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Minato will be featured much later in story. Other then that please enjoy the story. CHECK MY PROFILE PEOPLE. Always check my profile for the order of my series. If I mentioned Genesis, traveling, or stuff doesn't make sense in the story either check my profile or read my other stories. Even stand alone works make jokes or references my other stories.


Story Start


'The area of which you're being sent to is Shinto Teito Japan, of a Terriestin Galaxy. One of our Lieutenants along with his squad haven't been in contact of us for two weeks. Another squad was sent to retrieve them four days ago and they soon lost contact with us as well. I'm hoping you can acquire the nature of their disappearance and report back as soon as you have a clue of what happened to soldiers.'

''Damnit, not a clue or anything,'' the young man sullenly remarked as he continued traveling through the city. He had been there for two days and so far not a single clue. He began moving his shoulders to stretch out slightly and let out an exhale. He paused to smooth out his white t-shirt and black slacks. Considering how long he would be staying in this world with his impeccable luck he went with something as casual as he could. He also forewent not bothering to disguise himself with a genjutsu and let the locals think he was some tourist. It always did feel odd to meet the equivalent of his people who looked so differently despite their similar culture and values.

There was also the fact that the place he was staying in seemed to be controlled by this MBI corporation which was giving off major Evil Empire vibes. Though as he continued his trek through the moonlight lit forest he caught the scent of something...blood. Naruto followed the scent until he came across a young woman with short, light brown hair, and a sleepy expression on her face. She was wearing nothing more than a button up shirt, a pair of panties and a doctors coat that was stained with blood. She seemed to be hurt Naruto assessed as he came closer and noticed some weird crimson mark on her forehead.

'Damn Hero-complex,'
he thought as he approached the woman. She looked up at him with a dazed, empty look in her eyes. She seemed to be looking through him.

''Are you ok?'' he softly spoke out to her. ''Do you need help Stranger-san?''

''Home?'' the woman asked in a broken voice. ''I don't have a home.'' she admitted. ''I...I am a broken one.''

A pang of familiarly and loneliness coursed through Naruto. Images of several people he had met on his travels come to mind. ''Broken?''

''I...I am a Sekirei, a warrior and we live and fight for our Ashikabi. When a Sekirei finds their Ashikabi they become winged but...I'm a broken tool, a failure.'' the tears from the woman's eyes began flowing. Naruto clasped her face as a result and look into her eyes.

''I don't know what a Sekirei or Ashikabi is, nor do I care. All I see is a young woman hurt by someone's words or actions. You stranger-san, are only a failure if you give in to it. Trust me, because just like how you feel I felt the same. I was a failure at one time...'' he said, watching as the woman's eyes went wide at his proclamation. ''...but no matter what people said I strove to be something. I strove to be better. In time, I went from a talentless orphan to a talented hero with a large family and a grand destiny on his shoulders. But I continue to fight for the people around me and I make my own destiny,'' Naruto removed his hands and extended his arm out. ''Stranger-san, one must make the choice to be something by forging a path with their own two hands. So join me, and let me help you prove those who called you a failure wrong like I did from the people of my world. That your worth can be measured by something that isn't pre-destined.''

The woman looked at him for a moment, hesitant and unsure of the sincerity of his words.

''I...I haven't introduced myself have I?'' he sheepishly remarked. ''I'm Uzumaki Naruto and you are?''

''A...Akitsu.'' she said as he smiled at her. ''You won' won't throw me away?'' her voice was still ratherful fearful and pained.

''No...'' he softly said as he placed his hand on her head. ''I won't ever throw you away Akitsu-san.''

Naruto arrived back at the hotel with the unconscious woman in her arms. She had quickly dozed off when they left the park resulting in him scooping her up into his arms and carrying her the rest of the way. He gently placed her down on the bed and activated the laptop he purchased so he could look up information in the area. As he was now Naruto could live off what little food or water he could scrounged together, but with this woman he was taking in he would now need to find a job of sorts.

Pulling out his information and Universal ID he went about hacking the birth records of the continent to put together an ID so he could find work. He soon found himself lost in the process, typing for hours until the rays of sunlight cracked through his half-closed blinds letting him know that it was morning. Naruto yawned and stretched, he hadn't slept in two days which thanks to his healing factor meant he needed less than most people would. His focus was soon drawn to Akitsu who began to stir.

''Good morning,'' he greeted her as the woman's eyes widened and she sat up. ''How are you Akitsu-san?''

'' were serious? Will you really...take care of me?''

''Of course I will Akitsu-san.'' he said as he sat down on the bed next to her. ''I took it upon myself to take you in and I'm going to care for you.'' at this rate I might as well ask for help. She's a local, she knows more about this world than I do.'Naruto grasped her hands. ''You don't have to be afraid or keep checking if I'll abandon you.'' he could see in her eyes she was still hesitant, but by the way she was relaxing he could tell she was slowly coming around to trust him. ''Akitsu-chan, why don't you tell me about Sekirei and this Ashikabi business?'' hopefully she would come to trust him more once she opened up. And after hearing the details Naruto couldn't help but feel a bit disturbed.

This event seemed like some sort of cock fight set up built around using naive aliens as tools of amusements. It was one thing to be a commander of soldiers and having a reason such as going to war or defending one's home, even if the excuses were of a Freudian nature they were at least for a purpose and that was something Naruto knew all too well, but this whole Sekirei plan; forcing the equivalent of what could be brain washed women and men with powers to fight each other and risking lives just for the sake of battling and some ill-defined prize was twisted. 'And without a doubt if I'm going to get answers I'm probably going to have to compete in this damn thing. The only beings on this planet who have some measure of power and abilities are Sekirei, meaning if I want to find out what happen I'm going to have to find out information from other Ashikabi and finally tackling this company.' Naruto finished the thought as he he slowly raised his hand. ''Akitsu-chan, you're...mark.'' he mulled over the word for a minute before figuring out what to call it. ''Do you mind if I try to do something with it?'' he asked as the Sekirei slowly shook her head.

Naruto then paused as he went about drawing in nature chakra. He didn't know too much about the nature of the energy of this world, but maybe he could make an array of seals on her and seal away some of his old chakra and override the seal like mark on her forehead. He knew the moment he tampered with her seals he would probably be alerting that M.B.I. organization in some sort of way so he knew the first thing he would have to do was to call Genesis and send for some back-up. Normally he did these sort of assignments on his own as larger numbers usually drew attention, but in this case he was going to have to play it a little smarter than usual.

As Naruto expected within the headquarters of the M.B.I. building the alarms had set off. The confusion though was justified as the unnatural occurrence in the scenario. In an office to light haired people were conversing. The first was a man sitting behind a desk in the chair with tall spiky white hair dressed in a white suit with a white shirt, socks, gloves, and robe. He was also wearing rectangular frames with silver rims and a black tie, the only part of his over all appearance that wasn't white.

Standing opposite of him was a woman with grey hair and eyes. She was wearing trousers, a black top and a white lab coat. Unlike the man her expression wasn't of amusement. It was of other seriousness and a hint of distrust. ''I see this news isn't troubling. A scrap number has been winged. Such a thing should be possible.'' she stated as she shifted the folder under her arm. ''Though I shouldn't need to tell you that.''

''It's interesting...'' he merely stated as the woman's eye twitched. ''This just makes the game all the more interesting.''

''The man responsible is a rogue element.'' the woman placed the folder on the table, opening it and spreading across several pictures with dates and times marked. ''One our disciplinary members picked up an anomaly. Every 66 minutes a certain outsider vanished and a new one took his place. Sometimes with similar habits other times with varied habits. All we know that from the ankles we've been able to cover by tapping into all security and recording devices its impossible for anyone or anything less than a Sekirei to disappear like that. Well until those people showed up. He could be just like them.''

The man listened to the woman's observation with interest. ''It'll make the game all the more interesting. After all, wouldn't be interesting to see how this random element sway things?''

'You truly have gone insane Minaka.'the woman thought with disdain as something told her whoever these mysterious elements were they were going to affect the future of the corporation in one way or the other.

Back at the hotel the faint glow from the winging simmer. Naruto slowly pulled away from the tentative kiss. Akitsu's arms still resting on his shoulders from when he leaned down and kissed her. He couldn't help but chuckle, thinking back to the surprise in the woman's eyes. Even after all this time he was a bit impulsive, and he couldn't help but be curious to see if he could 'Wing' the Sekirei. It seemed so important to her so he decided to try. Sure enough the crest on her forehead slowly glowed and turned black before vanishing. ''That crest is gone.'' Naruto stated with a small smile. ''Like I said we make our own destinies Akitsu-chan. Never let anyone but you define your self worth.''

Akitsu, so overcome with happiness she threw her arms around Naruto and kissed him. Her Ashikabi, the thought caused her heart to swell with joy.