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dedication: to allergy meds, omg.
notes: Sara breaks her promises to herself yet again. so here you go, seven drabbles on the Exwires (even Takara. but I am still convinced he is a plant. totally. convinced).

chapter title: welcome to bangkok
summary: I wanna wrap my hands around that pretty neck and squeeze. — Exwires.






Bon kills without worry.

He is brash and violent and up front about it; he kills without worry because he is without fear. Bon does not fear death. He has faced it before and come out alive. He has made his peace with the fact that one day, he must die.

And so he kills without preamble and without hesitation.

Bon kills with scripture and bullets. He is a strange breed, a cross between the defenceless and the most dangerous players in this little game they call life—Arias and Dragoons have been on the outs for as long as anyone can remember for the simple fact that they consider each other's crafts the lowest common denominator in the Exorcist ranking.

But Bon is different.

He can protect and he can destroy; with a gun over his shoulder and Fatal Verse dripping from his lips, Bon is a thing to behold.

Hair cut buzz-short, he lines a demon up in his sight. It moves fast, too fast, but he holds steady for he does not fear. The recoil from the rifle will send him reeling for precious seconds.

He still doesn't really worry about it.

What he is doing is right. He works to protect the things and the people he loves, and he will never allow that knowledge to forsake him. He is not weak. He will achieve his goal.

He will not hesistate. He will kill and kill and kill. He will kill demons until he no longer knows the colour of his own blood. He will kill until he is so soaked in possessed red that there would never be getting it off. He will kill until he cannot breathe; will kill until the world is free from Satan's taint.

It is a long time from that, still.

Even so, Bon does not slow or stop.

He will not lose his resolve.

Line up, breathe in slow and deep, count down from three.




Bon kills without worry.