." I said trying to keep conversation to a minimum. He had no plans of that though.

"Why are you all..." he gestured around me. "dressed up? Is it to piss Zhang off?" His smile widened, if even possible, at the thought of Frank being angry." I hope Zhang didn't throw too big of a fit all because of me." I got the feeling that Frank having any loss of control because of Derek would make him feel very self achieved. " I mean i'd hate for him to miss out on how good you're looking right now."

I turned sharply to face him. I think he thought i was going to kiss him or something because his face looked smug and he gave his lips a quick lick. Ugh as if. I opened my mouth to tell him off when my gracious boyfriend cut me off.

"Don't worry Derek I didn't throw anything," Frank and Dakota met us at the side of stage. Franks slipped his arm around my waist. "and I'm not missing anything either."

"If you don't go join your friends though you might be." Dakota said giving him a fierce look. Derek quickly took the hint and walked to sit with his friends.

"You look great." Frank said turning his attention to me.

"You don't look too bad yourself!" He wore a gray shirt that had black designs on it, some dark jeans, black and gray Addidas, and a Obey snapback.

"Well it seemed someone decided my black shirt and cargoes just wouldn't do." He gave Gwen a pointed look which she promptly ignored. Pushing forward she went through the stage side door. From where we were we wouldn't be visible to anyone that wasn't backstage.

Backstage was dark, which wasn't a surprize, the only lights were these wall lamps spread around. There was enough for us to navigate and find anything we needed. Unfortunately it was also enough light to find everything we didn't; meaning the one and only , thank God, Unholy Trinity.

"What are they doing back here?" I hissed lowly. They still hadn't spotted us, too busy checking make up. Reyna was wearing a pink one shoulder shirt and a black fluffy like type skirt, Thing 1&2 wore black shirts with silver designs, very pink pants, and silver looking Pandora hats.

"I thought you were having the stage manager tell them they weren't going on tonight?"

"Well at first I was but then I thought about how much joy seeing their shocked, and angered full faces would bring me and I chose that." I looked at my best friend and gave her an incredulous look.

"Your evil." Dakota said giving her a grin. she leaned in close and ran a finger under his chin.

"Let me catch Michelle Michaelson flirting and playing in your hair again and you will see just how evil I can be." She turned on her heels and walked away. Dakota's grin fell.

"Oh dude!" Frank laughed.

"I told you she wasn't flirting she just wanted to see how soft my hair was." Dakota yelled after her.

I snorted. Boys could be so clueless sometimes. Gwen stopped walking and looked back.

"Oh she was totally flirting with you." I rolled my eyes at him. Joining step with Gwen we went farther back stage to find Leo, the guy in charge of the tech stuff. We had to find him so we could get our mics. Drew looked over and her eyes widened at the sight of us.

" I see 4 losers that don't belong." She said drawing the attention of Reyna and Lacey. Lacey looked almost happy to see us but the emotion quickly vanished and was replaced with attitude. Truthfully Lacey wasn't bad but for some reason she goes along with what Reyna wants. Speaking of Reyna she was glaring at me as per usual.

"So you finally learned how to count, good for you!" Gwen said.

"Sorry kids no autographs." Reyna said giving us a smug look. "If you're good though I might let you watch from backstage."

"There you guys are." From across the other side of Reyna and the clones Annabeth and a Hispanic elf looking guy were walking up.

"We've been looking for you." I assumed the guy was Leo.

"Sorry we were just going over some vocal-"

"Your turn tables are all set and your wired into speakers so great Mt Olympus will hear you!" He grinned devilishly as they passed Reyna and the clones up to get to us.

"Sweet!" Gwen grinned like the tech freak she was. Leo pulled out two wireless mic packs. He clipped the packs to me and Franks pants and put the headset in our right ears.

"When Gwen told me you were going to go on tonight I was very pleased." Annabeth said to me. I tried hiding the blush I knew that was creeping up. What can I say, even after all this time i still blush when Annabeth gives me a compliment.

I shrugged with all the coolness I could muster. "It was a last minute thing."

"Oh you're the young skywalker to Annie's yoda!" Leo said.

"Don't call me Annie." Annabeth hissed at the same time Gwen made a comment about Star Wars sucking. His attention turned to her. His eyes looked her over and she raised an eyebrow at him.

"Yes little Spanish elf?" She said.

"It's nice to meet you Gwen." Was all he said.

How did you-"

"Leo is Thalia's boyfriend." Annabeth clarified.

"Yeah lightening queen said she found her mini me, a girl name Gwen with an attitude and tongue as sharp as hers."

"Aww she really said that?" I rolled my eyes at Gwen's fake aww.

"She also said you're a good dj."

"Something you will witness tonight." I said and Gwen high fived me.

"Okay hold the hell help!" Reyna yelled. For a second I forgot she was there. "Why are you micing them and not us?"

"Hazel and Frank are going on tonight." Annabeth said. She looked down at her watch and her eyes widened. "Correction three minutes. I'm going to get everyone settled down." She disappeared behind the curtain.

"Come Thalia jr i'll show you to the turntables." Leo motioned for her to follow. Raging with fury Reyna stepped in Gwen's way.

"This is undermining bull shit Gwen!" She said. Reyna was roaring with anger and glaring intently at all of us.

"We'll if you're good maybe Hazel will let you watch from backstage." She said in the same tone Reyna used earlier.

"Yep definitely Thalia's mini." Leo said pulling Gwen along. Once Gwen walked off Reyna strolled right up to me.

"What the hell foster care?" She said. I flinched at the foster care comment. "You know tonight's my night."

"We'll you can spend it out there with everyone else." Frank said. Reyna leaned in closer so I could only hear.

"I'd thought after everything you'd get the idea by now that I am the head over here and I can either be a valuable Asset or a horrible enemy. If you think your life has been hell now, I'm going to send you to Tartarus."

"I'm surprise you know what Tartarus is." I said in all genuine honestly.

"You'd be surprised by what I know."

"Yeah well what I know is there is nothing you can do that is going to make me back down. In fact with every threat I only want to do it more."

"You're going to regret this. When I'm done you're going to be begging for forgiveness. You will be sorry." A small smile creeped to my face and I could see the curiosity peak in her eyes.

"I will not, am not, nor do i have anything to be sorry for."

"Your on!" Annabeth said walking back from on stage.

"In fact i have everything I need to say right here. Pay attention grasshopper."

(sorry by Naya Rivera and big seanN)(Hazel,Frank)

The music started and in his deep voice Frank started talking.

S-O-R-R-Y, S-O-R-R-Y, S-O-R-R-Y, S-O-R-R-Y

His voice came out sounding some what metallic like I don't know I couldn't really describe it. Then again half the things Gwen is capable of doing with her laptop and turntables are hard to describe. As what Gwen called the beat drop came around Frank held the curtain back for me.


I said stepping onto stage, and whoa! The whole camp was out there.

I'm not sorry,

When they saw me a ripple of cheered sounded. That plus my stage fright and all of the staring eyes made me cringe internally. Apparently I might have done it externally too because I felt Franks hand on my back gently and subtly pushing me forward. Until I was center stage.

Cause I've been rollin' round,
Shut it down, lady,
Bagged him up,
Now he's my baby


suddenly a bunch of girls and guys I recognise from dance came sliding onto stage. Girls from the left guys from the right. They met behind me and started dancing together.

From Franks face I could tell he didn't expect this either. I looked over at Gwen who gave me a mischievous grin.

I'm not sorry,
Yeah you had your fun, now it's done, crazy,
You're looking at his number one lady.

S-O-R-R-Y, S-O-R-R-Y, S-O-R-R-Y, S-O-R-R-Y
Yeah you had your fun, now it's done, crazy,
You're looking at his number one lady.

Frank got pulled over with the guys and the girls came to stand behind me. It was five of them and they stood to where we made a pyramid, sort of like bowling pins.

S-O-R-R-Y, S-O-R-R-Y, S-O-R-R-Y, S-O-R-R-Y
Yeah you had your fun, now it's done, crazy
You're looking at his number one lady.

I don't really know much about you,
But it's clear you know my name.
So I guess all I can tell you,
Is that I don't have much to say.

Me and the girls stood together like I was talking to someone and they were my friends having my back.

If you used to be the one,
Well I don't know shit about it

I don't know shit about it
one of the girls behind me echoed giving a neck roll for attitude effect.

But I know you're mad about it.

The girls pointed at the guys and I followed their lead making a come here motion. The guys sauteed over and paired up. Frank, of course, came to stand behind me. He put his hands around my waist and turned so my head fit in the crook of his neck. I also had my arms wrapping around his neck.

He loves the way I put it down

Leaning into him to support myself I slowly slid down, and ran my hands down from his neck too his abs, until I was in a low as can be squat. Wolf whistles and louder cheers sounded from the audience. I caught Annabeth's face and I could see she was caught between amusement and disapproving, the older sister kind.

Starstruck on what he found.
You wishin' that it played out different,
Frank's hands clasped over mine.
Yeah I know it sucks, girl, I'm so…

Swiftly he pulled me back standing and I pushed him in the chest away from me So he was back in with the guys, who then proceeded to dance.

Sorry, I'm not sorry,
Cause I've been rollin' round,
Shut it down, lady,
Bagged him up, Now he's my baby.

when the girls started dancing I just sort of stood there and sang then together we made our way to the guys.

Sorry, I'm not sorry,
Yeah you had your fun, now it's done, crazy,
You're looking at his number one lady.

I took Frank's snap back off his head and spun it around on my finger as I walked away.

S-O-R-R-Y, S-O-R-R-Y, S-O-R-R-Y, S-O-R-R-Y
Yeah you had your fun, now it's done, crazy,
You're looking at his number one lady.

S-O-R-R-Y, S-O-R-R-Y, S-O-R-R-Y, S-O-R-R-Y
Yeah you had your fun, now it's done, crazy,
You're looking at his number one lady.

Frank looked at me expectantly waiting for his hat to be tossed over. Smiling slyly and backing away was my response

Now you're showing' up at his house,
Lookin' like a hot mess, honey
I think it's time for you to cut it out,

Since I refused to send it back Frank came after me. With a small running start he went into a series of flips until he was by me.
when he landed he snatched the hat from my finger and put it back on his head.

Tryin' to save you from lookin' funny.
I guess until you find somebody,
You're hashtaggin' pity party!

The boys all got in a line side by side opposite of us girls.

All I gotta say is I'm so...

They all started dancing pulling out their best tricks.

Sorry, I'm not sorry,

Cause I've been rollin' round,
Shut it down, lady,
Bagged him up, Now he's my baby.

Backing back into line the motioned us to take up their challenge. I looked back at the girls and made a finger motion telling them to follow me.

Sorry, I'm not sorry,

We did twirls out until we were directly in front of the guys. We danced around them pushing them back into circle. We did some moves before doing a quick dip.

Yeah you had your fun, now it's done, crazy,
You're looking at his number one lady.

You are now rolling with the all time high,

Frank started rapping and everyone went wild. He did some of those guys handshake-whatevers things with the two dudes beside him before stepping out of line, forcing me to step back as well.

never satisfied
Forever getting paid off what money can't buy.
A-Always in the streets, youda thought I scared of heights,

Frank kept stepping forward so i kept stepping back, that was until i tripped over something, well almost tripped over something. Frank grabbed my hand and spun me into his chest to where i was facing the audience. He did this all without anyone ever noticing i tripped might i add.

Oh, my girl's so fine that you scared to tell her (Hi)

He slipped his hand over mine and held it up making me open and close it in hi. Then he stepped away from me and was joined by some of the guys. They stood with him as if he was talking to them about me while they checked me out. The girls came over and stood with me and we all made it it look as if we were uninterested.

She an all-around 10 like a high five,
And we ain't fall in love, we skydived.
I always get off when she's on
She's there I'm gone, I call her mine she call me home
And I love her quarter G, quarter freak,
Quarter Puerto Ric, quarter sweet.
Honolulu luau on the beach, South of France

Frank left his boys and came over to me. He took my hand and pulled me to him. He rested his hands on my hips and i on his chest.

Me and my Mona Lis, bon appetite mon ami.

Yeah i know it sucks girl
Sorry, I'm not sorry,
Cause I've been rollin' round, Shut it down, lady,
Bagged him up, Now he's my baby.

Sorry, I'm not sorry,

Cause I've been rollin' round, Shut it down, lady,
Bagged him up, Now he's my baby.

Sorry, I'm not sorry,
Yeah you had your fun, now it's done, crazy,
You're looking at his number one lady.

S-O-R-R-Y, S-O-R-R-Y, S-O-R-R-Y, S-O-R-R-Y
Yeah you had your fun, now it's done, crazy,

You're looking at his number one lady.

S-O-R-R-Y, S-O-R-R-Y, S-O-R-R-Y
Yeah you had your fun, now it's done, crazy,
You're looking at his number one lady.

I leaned into him and he wrapped his arms tightly around me.

Amber Brittany Tiffany,
Sorry he belongs to me

S-O-R-R-Y, S-O-R-R-Y, S-O-R-R-Y, S-O-R-R-Y

Heather Ashley Stephanie,
It just wasn't meant to be


The music stopped and the audience was bursting with cheers. I glanced up at Gwen who was beaming with excitement. She was loving this dj thing way too much. She saw me looking and gave me a thumbs up. Frank picked me up and gave me a kiss once we were backstage.

"You killed!" He said excitedly.

"No you murdered!" Dakota said in correction.

"We did great!" I said.

"You damn right we did!" Gwen said walking up.

"You stole the words right out my mouth." Thalia, Percy, Annabeth, and Leo came up.

"Yo Thals you liked the track?" Gwen asked.

"Loved it!" She said and they high fived. Gwen unlike me wasn't as shy around her idol. She was as loose as can be when it came to Thalial, almost as loose as she is with me. I hoped i'd get there with Annabeth, i'm actually starting too, once the whole fangirl part wears off.

"You two were like magic!" The red head girl, Rachel said walking up with Nico. "Reminds me of two others." Percy gave Annabeth a knowing wink to which she rolled her eyes at, but smiled.

"Well i mean we are the best, but don't rub it in." Leo said jokingly as he pulled the mics off of us. Nico gave a Leo an amused look.

"You're delusional bud." He said. "That was good though." Nico said now to us. I think that was the first compliment i got from him. "Looks like Annie is really grooming her successor."

"Don't call me/her Annie." We both said. I looked at Annabeth and blushed a little while everyone including us started laughing. I became a habit correcting Frank and Dakota when we had conversations involving Annabeth. I had to constantly tell them she doesn't like being called Annie.

"Next thing you know she'll be telling us what the square root of pi is." Rachel said. Before i could help myself the answer sprouted out of me.

"1.77200451466935." Everyone looked at me open mouthed especially Gwen.

"Dude!" She said.

"Is that right?" Dakota asked and everyone looked at Annabeth. She smiled and nodded.

"I like school." I said with a shy shrug.

"Yeah she's wise girl's prodigy alright." Percy said swinging his arm ver Annabeth's shoulders.

"I know right!" Annabeth said smiling widely

"Two Annabeth's?" Leo said touching his chin. "Somehow that isn't a comforting thought."

"I'm surprised you were able to think." Nico said joking.

"Hey not to much Death breath!" Thalia said while everyone laughed.

"So our friends, we're going to watch a movie in the Big House you guys are welcomed to join us." Rachel said then glanced at Annabeth and Percy for confirmation.

"Do you scare easily?" Percy asked with a sly grin.

"Me no, Dakota...he screams like a girl." Frank said.

"Hey that was one time. It was dark and they came out of no where."

"It was during sunset and they were a bunch of 5th graders."

"Dressed like clowns!" He said in a duh tone then shivered. "I hate clowns." Everyone laughed and Gwen ran a hand over his back.

"My boyfriend everyone the big football player."

"Movie sounds cool!" I said confirming that we were in.

"Follow us tweens!" Rachel said.