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Chapter 1

Joey Wheeler placed his glasses on his lap top and squeezed the bridge of his nose trying to clear his vision. He typed" the end" on his keyboard just as Mai walked into his apartment. Joey turned in his chair. "Hey there, beautiful," he said with the famous Joey Wheeler smile.

Mai smiled as she walked over to Joey at his computer. "All finished?" she asked as she looked on the screen. Mai smiled as she looked at the last two words on the screen. Mai hugged her best friend close to her. She had been Joey's editor since he had written his first book. She remembered how he approached her with his rough draft. He had been so nervous and embarrassed. Joey had always been a talented artist in high school and attempted to spread his artist's wings to encompass writing. It came as no surprise to Mai that Joey was very good at writing. He now had four best sellers, three boy's-love novels, and writes and illustrates a boy's-love manga. Joey had just completed his first children's book.

Joey hugged Mai back. "You bet!" he chirped. "Wanna read it?"

Mai smiled back at him. "That's my job," she said. At his slight frown she lightly punched his shoulder. "You know I'm playing. I love reading your books; all of them. Especially your fantasies about certain…" Mai felt his hand across her mouth. Her eyes twinkled with a mischievous light.

Mai had been encouraging Joey to go to Kaiba and confess his feelings even before Battle City. For some reason, the irritable CEO removed Joey from the duelist list in the Battle City tournament and stepped up the insults. When he wasn't insulting the blond, he was ignoring him or throwing death glares. Mai knew that Joey secretly loved the cantankerous CEO for the better part of six years, though he has rarely seen him since graduation. She remembered how she came to know the only secret Joey kept from the rest of their gang.


"Mai, you gotta let me kiss you! Please! I just gotta…please" Joey squeezed her shoulders, his eyes wild.

"Joey, calm down. What's with you?" Mai asked, concern making her eyes lavender. Since Duelist Kingdom, Mai had seen many of Joey's moods, but never this desperate. He had become one of her best friends and she was very concerned about his well being.

"Mai, I can't tell you. I just need to kiss you, please," desperation gave him a wild look. Mai stepped into Joey's arms and pressed her lips to his and closed her eyes. She allowed Joey to take over, trusting him not to go too far. Joey's lips moved across hers nervously. His grip became painful and his frustration grew.

With a whimper, Joey released her. Tears of frustration rolled down his face. Mai wrapped her arms around Joey's waist and hugged him close. Joey broke down and began to cry in earnest. His shoulders shook as tremors of grief racked his frame. "Joey, it can't be that bad! Tell me"

"No," the blond shook as he cried, "I can't tell you. I can't tell any of you. It's too disgustin' you'll all hate me," Joey whispered so quietly Mai could barely hear him.

Mai pressed her body closer to Joey. "Joey, I love you. Please tell me."

Joey turned a tear-stained face into Mai's hair and wrapped his arms around her and whispered in her ear. Mai strained to hear him, but was unable to. "Love, you're gonna have to speak up. I can't hear you," she soothed the trembling blond in her arms by rubbing circles around his back and rocking him slightly.

"I'm gay Mai." Joey's voice was hollow. Mai could tell he was steeling himself for her reaction.

Mai squeezed Joey, hugging him for all she was worth. "Joey, it's ok. I still love you. I love you even more now." At Joey's snort, Mai pulled him even closer still. "Joey, since you trusted me with your secret, I'll tell you mine. Before I met you and the gang, I told you that I was on cruise ships playing duel monsters and living the high life, remember?" When Joey nodded dully, Mai continued, "It was a lie. I was selling myself on the streets. I had never even heard of duel monsters at that time. I got my deck from a trick. You're the only one I've told. I don't want the others to know. I already know no decent man will ever want me, but I'm hopeful." She dropped her arms from around Joey, her eyes darkening and going off to a distant place where only she existed.

Joey pulled her into his embrace and kissed her cheek. "We're the perfect couple aren't we Mai, damaged beyond repair and hopeless. A self hating -gay and a former call girl," he chuckled vacantly.

Mai kissed his lips. "Stick with me kid, we'll go places," Mai mugged to Joey. She sobered and looked him in the eye and asked "You're freaked out because you're gay?" Joey shook his head. "Then what's got you all freaked out?"

"I'm in love with Kaiba," the blond moaned.

Mai stifled a giggle behind her hands….

End flashback:

Mai smiled with a far away smile on her face. "What's got you smilin' like the cat that's got the cream?" Joey asked as he saw the look on her face.

"Old times," she mused. She walked over to the computer and printed a hard copy to take over to the couch and read. She lay with her head off of the couch, feet on the wall, and read.

Joey left Mai to her work. He glanced at the clock on the wall. Two o'clock. Plenty of time. He began to get ready to go to his next job. Joey came back into the family room where Mai was just finishing up the book. "So good, Joe. I love it and the kids are going to love it too."

Joey blushed at the complements like he always did. "Yeah, well I just wanted to write something they can read and understand. Speaking of which, I gotta get going to my next project. Can you get the twins for me?"

"Sure Joe," Mai said. The twins were Joey's pride and joy. They were Serenity's children. Serenity died in childbirth which was something Joey has never gotten over. Mai had been afraid that Joey would not be able to take care of the children since they were a constant reminder that Serenity was no longer with him. Joey had taken to parenthood like a duck to water. The twin's conception was a story of tragedy. Serenity had been walking home from school and was dragged into a park and raped. She became pregnant at the age of fifteen. Serenity refused to have an abortion stating that it was not the fault of the unborn baby. The sibling's mother threw the pregnant teen out. Shortly after that, Serenity moved in with Joey. The love for her unborn child was like a fever that spread to Joey. He shopped for the baby before he knew there were two. After the ultrasound, Joey repeated the shopping spree for the other unborn child. He stepped up the production of his artwork to support the new members of his family, and started writing stories about his unrequited love he had for the CEO of Kaiba Corp, which has made him a world famous author


Serenity Wheeler went into labor at 7:30 am. Tea and Mai had been in the room with the girl as she struggled to bring her newborns into the world. After hours of hard labor, Joey was called over by the doctor and informed that it had left Serenity weakened. The doctor had her on the heart monitor, but from the rhythm, it appeared she had a congenital heart defect. She never should have gotten pregnant. The strain had been too much for her body and it was only a matter of time before she would pass on. The news hit Joey like a ton of bricks. He fought the wave of helplessness that washed over him. Yuugi took his hand and squeezed it tightly, but Joey didn't feel it. He turned to the room to see his sister laying in bed. There were tears in his eyes as he approached her.

Serenity held her newborn babies with the help of her two girlfriends. One girl and one boy. The girl looked like Joey and the boy looked like Serenity. "Just like us," she smiled tiredly at her brother. "Joey, promise me that you'll raise them. You'll keep them together if anything should happen to me. Promise me."

"Nothin's gonna happen to ya sis'. Just rest now" Joey said fear gripping him as he watched his baby sister struggle to hang on to consciousness.

"Please Joey. Take Miyuki and Mizuki. Keep them from mom. Keep them safe and love them like you always did me. Please promise me." Serenity clasped his hand weakly.

Joey swallowed hard. If he promised, it felt like he would lose his sister, but he couldn't resist her. "I promise, Serenity. Please just rest now."

Serenity smiled weakly at her brother, and brought his hand to her dry cracked lips and kissed it, "Thank you big brother." She kissed each twin on the head and closed her eyes with smile on her lips. Her grip on the twins loosened and Joey took each precious child in his arms. Moments later a code team rushed into the room, attempting to revive her. Joey stood in the doorway with a baby in each arm, Mai on one side and Yuugi on his other. He felt his heart crack. Looking down at the sleeping twins in his arms, he cried.

End flashback:

Joey pulled on his jacket and gathered his art supplies. He hated this job more than any he had. Mai pulled his jacket closed and zipped him up. She saw the look on his face and guessed what was bothering him. "Is Tristan still bothering you about a relationship?" she asked concern, lacing her voice.

Joey ran his hand through his hair. "Yeah, after Serenity, it seems like he transferred all of his feelings to me. I don't know what to do about it. I love him like a brother. We were in the gang together and then we left together and we've always had each other's back. He just wants something I can't give him. I think I'll always love…him." Joey finished lamely.

Mai smiled sadly at Joey and hugged him. "You know, he may never return your feelings. You haven't spoken in four years and the last time you did, he was snarling and hurling insults at you like they're free. I'm not saying jump the bones of the first man you see, but I don't want you to be lonely anymore Joe."

"I got you and the kids. I'm not lonely."

"How are you going to deal with Tristan then?" Mai asked as she held out his bag. Ever since Joey came out to the rest of the gang, Tristan has been hounding Joey to go out with him.

Joey smiled slyly. "You remember, Duke? He likes Tristan. He always has. I'm using him as my other model. The other one quit because there was no chemistry between them. He wanted Tristan to plow him," Joey chuckled. "Tristan won't be able to resist Duke for long."

"Wanna bet? He loves you. He won't even give Duke a second look. "

"Whatcha wagering?"

"Dishes, one month. "

"You're on!" Joey shook her hand. He grabbed his bag and kissed her cheek. "See you later."

Fifteen minutes later, Joey was pulling into the parking lot of the studio space he used. Joey pulled out his bag full of supplies and headed to the building. He was pulling out the keys to open the studio and get set up when a pair of strong arms went around his waist and pulled him backwards into a firm chest. "Hey baby, when are you going to be mine?"

Joey pulled away from Tristan. "Tristan, I told you. You're my friend. I love you like a brother. I can't give you what you want. If you want to keep being my model, you need to stay professional. Otherwise, I'll have to replace you," Joey mumbled, sorrow filling his words.

Tristan's angry face loomed above him. "Joey. I love you. I want you. You should be mine." He twisted Joey's arm turning Joey to face him, and pulled him into his arms.

"Tristan, let me go," Joey's voice was cold enough to rival that of Seto Kaiba. He jerked out of Tristan's arms. "If you don't want to work with me on a professional level, you can be replaced."

Duke walked in on the scene. Joey's face was flushed and harassed looking, and Tristan face was angry and frustrated. "Hey guys, we doin' this or what?" he asked.

"Yeah," Tristan mumbled. He walked into the room taking off articles of clothing as he went.

Duke looked at Joey's face. "You ok, man?" He touched Joey's arm.

"Yeah, I'm fine. He just can't take no for an answer. You really need to step up your game and get him." Joey said miserably.

Duke rolled his eyes. He followed Joey into the room and shut the door. Joey went to the stool that was in front of a futon and waited for his models. He pondered for a while on how to get Tristan to take his attention off of him and onto Duke. As the pair came around the corner of the ante chamber, Joey laid out the scene in his head. Joey looked at Duke and told him to take off all of his clothes. Duke looked blankly at Joey for a moment. Duke, unashamed of his body, shrugged and removed everything and laid on the futon glancing at Joey with a questioning look. "This good?" he asked.

Joey's eyes raked over Duke's naked form. He walked over and positioned Duke in a provocative pose. Nodding in satisfaction, Joey motioned Tristan forward. He ordered Tristan to strip too. Tristan's eyes flashed with anger as he saw Joey touch and position Duke. Jealousy poured through his veins. Tristan threw off his robe and boxers. He stood naked and proud. Joey pushed Tristan towards Duke. He pushed him between Duke's open thighs. He positioned Tristan. He tilted Duke's head back, neck exposed. Joey nodded his head, almost satisfied with the tableaux before him. "Ok Tristan, you place your mouth on Duke's neck…good. Ok hold that pose. Let me know when you need a break."

Joey took out his art supplies and began to draw, his eyes flickering between the scene and his paper. Joey drew for twenty minutes before calling for a break. Duke got up and pulled his robe on. Giving a wink to Tristan, he headed for the door to get a snack. Joey was setting up for the next scene when he felt hands slide down his back to cup his ass. Joey came up swinging, but before he could connect with the brunet's face Tristan caught Joey's hand and jerked him into his arms and crushed his lips against the blonds'. Joey recoiled in disgust only to have Tristan's lips follow his. Joey pushed against him and whimpered to be set free. Tristan took the whimper as surrender and deepened the kiss.

Seto Kaiba walked into the building of the small publishing company he had just bought. He wrinkled his nose in disgust at the place. How is it possible that one of the most talented writers he had ever read work from such a shitty little place. He strolled through the corridor until he came to the room where a blond was in a passionate embrace with a tall brunet. Kaiba was about to move along until he saw the face of Joey Wheeler. Anger welled up in him just like it had so long ago. He growled low in his throat, irritated that such a scene could still affect him. He pulled his eyes away from the scene, and walked out of the building again. As he walked, he pulled out his flip phone and dialed a number. "Find out why Joey Wheeler is in my new acquisition." He barked into the phone. He hung up and slid into the limo's back seat. He rubbed his forehead to ward off the headache he knew was coming. Joey Wheeler. That name elicited so many emotions from the cerulean eyed man. Anger, desire, regret, obsession… just to name a few. Anger was the foremost emotion. He was angry that he still desired the blond. He ran a hand through his chocolate locks and glared out the window. Kaiba felt the same at this moment as he did almost six years ago.


Kaiba had been looking for the blond. He fought the attraction while he was trying to save Mokuba from Pegasus, but now that Duelist Kingdom was over, he could make Wheeler his. He looked down every street to find him. He was just starting a new tournament and had a personal invitation for the blond. He moved down the street efficiently, just as he always did when he was on a mission. He turned the corner to move on to the next street when he spied his blond with the trashy blond bitch from Duelist Kingdom. Kaiba watched as the bitch moved into Wheeler's arms and placed her dirty lips on his. Kaiba's eyes widened as he saw Wheeler deepen the kiss with an edge of passion. Kaiba, sickened to his core, moved back in the direction from which he came. He ripped up the invitation, pulled out his cell phone and made a call to blacklist Wheeler.

End flashback:

Kaiba thought he had gotten past the attraction to the blond. Wheeeler was strait, Kaiba had seen him in the arms of the trashy bitch. Why, then, was he now in the arms of a man. Kaiba ground his teeth in frustration. His body was still tight from seeing Wheeler again. He needed to get rid of this frustration. He pushed the com-link "Take me to Industrial Illusions." He sat back in the seat trying to calm down.

Kaiba's limo pulled up in front of the building. He pushed open the doors and made a beeline towards the elevator. He pushed the button for the penthouse. When he arrived onto the floor, he stepped out of the elevator and headed straight to the CEO's office. Kaiba opened the door stepped inside and closed it behind him, locking it.

Pegasus turned in his chair and smiled. "Well, well Kaiba boy, what brings you here?" Pegasus purred. His body began to tingle when he saw the lust in the young CEO's eyes.

Kaiba moved to take the older man into his arms and crush his lips to his. Kaiba took complete control and the older man let him. He knew Kaiba only came to him to work off frustration. There was no love between them, only sex. The young CEO was the best lover that Pegasus had ever had. He moaned as Kaiba pushed him face down onto the desk. Kaiba stripped the older man's pants down to his knees and unbuttoned his own. There were no love words, no gentle caresses, just pure need. Kaiba drove himself into the man beneath him. Pegasus writhed beneath Kaiba reveling in his savagery. Kaiba drove into him over and over. He closed his eyes and imagined that it was the blond of his dreams he was inside. Kaiba grunted as release rushed upon him. Pegasus came from the savagery. Kaiba's breathing was erratic and choppy as he removed himself from the older man. Pegasus straightened his clothes and moved to his chair.

He took a steadying breath and looked at Kaiba. "To what do I owe the pleasure, Kaiba boy?" Pegasus crooned at the young CEO. Kaiba refused to look at the man behind the desk. Pegasus chuckled and said "Oh I see, its young Wheeler again." Kaiba glared at the man he just used causing Pegasus to laugh out loud.

Pegasus knew how the young CEO felt about the other duelist because of his millennium eye. He had been lonely since the death of his beloved wife Cecelia and blackmailed the younger man for sex. Lately, Pegasus had become restless with their arrangement. He wanted to find someone to love now, not that Kaiba wasn't fun to be with. There was just no future. Kaiba boy would never admit it, but he has always been in love with Joey. His laughter died down and he looked at the young man seriously. "Kaiba boy, you just need to tell him. Make him yours."

Kaiba snarled at the older man, "He has more than enough wanting to make him theirs."

"Is the great Seto Kaiba afraid or rejection?" Pegasus crooned.

Kaiba stood up and moved to the door. "Our little arrangement is at an end, Pegasus" he sneered the name. He unlocked the door and stormed through it. Kaiba cursed as he moved out of the building. Kaiba had come here to work off his frustration, but it only increased. Kaiba slipped into the limo again and barked orders to his driver. As the car drove off, Kaiba's mind was working a thousand miles a minute. When he arrived at the Kaiba Corp office he went to shower and change clothes to rid himself of Pegasus. He stepped out of the washroom and the phone on his desk rang. He picked it up and the voice on the other end of the line said, "Mr. Kaiba, we can't find much on Mr. Wheeier at this time, but what we have found shows he is an artist at the publishing company."

"Keep digging," Kaiba barked. He replaced the reciever and an evil grin spread across his features. He had Wheeeler right where he wanted him.

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