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Story Start

''You are an interesting one Uzumaki Naruto. I must admit, my interactions with two specific men colored my views on companionship and relationship and I suppose with hearing the stories about Sekirei being used by Ashikabi for this game, I've been imposing my will on to you to ensure their safety. At first I thought it was stubbornness, but now I see you have deeper personal reasons. Very well, as long as you keep such displays out of public and you don't harm your Sekirei, than I won't infringe on your rights as an adult. Please do not betray my trust.''

''Thank you Asama-san, trust me I won't.'' he replied. Naruto sat there with Homura, waiting for the change to continue. He tended to the now female Sekirei, diligent in keeping her body to a manageable temperature. Though hearing a crash outside he immediately jumped to his feet. Creating a kagebunshin to look after Homura he dashed outside. ''Amane-sama, I heard a nois...'' he was cut off, seeing the sight of a black haired teen, and that Sekirei. ''You're that Sekirei-san,''Naruto immediately recognized.''You're lucky that little scratch is all you got.'' Naruto stated as he finished patching up Minato's leg. It was so strange, this, awkward, scraggly even looking teen having the same name as his father. Disconnect wasn't a strong enough word to even describe it.

''Arigatou, Uzumaki-san.'' the boy replied.

''W-What was the name of your Sekirei?'' he pressed as the boy tensed. He looked like he was having an internal battle on what to say. ''Relax kid, I'm an Ashikabi as well, I have three Sekirei. You'll meet them in the morning. In fact, if you want to know more about what's going on you'll follow me tomorrow.'' he insisted and the boy readily complied. 'Great. I run into an Ashikabi that isn't an ass-hat or brat and he's practically a doormat.' Naruto thought as he got up and began leaving the room. Whatever he could learn from this kid could be discussed tomorrow. Might as well get everyone together so he didn't have to explain the same thing multiple times. He began exiting the room where he ran into Miya and Sekirei number 88, Musubi.

''Thank you again for saving me Naruto-san!'' Musubi replied with a bright smile.

''No problem,'' he replied with a warm smile. The amount of warmth radiating off this Sekirei was almost staggering. If the girl wasn't already winged Naruto would swear that she was reacting to him.

''Uzumaki-san, if you don't mind waiting a moment.'' Miya told him. ''After I am done talking with Sahashi-san, there is something I wish to give you.'' she stated.

''Okay,'' Naruto replied, as he stood up against the wall and waited, wondering what Miya had in store for him. When she returned she led him to another room and brought out some clothes.

''Even though Akitsu-chan and Kujou-chan have new clothes I noticed you're wearing the same thing.'' she observed.

''Yeah, well, I tend to buy the clothing of wherever I'm at to blend in easier. Though now that I have companions I figure it was only right that I spend my money on them, considering that it is my responsibility as their Ashikabi.'' he explained.

''I see.'' she said. ''Then take these clothes. They belonged to my husband. I'm afraid I don't have anything else.''

''I, thank you very much Asama-sama.'' he replied, gratefully taking the clothes.

''I'm afraid I have a habit of getting involved with everything. My Husband did as well.'' she explained as Naruto offered his Condolences. He then shortly excused himself so he could return to Homura's side. After a few moments Naruto had drifted off to sleep. He got a few hours sleep before Homura's movements finally got him.

''How am I suppose to fight, better yet balance with these things?'' Homura wondered as Naruto helped her downstairs. The change was rather awkward and all things considering Homura was taking it rather well.

''Nothing a little training won't help.'' Naruto assured her as they walked into the kitchen. The smell of food filled the Inn. Miya hummed a happy tune as the two of them took a seat.

''Good morning, Uzumaki-kun, Homura.'' she greeted as the two of them greeted in return. ''Uzumaki-kun, why don't you just wash up? I'll catch Homura up on what she'll need to do to take care of her body now.'' she suggested and Naruto took the offer gratefully. A nice hot soak was definitely what he needed. Not too long after he was joined by Akitsu. After a nice long soak they both returned to their room to get dressed.

''Ah,'' Akitsu paused, as if she was contemplating something. ''Naruto-sama, can I try something?'' she asked.

''Hhm, sure,'' he replied, a bit distracted, his mind on everything that was going to be spent. Though it didn't take long for his attention to be gathered when Akitsu moved in front of him, got on her knees, and gave him an ample view of her cleavage when her towel drooped. 'A-Akitsu-chan, what are you...'' he shimmered in delight as her cool hand massaged him.

(Scene Cut. You can only find the unrated version of this chapter on YourFanfiction. So sign up and start navigating that site.)

''Was that good Naruto-sama?'' she asked with a few pants.

''Y-Yeah. What brought this boldness on?'' he asked as she gave him a confused look.

''It was in the book you gave me Naruto-sama. You told me to try pages 53 to 56.'' she informed him as Naruto gave her a confused look.

''I gave you a book on meditative breathing.'' he countered. Despite Akitsu being an ice type person she didn't know how to swim. Her powers always resorted in her freezing large bodies of water. Naruto wanted to help her overcome it when a lapse of control during their previous stay at the Inn resulted in Akitsu freezing the bath. ''W-What color was that book?'' he asked as Akitsu cocked her head and thought about.

''Aah,'' she got up and went over to one of the other books Naruto gave her. Sure enough the book was orange. Upon seeing that, Naruto face palmed at his carelessness. He began by starting to putting on his clothes and Akitsu mirrored his example.

''Let's just say I owe you one Akitsu-chan, and I'll pay you back soon.'' he replied, seeing that Akitsu was looking at him confused he added he was going to explain later. Suddenly the sound of crashing drew their attention. ''What the hell?'' Naruto exclaimed as he and Akitsu dashed out of the room before putting on their shirts. On there way they ran into Kujou.

''Naruto-sama, what's going on?'' she asked.

''Don't know. That's what we're going to find out.'' Naruto stated, but by the time they arrived it looked like Miya beat them to it. Apparently Minato's Sekirei was very excitable and attack Uzume-chan who must have been recognized as another Sekirei. He couldn't help but scowl, realizing that this was the sort of stupid thing this game encouraged. People being attacked indiscriminately without concern for the people who were around. ''Uzume-san, I'm sorry I never returned.''

''Don't worry about it. Miya-san filled me in.'' she replied to Naruto's apology. ''Hatake-san told me that the disease infecting my Ashikabi is similar to a disease known as Polio. She told me that she's going to study it and work on a cure, but the previous treatment wasn't sufficient enough. She informed me to tell you she's going to need some assistance from her teacher.''

Naruto nodded, it made sense. Each of his medic allies had fields they were strong in comparison to others like Sakura and Shizune, Tsunade only fought when necessary.

''It looks like Minaka is up to his old tricks again.'' a voice said in distaste. For a moment Naruto was startled before turning around and seeing Homura. It was going to take some to adjust to this change. Though for right now the phone, playing the video in Homura's hand would have to be his prerogative.


Chapter End