Pretty little liars fan fiction

Plot: Emily decides that maybe she could do a secret relationship as Hanna points out how hard it was for her to come out when she was with Maya, whilst she is with Paige she helps her come to terms with who she is and helps her take the steps to come out to everyone.

AN: There is no A I'm not sure I could do that character justice if I feel more confident later on to make them scary enough then I will add A.

AN 2: I'm back I have a new laptop which means a lot more updates on my stories, let me know which three you want me to update first and I shall.


It had been a week since Emily told Paige they should just be friends, she had watched Paige change from the confident outgoing girl she once was to a shell of a woman she wasn't as talkative and tended to keep to herself in school, even her swimming had been affected and it pained Emily to see Paige really struggling with herself that way she tried to talk to her, to see how she was doing but she couldn't find the words the only person who noticed the slight change in Emily's behaviour was Hanna.

Hanna knew something was up when Emily didn't talk much when they ate lunch or when they went to someone's house to have a chat, Emily would sit pretending to participate but really her mind was else where.

It was during one of those lunches that she saw Emily watching Paige, Hanna had to admit she noticed Paige change over the weeks though she still hated her for trying to drown Emily but if Emily could forgive her why shouldn't she?

It was Friday and Hanna had enough of seeing Emily moping around and decided to confront Emily about it, she had followed Emily to the toilet and as she walked in she locked the door Emily turned to give her a questioning look, Hanna sat down on the counter and swung her legs back and forth.

"So are you going to tell me what's up?" Hanna asked straight away Emily was a little perplexed by the question and nearly dropped her lip gloss she was applying.

"Nothing's wrong Han" Emily replied with a nervous laugh but avoiding eye contact Hanna wasn't stupid no matter what people said lack of eye contact meant something was wrong.

"Don't give me that crap Em I have been watching you most of the week and I can tell something is wrong so tell me, you know a problem shared is a problem halved blah, blah, blah" Hanna said Emily smiled at her friends lack of care to her sentences.

"It's nothing really my own fault" Emily replied running her hand through her hair with a sigh Hanna was waiting for her to continue Emily smiled Hanna wasn't about to give up anytime soon and maybe it was a good idea to tell her maybe she could help sort out what she was feeling towards the red head.

"Paige and I were sort of dating up until last week" Emily whispered she saw the look of complete shock on Hanna's face.

"When did that start?" Hanna asked still in shock that the perfect Paige Mccullers could be a lesbian.

"That day my mum had a go at her dad, after everyone left she got in my car claimed everything was so easy for me, we got into a bit of argument and then she kissed me" Emily explained Hanna looked impressed.

"Man that girl has some balls" Hanna whistled "then what happened?"

"Well then we went to some karaoke bar to talk and she got me on stage and singing with her then when we were going home we kissed again" Emily smiled as she thought about that 'date' "then she went on that date with Sean and came to my house afterwards"

"Is that why you staring at them, her being with Sean hurt you?" Hanna asked Emily just shrugged.

"I don't know I guess I was confused I mean she kisses me then goes on a date with Sean" running her hand through her hair she begins pacing in front of Hanna "then she comes to my house and we kiss again and then we go on a picnic and she tells me she can't be seen with me" she said in one breath out of frustration.

"So I told her we could only be friends" Emily finished "but now I'm regretting it"

"I think you need to remember what it was like for you Em and how patient Maya was with you" Hanna said sadly Emily nodded "it must be hard for her, her dad is a grade A asshole and she probably feels she needs to be the perfect daughter" Hanna reasoned Emily gave her the strangest look "what?" Hanna asked

"When did you get so insightful?" Emily asked with a grin Hanna rolled her eyes and tried to kick her leg but missed. "Did you just try and kick me?" Emily asked in shock Hanna just stuck her tongue out and jumped off the counter.

"Want my advice give this thing with Paige a chance if it doesn't work out at least you would know" With that she unlocked the bathroom and walked out leaving a stunned Emily behind.