Eric places an ad for a new Dayman


"Pam. Have you got the ad ready for my new dayman?" I asked my child as nicely as possible.

It had been two weeks since my last day man left, citing an inhospitable work environment and stress. He should have known what he was getting into working for a vampire. I tried glamouring him on numerous occasions to put up and shut up, but despite my efforts, still noticed a sharp decline in his work. I was going to be extra thorough in my next selection, so that I could find someone up to my standards. I was not an abusive or demanding employer, but I expected results first and foremost.

"Yes, Eric." she stated calmly.

I knew my child had worked tirelessly on this ad because she expected my dayman to be at her service as well. How else would she be able to load up on all the newest couture? I needed to command her to not make this new underling into her scapegoat, when my credit card is conveniently missing and her closets are stuffed with shoes I have never seen before.

I stopped thinking about my bratty child to request the ad, "Let me see." She handed it over to me.

I briefly scanned over the duties and requirements, all to my specifications in clear, precise language. The position noted it was located in Louisiana, but all other identifiers as to the vampire in question had been deliberately left out. If everyone knew that it was I, Eric Northman, looking for a dayman I would have to sort through the hordes of requests from fangbangers and spies from other states, alike. I would prefer this new dayman to not come in with preconceptions about me or my station. If that didn't work, I would just have to glamour them to be a clean slate, but glamouring only got you so far. From my experience, the best employees didn't have to be glamoured into submission. They would just do their jobs, no matter the motivation, be it to please me or for some other incentive to fill their lives.

After my musings I said to Pam, "Everything is agreeable. Post it on all the supernatural job boards with a deadline to submit resumes by midnight Wednesday."

Taking the print-out back from me, she cocked her head to the side and said, "I hope this one turns out better than the last one. Such incompetence. And the sweating. Every time he was in your presence, I wasn't sure if he was going to bow down and lick your feet or pass out." And with that last parting shot at my old dayman, Bobby Burnham, she walked out the door, shutting it noiselessly behind her.

Sitting behind my desk, I answered a few more emails and sent a text to Pam to ensure that we would be ready to interview by the end of the week. Before I made my way outside to enthrall the vermin, I took in my appearance in my closet mirror. Devilish as always. It was good to be me, except lately, things had been a little dull. But maybe if my new dayman was a woman, I could mix a little business with pleasure.

One could only hope.

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