Title: A Lesson on Life

Summary: After an unexpected bundle arrives at Baker Street, Sherlock finds himself getting thrown into a role he never expected to play. A father.

Rating: T

Chapter One

"Sherlock, do you want some tea?" John called from the kitchen. Sherlock said nothing in response and laid on the sofa silently with his eyes closed in concentration. His sleeves were pushed up his arm and a white patch was fixed onto his forearm.

"Sherlock?" John called again as he peered into the living room. Sherlock's eyes flew open and he jumped off the couch.

"It was the maid!" He exclaimed loudly. "Oh, why did it take me so long to figure this out?" John walked into the room holding a cup of tea in one hand and a newspaper under the other.

"Maybe if you actually ate something from time to time then you'd get some energy to think faster." John muttered as he sat down in his armchair.

"It distracts me." Sherlock said, waving a hand towards John dismissively. He headed over to the door and slipped on his coat. "I'll be at the Yard if you need me." He called over his shoulder as he rushed out of the room. John shook his head and sighed.

Sherlock had been unusually energetic these past few months. John couldn't quite put his finger on it but Sherlock seemed almost… Normal. Of course, it didn't stop him from offending Anderson and the rest of the officers.

John figured that Sherlock started acting strangely ever since that night he went out to 'experiment'. Sherlock had said he was going down to the pub for 'research' and didn't return until the following morning. He arrived on the doorstep of their flat looking haggard and tired. John asked him what happened but Sherlock mumbled something incomprehensible, stumbled into his bedroom and slept half the day away.

After a few hours of updating his blog and watching mindless television, John heard a buzz from the door. Mrs. Hudson was out so John heaved himself off the sofa and padded down the stairs.

When he opened the door, he was surprised to see that there was nobody there. He frowned and was about to close the door again when he heard a soft whimper. He looked down at the steps and saw a little bundle of blankets squirming around.

John was stunned. The little bundle gave another cry and John bent over to pick up the bundle gently. He looked around before closing the door shut behind him.

"Hello," He whispered softly as he laid the baby down on his bed. She had dark curly hair and she was looking at him expectantly. He noticed a corner of an envelope poking out of the blanket and John tugged it out.

To Mr. Sherlock Holmes

John nearly dropped the letter in his shock. He glanced back at the baby wriggling around on his bed. John looked back at the envelope and decided to leave it to Sherlock to read. He set the letter down on his side table and walked back to the bed where the baby was.

She had fallen asleep remarkably fast and John decided to let her be for now. He left the door to his room open and sat down on the sofa. Once in a while, he couldn't help but glance at his room.

"There's a baby in my room." He said out loud. He still couldn't believe this had happened. Who in their right mind would leave their baby on the front step of a sociopathic genius?

It was around 6 o'clock when John awoke to the sound of a crying baby. He jolted awake and rushed to the bedroom. The baby was crying loudly and John had no idea what to do. They didn't have anything to feed the baby and there was no milk at all. He picked up the crying bundle and patted her back in an effort to calm her down.

"Shhh…" He whispered. The baby still wouldn't stop crying. John was starting to panic when Sherlock arrived.

"What is all that noise?" He demanded. John rolled his eyes and walked to the living room carrying the baby. At the sight of the baby in John's arms, Sherlock's expression shifted. He frowned and walked closer to John.

"That's a baby." He stated flatly. John sighed.

"Brilliant deduction, Sherlock." He said sarcastically. Sherlock blinked.

"Where did you get a baby?" John shifted the baby in his arms carefully.

"Someone left her on the steps outside. I didn't know what to do so I brought her inside." Sherlock tilted his head and looked at the baby. The baby had stopped crying and was looking at Sherlock as well. Sherlock was stunned to see the baby staring back at him with the same grey-blue eyes he had. It was as if his eyes were copied onto hers.

"This is impossible." Sherlock whispered to himself. John watched as Sherlock sank down on the couch. He had never seen Sherlock look so lost.

"Sherlock, are you alright?" He asked worriedly. Sherlock looked at him.

"Was there anything else with the baby?" Sherlock demanded.

"There was a letter addressed to you. Its on my table." He added as Sherlock stormed into his room. Sherlock found the envelope addressed to him and picked it up. He eyed it warily and opened the letter and took it out.


I know that you probably don't care about me anymore. After all, I only knew you for a few days after that incident at the pub. I didn't want to resort to this but I had no other choice. I can't take care of her anymore. I can barely take care of myself. The doctor told me I only have a few days left if I don't get treatment. I can barely afford to buy food for Ariadne let alone pay for treatment.

Take care of her, please. She's only got you left. No one else would take her in and I want her to at least know her father. I know that you probably won't take her in either. I understand. Just promise me that you'll find her a good home to stay in.

- Camille

Sherlock folded up the letter and closed his eyes. A fuzzy memory of a woman with blonde hair and green eyes flitted through his mind. He swallowed uncomfortably and stood up.

John was still carrying the baby when Sherlock entered the living room. "Give her to me." Sherlock said quietly. John raised an eyebrow but handed the baby to Sherlock. She tilted her head and stared at Sherlock with curious eyes. Sherlock was shocked to see that her eyes were exact replicas of his.

Hesitantly, he pulled the baby close to him and whispered, "Hello, Ariadne." She gurgled and snuggled into his neck. Sherlock stiffened at the sudden contact but said nothing more.

"Ariadne. That's a nice name." John said awkwardly. Sherlock fought the urge to roll his eyes.

"Her name is Ariadne. Ariadne Holmes." He said. He watched amusedly as John's face changed from an expression of fondness to one of pure and utter shock.

"Holmes? Ariadne Holmes? She's your-"

"Yes, yes, she's my daughter." Sherlock interrupted hastily. John fell back against the sofa with shock.

"But how? I mean when did… I thought…" John stammered. Sherlock snorted.

"You thought that I was incapable of having an intimate relationship? Yes, it's true that I lack experience in that area but what happened between Camille and I was purely accidental. It was the result of an experiment gone wrong." Sherlock said. John gaped at him.

"What experiment?" He demanded. Sherlock sighed and sat down. He held Ariadne close to him and patted her back gently.

"Do you remember that night months ago when I told you I was going down to the pub to do research?" John nodded.

"I was trying to figure out what it was that you found interesting at the pub. I came to the conclusion that alcohol was what attracts people there. So, I decided to see how much I could drink before I became intoxicated." Sherlock said. John shook his head.

"Jeez, Sherlock. Don't you know how-" Sherlock waved him off once again.

"Yes, I know. It was reckless and irresponsible. But I have to admit, it wasn't my smartest experiment." John was still trying to wrap his head around the idea of Sherlock wandering around drunk.

"So you and Camille…" John trailed off awkwardly.

"Yes." Sherlock said curtly. "I did come back a few days after. Just to visit. It never occurred to me that this could happen."

John looked at his friend. Sherlock looked like he was still trying to understand the situation he was currently in. Ariadne had fallen asleep again and was slumped against Sherlock's shoulder.

"You're going to take care of her?" John asked gently. Sherlock merely looked at him.

"She has no other family. I'm all she has left." He said simply. John gave a short nod.

"Ah. I see. Are you sure about this? I mean, no offense but you can be a bit… Intimidating." Sherlock stood up and carried Ariadne to his room. He laid her down carefully and sat on the edge of the bed, watching her.

"I'm not entirely sure about this." He admitted. "I don't think it's best for Ariadne to stay with us but she has no one else." John looked at the sleeping child.

"I'll do whatever I can to help, Sherlock. You're not in this alone." He reassured him. Sherlock glanced at John and gave him a tiny smile.

"Thank you, John."

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