Chapter six

AN: Thanks for the reviews I wont tell you if your right or wrong but you maybe surprised about who it is, also I wasn't sure if Paige had a mum and when I watched her scenes on youtube she does so I've written it in but Emily doesn't really know which explains the chapters before anyway here is chapter six hope you enjoy.

Paige woke up with the left side of her face in pain; she winced as her hand brushed the new bruise on her cheek getting out of bed she made her way into the shower before getting the make up ready to cover it up.

Once ready for school she made her way into the dining room and sat down quietly as her father read his paper and sipped his coffee her mother had obviously left for work early and Paige barely ate two bites of her toast before she ran out to the car.

Once she was alone all she could think about was what happened the last night the argument still fresh in her memory, she briefly closed her eyes to erase the picture of the screaming, calling Emily a dyke who wanted to convert their daughter and telling her she should stop being friends with her or she would get worse than a punch in the face she knew it was a threat against Emily and she couldn't have that so with a resolve she had decided what to do.

Emily arrived at school with Hanna the pair were walking to Emily's locker when they saw Paige waiting her foot tapping on the floor impatiently Hanna muttered a goodbye before turning round and heading to her locker.

"I need to talk to you" Paige whispered as Emily pulled out her books for class this morning, once it was shut she looked at Paige confused but followed her when Paige pointed to an empty classroom.

It was silent as Paige shut the door but hadn't turned to look at her instead leaning forward against the door and sighing.

"Paige what is the matter?" Emily asked finally Paige turned to look at her.

"Emily I don't think we should see each other anymore" Paige said with a cold indifference.

"What? But things were going so well" Emily reasoned Paige just shook her head her posture stiff as she folded her arms around her stomach.

"Well it's not working out for me so sorry" Paige shrugged; Emily felt a pain in heart as she heard how casual Paige sounded almost as if she didn't really care she was hurting Emily.

"But" Emily began but she stopped her eyes filling with tears of confusion and hurt "I'm sorry was I too full on?" She asked desperately Paige sighed and looked at her hand.

"Look I'm just not gay so just get over it" with that she walked out leaving Emily crying in the classroom.

Once out of Emily's sight Paige collapsed against the wall and tried to control the tears as they were flowing freely, she hated herself she promised she would never hurt Emily not in the way Alison did or Maya but no she was worse.

Hanna, Aria and Spencer went looking for Emily when she failed to come to her morning classes they had sent her texts and tried to call but her phone was switched off they soon began to get very worried.

After an hour searching they finally found her by the park sitting at a picnic bench crying, Hanna sat next to her with Spencer and Aria sitting opposite.

"Em what happened?" Hanna asked as she rubbed Emily's back trying to soothe her. Aria and Spencer waited for Emily to reply.

"Paige dumped me" Emily said with a sniffle wiping her eyes with her sleeve as Hanna handed her a tissue.

"That's just gross" Hanna commented.

"Hanna not the time" Aria said seriously Hanna shrugged and focused on Emily again.

"Did she say why?" Spencer asked her emotions very much in check as she held on to Emily's hand.

"She didn't seem herself she said she wasn't gay and that I should get over it" Emily replied she felt Spencer's grip on her hand tighten.

"That bitch!" Spencer snarled "when I find her I will rip her a new one" Hanna gave her a disbelieving look.

"No you won't Spence I'm the action girl in this group" Hanna said casually Aria rolled her eyes at the pair and focussed on Emily.

"What do you mean she wasn't herself?" She asked ignoring the other two.

Emily shrugged "I don't know she just didn't seem like Paige, I mean I know you guys don't like her but she isn't really that bad"

"Em she dumped you and by the sounds of it rather harshly" Hanna pointed out Aria gave her a 'you're not helping' look.

"Look maybe you should try and talk to her you know see why she did what she did" Aria suggested Hanna snorted but had the sense not to say anything "I imagine coming out is very hard and maybe this is something she has to do on her own"

Emily just shrugged not looking up from the table "we should head back to school" Emily whispered the others nodded and followed her as she walked ahead.

Paige hated crying, she always had it drummed into her head that showing your emotions was a weakness. Paige sighed as she looked in the mirror and nearly jumped out of her skin when she saw Spencer standing behind her a stone cold look on her face, Paige gulped she knew exactly what was coming and was prepared for it.

"Look just hurry up and slap me or shout or do something" Paige sighed trying to hurry her up, Spencer's cold look turned to a frown as she studied Paige's face.

"What happened to you? Did Emily slap you after you dumped her in such a callous way?" Spencer smirked Paige's hand moved to her cheek her eyes wide in fear before turning away from Spencer.

"No I Erm opened the door too quick" Paige muttered Spencer wasn't sure what to do.

"Are you really being serious" Spencer said in a disbelieving tone "because it looks like someone has given you a good right hook"

Paige turned to look at Spencer "if you don't believe me that's your problem but please leave me alone" she snapped.

In reality Spencer really didn't think it was a good idea but she and Paige weren't exactly friends so she knew Paige wouldn't talk to her but maybe she would Emily 'stupid they aren't talking' a voice in Spencer's head instead of replying Spencer turns and leaves the toilets with a relieved Paige watching her.

Hanna had decided to go with Emily and try and cheer her up, though she wanted to go and find Paige and beat the crap out of her but she knew that wouldn't be what Emily wanted what she needed right now is a friend.

The pair sat in Emily's room Emily sat by the window looking out of it as Hanna watched her from the bed she looked so sad. Hanna hadn't seen Emily this bad not even when Maya dumped her over the phone.

"Em" Hanna whispered Emily didn't respond just continued staring out the window "Em do you want to talk?" Emily looked from the window to her.

"Its fine don't worry I guess I will just ignore her from now on" Emily shrugged she heard her phone bleep with an incoming message and saw it was from Spencer.

'Em you need to talk to Paige something is up


Emily frowned Hanna noticed "What's up?" She asked.

"Spencer is telling me I should talk to Paige" Emily replied as she began to text her back.

'Spence I think it's best if I just ignore her from now on she doesn't want to be friends with me'

Emily hit send and put her phone down and focussed on Hanna "so what do you want to do?" Emily asked.

Emily's phone beeped again she picked it up to read Spencer's reply.

'No Em she had this bruise on her face she said she opened a door to quick but I think she is lying'

Emily sighed as she replied again "apparently she has a bruise on her face" Emily commented.

'Look maybe she is telling the truth anyway she didn't want to be friends so just leave it'

Angrily hitting the send button she threw her phone the other side of the room which made Hanna jump.

"Why should I even care?" Emily spat turning to face the window again, ignoring Hanna altogether.