"Come on, Yuugi! You're strangling me!" Joey fidgeted as Yuugi fixed his tie.

"Be still. Don't you want to look your best for your own wedding?" Yuugi said as he yanked on the tie.

Kaiba had gotten a special license for them to get married in America. He rented out the most beautiful cathedral and flew their friends out to witness the ceremony. The sky was blue, the temperature was beautiful, and the cathedral was decorated according to Kaiba's taste, everything was perfect.

Yuugi finished straightening out Joey's tie. Joey put on the coat to his white tux, the engagement ring Kaiba had given him gleamed in the light. He helped Joey into the tux jacket and smoothed it out. Yuugi smiled at Joey's reflection. "You look wonderful, Joey. Kaiba won't be able to take his eyes off of you."

"Thanks, Yuug I appreciate it, man. My hands and knees are shaking so bad right now." Joey walked unsteadily around the room he was using to get ready. He had gotten through rehab in one week he was so determined to walk down the aisle to Kaiba. Mai and Kaiba insisted that the wedding be set after he had finished rehab and his cast was removed from his left arm so Mai could do the planning. It was the longest six weeks of his life.

"That's why I'm here, Joey. I'm walking you down the aisle, remember." Yuugi turned serious, "Are you sure you want this, Joey?"

"I've never been surer of anything in my life, Yuug. I love him and I want to spend the rest of my life with him."

Yuugi nodded. "You've got ten minutes till show time. Do you need anything?"

"To be on my honeymoon?" Joey said. He smiled at Yuugi. Yuugi rolled his eyes and went out of the room to check the final preparations and give Joey some time to calm down. Joey looked at his reflection in the mirror. He frowned at it. He had no idea what Kaiba seen in him, but he thanked God that love is blind. He moved away from the mirror and began to pace.

"Mommy's beautiful!" Miyuki said as she burst through the door. She had a basket of rose petals that were dangerously close to falling out.

"If daddy don't marry mommy, Mizuki will," Mizuki said as he hugged Joey's leg. He dropped the pillow that had the rings sewn onto it.

"I think daddy will ship you off to boarding school in another country if he heard you say that," Mokuba muttered. He was carrying Sora and Mara. "Well, your maid of honor and entourage have arrived." He gave a low whistle and wiggled his eyebrows, "Forget Seto, you wanna run away with me instead?"

"Mama," Mara and Sora cried as they reached for Joey.

Joey took the babies out of Mokuba's arms and blushed, "Thanks Mokuba." He kissed them and handed them back.

"Mama pitty!" Sora said.

"Not you too. You'll be joining Mizuki at boarding school if daddy hears you," Mokuba said as he took the twins back. "I'll be down front with the kids. You really do look beautiful Joey."

He opened the door and Joey heard the music begin. He began to hyperventilate. Yuugi came into the room and said, "Time to go, Joey." He walked to Joey, placed his arm on top of his arm, and faced the door. "Breathe slowly, Joey. You'll be fine." They stepped out.

Joey felt a wave of panic break over him until he saw Kaiba waiting for him at the end of the white carpet that served as his walkway. Kaiba looked so sure, so strong, and so handsome in his black tux. Joey felt a strange calm descend over him and he knew that this was right. Mai stood next to Kaiba as his best woman, Mokuba and the kids stood where Joey would come to stand as his man of honor, Tristan and Duke stood on Joey's side of the aisle, and Tea and Valon stood on Kaiba's side of the aisle. He tightened his hold on Yuugi's arm and started down the aisle. Yuugi placed his best friend's hand in Kaiba's and stepped aside.

Joey and Kaiba exchanged vows in front of the preacher. Kaiba's voice was strong and confident as he spoke his vows to Joey and Joey's voice shook slightly with emotion as he spoke his vows to Kaiba. The preacher pronounced them husband and husband. Kaiba pulled Joey to him slowly. "Mine," he said before kissing Joey mindless.

Kaiba led his husband out of the cathedral and down the stairs. He pushed him into the limo that waited and climbed in after and closed door. He pulled Joey onto his lap and kissed him, allowing his hands to roam over Joey's body. Joey straddled Kaiba's hips and deepened the kiss. Joey felt himself lose control and broke off the kiss licking Kaiba's lips. "Tonight," he promised breathlessly.

Kaiba caressed Joey's ass and nipped his pulse point on Joey's neck, "Tonight," he agreed.

They arrived at the hotel and went to the banquet room Kaiba had rented for their celebration. The whole party arrived shortly after. Joey and Kaiba drank and celebrated with their friends into the night. When the kids fell asleep, Joey picked up the girls and Kaiba picked up the boys and took them upstairs to their room.

Mokuba followed them to the room he would be sharing with the kids. Joey and Kaiba put the kids to bed and kissed them. "Goodnight you two. Don't do anything I wouldn't do," Mokuba said as he wiggled his eyebrows.

Kaiba rolled his eyes and picked Joey up and carried him to their room. When they reached their room, Kaiba put him down near the bed. Joey became shy. "I'm gonna go change…"

Kaiba pulled Joey to him and said, "No. I'm the only one who can take these clothes off of you, my beautiful bride."

Joey blushed, "Does that mean I can take yours off too?" he asked shyly.

Kaiba kissed his temple, "If you want to." He pulled off Joey's jacket slowly. He loosened his tie and unbuttoned the top three studs kissing the exposed flesh. Joey shuddered as pleasure streaked through his body. He moved closer to Kaiba craving more of his touch. Kaiba continued to kiss Joey as he unbuttoned his shirt and pushed it down his arms. Joey tried to tear off the shirt, but Kaiba stopped him. "Uh-huh let me."

"Faster, Seto. I need you now!" Joey demanded.

Kaiba chuckled. He sucked on Joey's pulse point drawing out a deep moan from the blond. His hands moved torturously slow across Joey's chest and down to his waist sending shivers of pleasure coursing through his kitten's body as he pulled off Joey's pants and boxers. He picked Joey up and placed him on the bed.

Joey stretched out his arms and beckoned Kaiba to come to him. Kaiba pulled off his clothes and joined Joey on the bed. Joey tried to hurry Kaiba along, but Kaiba wouldn't be hurried. He took his time stroking Joey's body. "I was afraid I lost you when I walked into that room." He kissed Joey deeply.

Joey's breath came out choppy, "Never… You'll never lose me. I'll always be yours." He clutched at Kaiba's shoulders.


Kaiba kissed Joey's neck and shoulders. He caressed Joey's body until he thought he would go mad with desire. Kaiba dipped his tongue into Joey's navel causing the blond to gasp and buck up. Kaiba pushed his hips back onto the bed and continued on his downward journey. He gave Joey's member a lick before he circled the tip with his tongue. He engulfed Joey's member in his mouth.

"Uh! Seto, baby please…"Joey begged.

Kaiba put his fingers in Joey's mouth. Joey sucked on the fingers mimicking Kaiba's movements. Kaiba pulled his fingers out of Joey's mouth. Kaiba licked a path to the ring of twitching muscle. He bit Joey's right ass cheek lightly before he placed one finger at the entrance and pushed it in slowly. He moved back to engulf Joey's member once more as he slid the finger in and out.

"Un. Mmmmm. Seto, I can't take anymore. Please come to me," Joey begged again as Kaiba thrust another finger into him. Joey pushed down on the fingers. Kaiba placed the last finger into Joey's hole searching for the prostate. "Ah, ah, Seto ah please. Baby, I need you!" he pled desperately.

Kaiba released Joey's member and kissed his way back up Joey's body, licking his nipples and causing the blond to cry out with pleasure. He placed his engorged member at Joey's entrance. He leaned down and kissed Joey's lips as he entered Joey's quivering hole. Joey wrapped his legs around Kaiba's back and thrust against him wildly. He kissed Kaiba deeply as he began to move against him uncontrollably. He began to feel his climax build.

"Yeah, oh, ah, Seto, baby come with me," Joey said breathlessly. "Now, Seto, now! Ah! Seto, I love you!" Joey said.

"Joey," Kaiba shouted as he came. He thrust into Joey a few more times before he collapsed on top of the blond. He kissed every part of Joey he could reach. Joey held Kaiba as his heart continued to beat wildly.

end lemon

"I love you, kitten" Kaiba said kissed Joey's lips. He rolled to the side pulled Joey with him and into his arms. Joey laid his head on Kaiba's chest and listened to his heart beat. He placed a kiss over his heart and laid his head back down. Kaiba ran his fingers through Joey's hair.

After a few minutes, Joey put his elbow on Kaiba's chest and propped his chin in his hand. "How did I get so lucky?" he asked his beloved.

"I think I'm the lucky one," Kaiba said as he held Joey tightly. "You and the kids are my saving grace."

Joey's eyes filled with emotion. "We'll always be together, Seto. I'll always belong to you. I will always find you and save you no matter if I have to cross time and space to do it. I'll love you until the end of time," he laid his head on Kaiba's chest again.

Kaiba smiled gently and rolled Joey onto his back and loomed over him. He leaned down and kissed Joey gently but deeply, "Forever and always," he promised.

That's the end folks. I hope you enjoyed the story. Thank you to all of you who reviewed and supported this story. I appreciate you so much. Later!