Smallville Redux

Chapter 2

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The night was silent filled only with the sound of insects in action. It was peaceful as was expected within a town called Smallville and just about everyone was at rest. One person however was not hidden within the high branches of a tree. He sat crouched with a video camera in hand watching as Lana Lang entered her room just arriving from the Homecoming dance with her new tiara in hand. Closing the door behind her as she entered she moved over to a nearby dresser and deposited it within a drawer inhabited by several other tiara's and awards before closing it. As she stood from her bent over position and turned to face her bed she was surprised by the sight of a golden colored box sealed with a blue ribbon. Removing the ribbon and opening the box she was surprised yet still delighted as a group of butterflies came flying out. Outside within the tree the figure who was no more than a teen boy smiled as he shut down his camera and began his climb down the tree. It wasn't long later that he was walking down the darkened road his only company being the plants and creaking insects before he reached his green Volkswagen Bug.

Arriving at his home the young man silently walked through the door and peaked around the corner of the living room. The light of the room revealing his face to be somewhat pasty his forehead littered red with pumps and he wore a pair of somewhat large oval shaped glasses. What had his attention was what was playing on the TV, this being a recording of Lana and Whitney both seemingly unaware that they're time was being spied upon and recorded.

"Is this what you do with your time now Greg?" The voice came from his mother who had somewhat short black hair and wore a pink blouse, grey pants and pearl earrings and holding a few more tapes in hand.

"Where did you get those?" questioned Greg as he entered the room fully.

"Where do you think? In that hole you call a room." Said the mother.

"You had no right to go in there." Said Greg.

"Boy you've got a lot of nerve talking to me about privacy. I am in the Garden Club with Lana's aunt. How am I going to face Nell knowing that my own son is going around videotaping her niece?" said the woman.

"Is that where you were tonight?" questioned the woman.

"No." lied the teen as he moved over towards the table grabbing the remote and turning off the TV.

"I was out collecting." Finished the teen.

"Two disgusting habits." Said the woman with a frown.

"Insects aren't disgusting Mom." Said the teen causing her to approach him.

"Look what has become of you Greg. This isn't you." Said the mother waving the tapes for emphasis.

"People change." Claimed Greg.

"Really? Monday morning I'm phoning Claremont Military Academy." Claimed the mother.

"Yeah, right." Said the teen dismissively.

"No, Greg. I've had it with your behavior; this time I'm making the call." Informed the mother shocking the teen briefly.

"Hey, who's going to take care of my bugs?!" questioned the teen to his retreating mother.

Getting no answer he himself headed up to his room which was littered with tanks holding bugs. Hitting the lights on one particular case revealed several butterflies within it that flew around the cramped space for a few moments before settling down. Reaching into his backpack he withdrew a new jar containing fireflies which oddly enough held a green glow to them. Not long later he was once again on the road with his car loaded up with bugs that he was in the process of transporting elsewhere. A deep pothole had him swerving across the road causing the jars to fall and shatter releasing the bugs which quickly began to swarm him.

He flew over the fields of Smallville taking in the vision that they held to offer in the parts of the town that had not been converted for human convenience. Eventually he found himself flying through an opened window before he began to hover over the form of a sleeping Lana her blankets covering all but her upper torso which was covered by a sleeveless white night shirt. Smiling to himself at her rather peaceful expression he was surprised when her eyes suddenly opened and zeroed in on him.

"It's all your fault Clark." Said Lana causing his expression to instantly change.

In the next instant her eyes had closed once more and he could hear another voice calling his name. His eyes and mouth opened wide in surprise and as he awakened in the real world he found himself falling face first into his bed breaking the metal frame that supported it.

"Clark we're leaving for the farmer's market in 15 minutes and you haven't done your chores yet." Came his mother's voice from down the stairs.

Not even an hour later found Clark helping to set up a booth for his parents within the farmer's market. Chloe and Pete were also there helping out even with the major bombshell he had dropped on them the previous night. As he went about putting up a sign post with Pete he took a quick look around and seeing no one looking quickly pushed the nail in with his thumb, getting Pete to shake his head still in a bit of disbelief.

"All hail the homecoming king and queen." Said Chloe causing Clark to look up to see Lana and Whitney and for them to see their small group.

"Clark! I didn't see you at the dance last night." Said Lana

"Oh I was, a little tied up." Said Clark staring Whitney in the eye an action not missed by Lana.

"Hey, congratulations. That was one heck of a game. I haven't seen an offense that good since I played." Said Jonathan as he made his way over shaking Whitney's hand.

"Thank you Mr. Kent." Said Whitney

"I'm gonna get the rest of the boxes out of the truck." Said Clark dismissing himself from the equation

"I'll help." Said Whitney following after him.

"Kent." Called Whitney jogging to catch up with Clark.

"You realize last night was just a joke, right?" questioned Whitney as he caught up. Clark said nothing however and seeing this Whitney placed his hand on his shoulder causing him to stop and look down at the appendage.

"I need that necklace back." Said Whitney.

"I don't have it." Said Clark looking him dead in the eye.

"Look, it's Lana's favorite so…" started Whitney only to be cut off.

"So then you'd better go out to that cornfield and find it." Said Clark before walking off

Back within the market Lana was admiring a hanging glass butterfly when a figure appeared behind her.

"Beautiful, isn't it?" Said the figure causing her to turn quickly. The figure was none other than Greg Arkin, although he had changed quite a bit. Whereas before he had quite the nerdy appearance he was now clad in black shirt, pants, and opened leather jacket. His brown hair was swept back out of his face, the bumps had miraculously vanished and his glasses had been abandoned.

"Greg! Hey I didn't recognize you without your glasses." Said Lana

"You know the average butterfly only lives for eight hours." Said Greg reaching up to finger one causing Lana to duck down and take a step back.

"Live fast, die young. They're the rock stars of the insect world." Said Lana with a smile.

"Hey, Lana I was wondering if you could help me out with my Lit paper."

"The assignment giving you a brain freeze?" questioned Lana

"Yeah, it's kicking my ass." Said Greg.

"Sure, okay." Agreed the girl.

"Cool, how bout my house, after school?" questioned Greg.

"Library might be easier." Said Lana

"It's a date." Said Greg after a moment causing the girl to slowly nod.

"Lana, your aunt's looking for you." Said Whitney as he walked up from behind Greg causing her to nod and walk off. Once he was sure she was away Whitney placed a hand on his shoulder and leaned in.

"Hey, bug boy, do me a favor and quit tailing my girlfriend." Said Whitney before beginning to walk off.

"You afraid of a little competition Whitney?" questioned Greg not even turning to face him causing the quarterback to stop mid walk and turn back

"Where not in a competition, Greg. But if I find out you've been leaving butterflies in my girlfriend's bedroom you'll know about it." Said Whitney before walking off.

"Yea, well just remember; sometimes you're the windshield, and sometimes you're the bug." Said Greg to himself quietly.

Elsewhere within the market a little later found Clark holding a barrel of apples and looking up just in time to see Lana and Whitney kissing before the quarterback drove off.

"Well can't knock your taste in women." Came a voice shocking Clark causing him to turn to see Lex standing beside him before reaching in the barrel to snag an apple.

"Gonna tell me what happened last night?" questioned Lex.

"A stupid prank." Said Clark placing the barrel into the bed of his father's truck making a bit of a show of him straining with it.

"You were tied to a stake in the middle of a field. Even the Roman's saved that for special occasions, you could've died out there." Said Lex.

"Look I appreciate your help; I just want to forget it ever happened." Said Clark not liking the memory in the slightest.

"Hey Clark what is the hold up, son." Said Jonathan as he placed his own burden within the truck's back.

"Mr. Kent, it's good to see you." Said Lex extending his hand which Jonathan shook.

"Come on son, we gotta finish up." Said the farmer before walking off.

"Okay dad." Said Clark

"At least I got a handshake this time." Said Lex causing Clark to shake his head before walking off.

"Clark, you sure you want to be getting all buddy-buddy with that guy?" questioned Pete quietly as he joined him at his side.

"Everyone deserves a chance Pete." Said Clark.

"Just remember the guy's a Luthor." Said Pete.

A bit later found Whitney driving down the road back towards town. He flipped through radio stations idly until he finally managed to find one that he liked. Suddenly he looked up as he heard something land atop the roof of the truck. He went wide eyed as he watched the roof cave in as repeated hits struck it, the sounds of contact repeatedly echoing out. In the next instant the driver's side window shattered and he jumped pulling on the steering wheel and sending the truck tipping over to its side while the car itself slid for several more feet as fire began to break out. This was the scene that greeted the Kent's as they drove up and slid to a stop. Hopping out of the car Clark wasted no time in running over and ripping the windshield right out in order to pull out the quarterback. His actions were just in time as the flames reached gas and the entire truck exploded



The calls of the Kent parents went unanswered as they hurriedly ran around the wreckage to find the teen crouched on the road. As he placed his hand on his son's back Jonathan recoiled as it was engulfed in heat. However this it seemed snapped the young teen back into reality as he looked up at his parents who could only breathe out relieved air as their muscles relaxed.

Back on the farm Clark held his wrist as he looked over his hand. Nothing was different with it, no scratch or even a light burn. In all honesty it still amazed him what his body was now capable of compared to what he knew others were capable of.

"Whitney's gonna be all right. He's got a couple of cuts and bruises, but nothing serious." Said Jonathan coming up from behind and breaking the teen from his thoughts.

"Does he remember anything?" questioned Clark.

"No. Just that something smashed his truck and he woke up in the ambulance." Answered the elder.

"You need to talk to mom, I think I really freaked her out this time." Said Clark after a moment.

"You also made her really proud, Clark." Retorted the father surprising the teen.

"Dad something else happened this morning. When I woke up, I was kind of floating." Said Clark

"Floating?" questioned Jonathan getting a hesitant nod from the son.

"As soon as I woke up I crashed. I don't even remember anything like this from the vision." Said Clark.

"Well then this is a new one for both of us."

Lana smiled as she climbed down off of the horse she'd been riding and moved to lead him into the stables. Riding was her favorite pastime, something that let her escape from the rest of the world and just bask in the freedom of the world. Her rather tranquil expression however was quickly replaced by a startled one as a new voice made itself known.

"Your form's good, but his gait's off. You might want to check his shoes." Turning to the voice she was greeted to a young man she'd never seen before.

"Lex Luthor, I'm a friend of your aunt's."

"Sneaking up like that, you're lucky you didn't get kicked." Said Lana walking past him and into the stables.

"You must be Lana. It's a pleasure to finally meet you." Said Lex

"We've already met." Said Lana without even looking at him.

"I seriously doubt I'd forget meeting you." Said Lex.

"You were a little preoccupied at the time."

"I get the feeling I didn't make a great first impression." Said Lex.

"When I was 10 I went to Metropolis for a riding competition. Your father invited us to stay over, my aunt said you had an indoor pool. I went to check it out and found you and a girl skinny-dipping. I think you were teaching her the breast stroke." Stated Lana as she removed the riding harness from her horse taking it over and placing it down on a wooden beam.

It had taken him a while but Clark had managed to break away from his parents both of whom had left to head back into town. He himself had taken the opportunity for what it was to get some other things done and as such had used his super-sped over to Miller's Field. It had taken him longer than he liked to come here but he had needed to wait just a bit so that he could learn to control his abilities. Though he didn't remember everything about his vision he remembered his powers, how they were initially triggered and how to actively control them. It had initially took a lot of concentration to actively trigger the various abilities but after a week of work he'd been able to summon them all at will. Now as he stood alone on the field his eyes scanned everything around him as he stood engaged in x-ray vision.

It took him well over an hour to find what he was looking for but eventually he found it buried nearly twelve feet deep. Shovel in hand he made his way over and made quick work of digging into the place thanks to his super-speed. Finally after a few minutes of work he found what it was that he'd been looking for and picked it up. In his hand he held a dark grey octagonal disc with strange symbols decorating it. Dusting the dirt off of it he slipped it into his pocket and made quick work of refilling the hole and once that done he was gone in a blur.

Clark didn't return home for nearly another two hours having stopping by the mansion and played a few games of pool with Lex. While there they had talked about things that interested most young men sports and girls. Lex had also presented him with Lana's necklace which was held within a fancy looking led box that he'd stated had once belonged to St. George. It was as he finally returned home and entered his loft that he encountered a surprise finding Lana standing on the upper deck and looking out through his telescope. For a moment he just stood watching her as she was bent over slightly so that she could look out through the lens looking perfectly at ease in his domain. In the next instant he was looking upon another scene it was still Lana only she looked a bit older her head was thrown back as she straddled his lap as his mouth feasted on her neck. A pair of hot points stood out on his chest and it took him a moment to realize that she wasn't wearing a shirt or anything at all actually and her bare breast were pressed into his chest.

Almost as soon as the vision came it passed and a familiar sensation came over him that made him take several deep breaths in order to stop his heat vision from flaring. Looking down and away from her in order to calm himself he found he was still holding the chest with her necklace inside it. For a moment he thought about tucking it away but Lex's words from when he was presented it came back to him.

'Hand it to Lana. Tell her what happened. Trust me, once she opens it, you'll win her heart. That necklace gives you the power. All you've got to do is use it.'

The words and the vision he'd just had fueled him and gave him a bit of courage to make his next move.


The sound of her name being called pulled the girl's focus away from the telescope as she was greeted to the sight of Clark making his way up the stairs pausing only briefly at the top to sit a case down atop the wooden railing of the staircase.

"Your mom said I could wait here. I hope you don't mind. This is an amazing place" Said Lana stepping away from the telescope slightly so that she was fully facing him.

"My dad built it, calls it my 'fortress of solitude.' Said the teen.

"I didn't know you were into astronomy." Said Lana moving back over to the telescope with a smile.

"It's a hobby." Said Clark with a shrug.

"You know you can see my house from here." Said Lana

"Really." Said Clark a bit of nervousness seeping into his voice as he reached over and turned the telescope away from that angle. As she looked up at him the small quirk at the corner of her lips to him that she was amused.

"You know we've lived a mile apart all our lives and you've never come over." Said the young man.

"And you're wondering what I'm doing here now." Finished Lana

"Not that I don't enjoy the company, but it's a surprise." Stated Clark

"I found out about what Whitney did to you, the whole scarecrow thing and I came to apologize." Said Lana.

"It's not your fault, just forget about it." Said Clark easily.

"I can't. He had no right to do that to you and you turn around and save his life." Said Lana.

"I appreciate you coming over but you're not the one who should be apologizing, besides I'll get him back soon enough." Said Clark.

"I didn't come to defend him. I came here to see you." Said Lana.

"Who told you?" questioned the teen

"Lex Luthor." The answer was so obvious that Clark could only smile as he looked away from her.

"Dropped some bread crumbs and I followed the trail. I'm glad he did, Clark. He was just being a good friend. You're lucky, it's rare." Said Lana

"Well Lex is definitely one of a kind. What are you going to do?" Said Clark causing Lana to smile before she sighed.

"I'm not sure. I thought I knew Whitney. Now I wonder what else I've been blind to in my life. He even lost my favorite necklace." Said Lana placing a hand up to her chest.

"Can't you get it replaced?" questioned the young man only for her to shake her head in the negative.

"This sounds kind of weird but it's made from a fragment of the meteor that killed my parents. Nell had it made, gave it to me the day that she officially adopted me. Told me that life is about change; sometimes it's painful, sometimes it's beautiful. But most of the time it's both." Said Lana before looking up at him.

"I'd better go." Said Lana moving to exit the loft before stopping at the top of the stairs and turning back.

"I'm glad you're ok Clark, but just out of curiosity, how do you plan on getting back at Whitney?" questioned Lana.

For a moment he debated on the answer to that question, whether he should go through with it or not. His mind dominated mostly by his dad's fears told him one thing, however his instinct told him to do the opposite, that this one act would go a long way to changing things. In the end instinct won out and he moved over to the box he'd set down when he entered.

"I have a skeleton key something to open the door for what I want most and also serve as a good form of payback." Stated Clark picking up the box and handing it to her taking several steps back as he did so.

"What's wrong?" questioned Lana seeing him take those cautious steps away.

"I suffer allergic reactions to what's in that box. Things like that make me incredibly weak and could kill me if exposed to it for too long. That box is made of led and it's currently shielding me from those affects. Go ahead open it." Said Clark.

Surprised at this admission Lana opened it being careful to keep the top up so that the led casing was still shielding Clark. What she found inside caused her to gasp as she beheld the small green stone attached that was her necklace. All at once everything that she knew about Clark came rushing back like how he would always fall over himself without fail whenever he'd gotten to close to her, yet now she realized that it was actually her necklace that was affecting him. On top of this she was also quite smart and was quickly able to come up with the meaning behind his answer to her earlier question. The necklace was a key and he'd just used it to unlock the door to her heart the only question that remained now was if she would let him in. The answer to that came quickly as she closed the box and overcome with emotion pulled him in for a hug. For several moments they simply stood there holding each other before finally she released him and took a step back.

"Good luck, Clark" The words came out of her mouth before she even realized it and surprised both of them. Still she smiled up at him sincerely before she turned and left the smile never leaving from her face. Neither of them knew it but she would never wear the necklace again.

Once he was sure Lana was gone he immediately headed into the house finding both of his parents in the kitchen with his dad in the process of making a sandwich. As she saw him enter the room Martha got worried seeing the serious look in her son's blue eyes.

"Clark what's wrong?" questioned the worried mother.

"It's time I made some sense of these visions." Said Clark.

"You had another one, what did you see?" questioned Martha only for Clark to blush and look away.

"How about we not talk about that one and say that we did." Said Jonathan getting a grateful look from his embarrassed son.

"So how do you plan on getting these answers?" questioned Jonathan easily changing the subject of inquiry.

"It's time to activate the ship now that I've got key." Said Clark pulling out the key and flipping it in the air like one would a coin before catching it.

"I guess there's just one more piece you need." Said Jonathan before leaving the room.

He returned shortly and in his hand he held within his hands a wrapped bundle. Inside was a rectangular shaped device which started off with a metal casing but ended in what looked to be crystals until it tapered to at the end.

"I was able to grab this from the ship before it closed. No idea what it does but I think now is a good time for you to have it."

Nodding his thanks the teen led the way as the small family of three moved out of the house and entered the storm cellar. Moving over to the ship he placed the key into the octagonal slot immediately the ship began to glow with a golden light before the wave shot outwards from it washing over all of them before the ship slowly opened. Seeing it open Clark placed the last piece he was holding into the only empty slot in the interior for a few moments nothing happened and then a scroll of characters began to flow across the ships interior, fortunately in this case Clark could not read it as with his upbringing he'd have freaked out if he knew what it said.

"Kal-El fear not my son. I am Jor-El your father, or rather I am his memory, his will. I am to fulfill his purpose and guide you all the days of your life. You are the last son of Krypton."

"If that is true then I need your guidance now. I have been having strange visions almost as if I'm having prophetic dreams but what I remember is fragmented. I need to make sense of them." Stated Clark

"My effectiveness is not yet at 100% Kal-El, but I will do what I can to help, remain still."

After the voice spoke a white light shot out of the ship and Clark soon found himself encased within it. Within the enclosure Clark saw everything playing out before his eyes once more, every success, failure and heartache. He saw new allies be made, friends turn to enemies and enemies become friends. The actions of nine years of trials and tribulations played out for him to see, yet he wasn't the only one for Jor-El connected to him as he was also saw what he did and as such shared in the experience. Everything even things that Clark hadn't been consciously aware of the two had witnessed. Finally the light died down and vanished altogether and Martha and Jonathan were quick to rush to his side.

"Was that all real?" questioned Clark.

"Yes. It seems while on the brink of death you were somehow able to use the Book of Rao to send your memories back to your past self. The transfer had not been purposeful however and that is why the memories you received seemed fragmented. We will use this to our advantage however Kal-El and change things for the better." Stated the voice

"But changing the past has consequences, you said it yourself." Said Clark.

"Indeed. However you did not physically travel to the past. Instead your older self's memories transferred to your current self and as such it is not tampering with the past. No lives must be exchanged for that of Jonathan Kent's."

"What are you talking about I died, how?" questioned Jonathan.

"You died of a heart attack. Such a thing will not happen this time however. Kal-El it seems that in my zeal to prepare you for the future ahead of you I have made several errors in judgment as I did not take into account your human upbringing. While my choice of parents for you was successful your experience growing up here has given you several negative character flaws which I had not anticipated." Stated the AI

"Wait we were chosen to raise him? Why us?" questioned Martha.

"During my time traveling in my journey to manhood like all those of the House of El, I came to visit Earth. Here I met a man by the name of Hiram Kent who helped me, a stranger without asking of anything in return. During my short time with him I found him to be a man of great character, and when it was determined that my wife and I would not survive our planet's destruction I made the decision to send Kal-El to be raised by people that would give him those same characteristics. For that you have my thanks, the both of you. However I must now ask you both to take a step back it is time that Kal-El begin his own trials. Feel free to offer whatever guidance you feel you must but it is time that he lives his life."

At the words there was a part of Jonathan that wanted to deny such a thing. However he did not as a man he knew that Clark would have to live and make his own decisions and be responsible for the outcome of those decisions that was something all men must do. His son was special however and he knew that one day his choices would affect the entire world and he could not shield him from such a thing.

"Kal-El I will not try to remove you from your life. However we must begin your training if you are to avoid your fate, your destiny is too great and we must take advantage of this chance to change things for the better."

"I understand. I know you never meant for me to conquer this world you sent me here to protect it." Stated Clark

"Indeed however before we can begin your training in earnest there are several task you must accomplish. First and foremost you must stop the one called Greg Arkin at the moment he should not be that far gone. Afterwards you must ensure that the caves stay out of Luthor hands. However before that I would advise seeking out Carter Hall, if you move quickly you may be able to save his wife."

"What about the stones?" questioned Clark

"We will wait to retrieve the stones until this summer. You will be busy with your training and school activities until then after all if you were to get to the time capsule you could retrieve Dax-Ur's shield."

"Which would give me access to Blue Kryptonite." Stated Clark in realization.

"You must complete your tasks Kal-El. The sooner we have access to the caves the sooner I can have Kara released" With those last words the glowing of the ship died down before it stopped completely.

With their audience over Clark removed the key from the slot and slid it back inside of his pocket. He knew his parents had questions but they would have to wait since he was on a bit of a time schedule. He didn't know how Jor-El did it but he suddenly knew everything with clarity even the small misadventure with Greg Arkin. He knew he'd already tried and failed to kill Whitney and his mother would be dead by that night if he didn't move fast. With that thought he told his parents he'd talk with them after he took care of Greg and was gone in a blur.

Clark arrived at Greg's house to find that he wasn't home thought thankfully his mother was still alive. Instead of going inside he opted to wait outside which thankfully didn't take long as it only took about ten minutes for Greg to arrive.

"What are you doing here Clark?" questioned the other teen.

"Come take a walk with me, we need to talk."

For several minutes they were silent as they walked until they came upon the sight of the old treehouse that they used to hang out at as kids. Greg's dad had built it before his parents divorced and the two of them along with Pete could always be found there.

"You know you nearly killed Whitney today." Stated Clark surprising the other boy.

"I don't know what you're talking about Clark." Stated Greg.

"Listen Greg we don't have time for games. I know you were bitten by a swarm of insects and you've developed some new abilities. The reason I'm here is two-fold, to make sure your mind is still stable and to make sure you get some help." Stated Clark seriously shocking the other teen.

"Why would my mind be unstable, because I finally got some confidence in myself, finally set out to get what I want out of life?" questioned Greg with narrowed eyes.

"The bugs that bit you were infected by the meteor rocks. Over the years several people have been affected by the rocks and they all have one thing in common. Their minds become unstable and they begin to act violently hurting anyone they come across indiscriminately simply focused on what they want. I'm not opposed to people having confidence in themselves or even having gifts. However what I am opposed to is hurting others for minor reasons. As for why I think you need help you more than anyone know how short an insects life span is, think of what you've been doing lately and where your thoughts have been and tell me what you see happening."

These words actually forced Greg to a pause and he actually began to think about his actions recently. He noticed he had been thinking more like an insect lately but he hadn't paid that any mind but he knew what he had planned for Lana, and the next step after that was death. Eyes widening in disbelief he faced Clark with shock apparent in his eyes.

"There's a place called Star Labs in Central City I've been looking into the place recently and everything is on the level there. If there's any place you can get help it's there." Stated Clark

"So I just need to scrape up some funds for a trip to Missouri and hope I don't kill anyone on the way." Stated Greg with a sigh.

"Don't worry about that. I'll get you there you just have to do what you need to do to get through everything." Said Clark

Nearly a week later found Clark sitting back in the torch with Chloe. He'd had to wait until Greg explained to his mother what was going on with him and that he was going to try and get some help and it seemed learning her son could die soon was enough to get her to look over the fact that he'd gotten powers from a swarm of bugs. He had physically carried Greg Central City which was fine as it was the next state over and dropped him about a block from Star Labs. After that he'd run home for a quick bite to eat and then he was off again this time heading this time heading all the way to California for a quick stop in Starling City. He'd tried looking up Oliver while he was in Starling but he still hadn't got back yet which was odd since he'd bumped into Tess. From what he'd been able to gleam Oliver had been able to save her and her friend and get them off the island but he'd asked them not to tell anyone about his presence there. The closest reason he could think of this happening was the butterfly effect. Still he'd taken it upon himself to get to know Tess and they hit it off well but he'd had to tell her that he was only 14 though she still gave him her phone number stating that they could be friends.

He had also been surprised to find that Oliver's mother was actually alive and he even had a younger sister which was also odd as he remembered Oliver telling him he was an only child. He had bumped into his sister who was named Thea who was fifteen and they had hit it off pretty well, she had also given him her phone number and asked that he keep in touch. Other than that he'd been running himself ragged trying to get everything he needed done. After dealing with that he'd gone to speak with Carter Hall arriving just in time to keep his wife Shayera from dying from a blow to the head that he had intercepted, though he hadn't been able to stop Carter from beating his wife's attacker into a coma. Following this he'd talked to the two of them and informed them that they should keep their skills sharp and that Checkmate was putting a hit squad together, he also told them he was thinking of putting his own team together down the line. He'd also wasted little time digging up the time capsule and using the beacon had managed to meet up with Dax-Ur who had supplied him with the Blue Kryptonite which the man had fashioned into a small shield that he could wear as a necklace with the Blue Kryptonite used to form the original House of El symbol which looked like the Earth symbol for 'infinity'. He'd also given Pete and Chloe their own only it didn't have the blue rock embedded.

"Damn Clark this is good, how did you get this information?" questioned Chloe as she turned away from the computer screen.

"I figured Smallville wasn't the only place he was conducting twisted business practices and I knew that someone had to have some dirt on him just needed to find the right people."

"How sure are you about this?" questioned Chloe.

"Completely and to top it off I may have sold it to the Daily Planet last night." Said Clark getting Chloe's jaw to drop.

"They actually bought your story!" exclaimed Chloe in shock.

"Our story, it officially reads by Clark Kent and Chloe Sullivan." Said Clark.

"I didn't even help you with this!" exclaimed Chloe.

"Yeah you did actually you did the leg work." Stated Clark motioning over to the Wall of Weird.

"Damn why didn't I think of this. You've just brought in a story with murder, corporate espionage, economic sabotage and human experimentation and all I've got is a piece on ineligible football players and a pyromaniac football coach." Said Chloe.

True enough Clark had managed to get just that. A visit to Dr. Swann had been all he had needed to get the evidence that the man had kept on Lionel Luthor and even better found the man had also had a hand in the disappearance of Robert and Oliver Queen. Along with that had been evidence of several other dealings that Lionel had been found to be engaged or tied to and Lionel had found himself arrested by the Metropolis PD with a laundry list of charges put to his name. He'd also had to once again deal with Coach Arnold only this time his dad allowed him to join and stay on the team.

This time however he'd been able to stop the crazy coach from burning down the Torch, and as a bonus they even won the game. Still the real bonus was having his sidekick by him this time through. Now that he didn't have to hide from her he found it nice and relaxing to be around her again.

"Good thing Pete listened and went for basketball then huh." Said Clark getting Chloe to laugh.

Pete had surprised both of them when he had taken Clark's advice and opted for the basketball team instead of the football team. He had not only made the team but he made Varsity which was big for a freshman and on top of that there was talk of him taking the starting point guard spot when the season started up.

"So how are things between you and Pete anyway?" asked Clark

"Well we decided it would be better if we just stayed friends." Stated Chloe.

"The both of you decided or you got spooked and decided things were better that way?" questioned Clark with a raised eyebrow.

"We both decided. The night was awkward the whole way through. He's the one that suggested we not even try dating." Revealed Chloe surprising Clark.

"So what are you plans for the rest of the day?" questioned Chloe after a few moments of silence.

"Well I have to run a few errands for my mom but otherwise I'm basically free." Stated Clark

"Well I was actually thinking about going to catch a movie but I don't want to go by myself." Stated Chloe.

"Alright get the times for the movie and we can set something up." Stated Clark getting a smile from Chloe before he left the room.

As he walked down the halls he stopped as he saw another girl walking down the hall. She wore blue jeans with a pink sweater with long brown hair that hung to her shoulders. As he saw her he almost smacked himself for forgetting about her and decided to walk over.

"Hey Tina, can I talk to you for a bit?" questioned Clark getting the girls attention.

"Sure Clark what's going on?" questioned the girl

"Not here walk with me for a bit." Stated Clark getting a slight blush from the girl as she followed after him.

Soon enough the two of them were sitting with the bleachers overlooking the football field. For a few moments both of them sat silently watching the cheerleaders practice while Clark tried his best to organize his thoughts. Finally he came up with something and speak.

"So just sold a story Chloe and I put together to the Daily Planet. Since we've known each other so long I decided to tell you myself." Started the teen.

"That's great Clark, you should be stoked." Said Tina.

"I am it's just the subject matter which has me worried. During our research we came along some startling finds. I won't bore you with everything I'll just get to the point that's most concerning. We did some research into the meteor shower and some of the effects it held on the town. In our research we found that the meteors themselves had some interesting effects on several people. Over time we found that many of those effected began displaying not just new abilities but their minds became unstable and they began to display more and more violent tendencies. When we were looking through some things at the hospital we found records that one of the doctors used the rocks radiation on you." Stated Clark.

"Wait are you telling me there could be something wrong with my brain!" exclaimed Tina in horror

"Unfortunately. Because of the effects of the rocks the FDA, EPA and several other agencies are looking into the situation. The doctor that did the work on you is currently under investigation. I thought you should know that way if something is wrong you'd be able to find out before it's too late." Informed Clark while Tina was holding her head in her hands.

"Why'd you guys decide to look into it?" questioned Tina quietly.

"One of my friends Greg was bitten by a swarm of infects that were infected by the rocks. His mind destabilized and without even realizing what he was doing he nearly killed some people and was on his own march to death. He's currently at Star Labs in Central City having some test run to help him.

"I know I should be mad that you guys went through my medical records, but thanks Clark. I-I need some time to think." Stated Tina before getting up and heading for home.

Due to the new information she received she would stay home the rest of the day talking with her mother and up the nearly the entire night with worry. The next day she was on the first train heading to Central City and as such Star Labs with her mom. The plan she had for robbing the bank forgotten.

The following Monday the news was all over town as issues of the Daily Planet hit shops with Clark and Chloe's story on the first page. Until this point word of the meteor infected had been an Urban Legend something everyone heard about but had put no stock in. By eleven o'clock it had become national news thanks to the arrest of Lionel Luther who was arrested on charges ranging from murder to economic sabotage. Luckily Clark had told Lex before anything had happened and the bald man had been able to call a meeting with the board of directors in which they had ousted Lionel according to the news.

"Clark, you sly son of a bitch." Came a call that cut through the hallway surprising him as he turned to see Pete running up to him.

"Sup Pete." Said Clark seeing the smirk on his friends face.

"You killed the Luther demon!" exclaimed Pete

"I see someone's excited." Stated Chloe from her position beside Clark.

Pete responded to those words by proving it picking her up in a hug and spinning her around getting the blonde to bust out into giggles.

"Do you guys even realize what you've done?" questioned Pete as he sat Chloe down getting confused looks from more then a few people.

"Guys the FDA and the EPA have to come to Smallville and run some investigations. Because of this no one will be able to farm but on the plus side because it's an environmental issue the government has to pay our families because we can't work. The last time something like this happened the farmers all received checks that were worth at least ten thousand dollars from the government tax free." Stated Pete shocking everyone in the hall who heard him.

However Clark grimaced an action that didn't go unnoticed by his two friends and quickly led them into the Torch and shut the door being sure no one was around before speaking.

"Pete are you sure, they'll be coming to town?" questioned Clark.

"Of course they are Clark. We grow food here, cattle, fruits, vegetables and all of that good stuff. Anything that can affect the farmland the government takes incredibly seriously." Stated Chloe

"Fuck I didn't think of that." Stated Clark bringing his hand up to message his temple.

"What's wrong?" questioned Chloe.

"My cousin Kara is currently asleep in her ship in the lake in front of Reeves Dam. There's too much Kryptonite in that water for me to go in and get her and the ship out." Stated Clark.

"Okay Clark there's a way to get her out but you may not like it." Stated Pete.

"I don't really have much choice at this point." Stated Clark.

"Well we could borrow a crane from and if we do it at night we can get her up and out of there before anyone can find her." Stated Pete.

Pete was right, Clark decided he didn't like it. He had always had a thing against stealing but on this occasion as he said he didn't really have a choice so he was going to have to set aside his own personal moral on that for the time being.

"Alright Pete I'll meet you there tonight let's say 10:30. I've got a few things I need to handle before then.

After school was over Clark had wasted no time leaving and headed home to retrieve the key from his loft. Once he had that he disappeared in a blur, after only a few minutes he found himself standing within the Kawatche caves. Moving over to the wall he placed the key in the slot designed to hold it.

"Kal-el judging from your presence here I assume you are ready to commence your training." Came the voice of Jor-el.

"Not yet. We have a problem, in order to rid myself of Lionel Luther before he became a problem I exposed him for several crimes including economic sabotage. However it seems the government will be moving teams here to investigate everything. I need to move Kara's ship before it can be discovered." Explained Clark.

"I see. As you are not ready to retrieve the stones we should be able to store both her ship and your own within the alter room until such time as the Fortress can be built." Stated Jor-el.

Later that night found Pete, Clark and Chloe all standing before the lake in front of Reeves Dam. Clark had managed to retrieve a truck-crane from a nearby construction site since no one was there at the moment and would be operating it the pull up Kara's ship. Pete would be the one diving into the water to hook the cable onto the ship so they could pull it out and Chloe would be playing lookout. At the moment Clark stood between the two of them using his x-ray vision to scan the entirety of the lake, after several minutes of this he finally cut off the ability and closed his eyes still not used to using the ability.

"Alright the ship is in the upper right section of the lake." Stated Clark.

"Alright I'll be back in a minute."

With that said Pete leapt into the lake grabbing the hook from the already lowered crane. Using an underwater flashlight he'd gotten the previous Christmas and some goggles he was able to quickly locate the ship once he reached the appropriate section. Pushing himself up he broke the water in order to take a deep breath before diving back down and securing the hook under the front portion where a circular latch was. Once it was secure he made quick work of going back to the surface and climbing out of the water where Clark tossed him a towel. Going into the truck Clark made quick work of lifting the ship out of the water and setting it down on the ground.

"You guys may want to back up, Kara can be aggressive when she first wakes up." Stated Clark as he stepped out of the truck and walked up to the ship.

Pulling the key out from his left pocket he held it up and was grateful when the top of the ship parted and opened. For several moments things were still until almost immediately a from shot out of the ship and landed in front of him. Looking her over Clark couldn't help but smile though she appeared a bit younger than the visions suggested she was. She appeared to be sixteen and wore a white dress that would look quite natural in any ancient greek setting. While there was a tied strap above her right shoulder the left was almost bare except for a small silver strap, the dress itself flowed down but stopped well above her knees yet was covered by the sheer white fabric that could be seen trailing behind her to just past her knees.

"Who are you." Demanded the blond her blue eyes narrowed.

"I'm Kal-el, son of Jor-el." Stated Clark.

"Impossible, Kal-el is a cute little baby who giggles whenever you touch his feet." Stated Kara.

"You've been asleep a long time Kara." Stated Clark holding out his right hand palm up to show a small shield on top of his palm.

Approaching cautiously Kara took it from him recognizing it instantly as a memory pendant. Activating it she was silent for several minutes as she watched the memories in the device before it stopped.

"I see. Considering where my ship landed I suppose it is no surprise I would remain asleep for so long. It appears we have much to discuss Kal-el. I will take my ship to the cave and I will meet you at the Kent farm." Stated Kara before turning back to her ship.

Once she neared it she placed a hand on it and watched as it collapsed in on itself until it formed a cube. Picking it up she stunned both Pete and Chloe as she lifted into the air and disappeared in a blur.

By the time Clark had made it back to the farm Kara was already there sitting on the couch and talking with his parents.

"Ah Kal-el I was wondering when you would make it back." Stated Kara as she stood on her feet.

"How'd you know how to get here?" questioned Clark.

"What did you think I would let you come here without screening the people that would be in charge of your care?" questioned Kara surprising all three of them.

"What do you mean screening?" questioned Martha.

"Well while Jor-el was quite brilliant he always thought he was the smartest person in the room, a curse that frequently appeared in the men of the House of El. While he judged you worthy on the merits of Hiram Kent, my aunt Lara and I both thought it would be a good idea to judge you on your own merits. So we came down to see how Kal-el would live and how you were as people, obviously you passed our test, though I admit I was confused and reluctant to have Kal-el grow up on a farm it seemed to have been a good thing for him." explained Kara.

"While this is interesting information, it is late and we can discuss this more tomorrow. For the time being Kara you can take Clark's room, Clark you'll be on the couch until we can build another room on the house." Stated Jonathan.

Clark sighed but didn't arguing already having a feeling that would happen. Still as he settled in for the night he found he was content and wondered just what else he could do at this point and moving forward.

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