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Chapter Eight

(Set minutes before the end of Chapter Seven)

Moriarty hummed quietly as he let himself into Sherlock's flat. He glanced around the place disinterestedly and randomly picked up objects from the tabletops and dropped them carelessly on the ground.

"So domestic." He said, shaking his head disapprovingly. He wandered into the kitchen and grinned at the experiments on the table. He flitted about the room peering into the microscope and prodding at the jars filled with a strange pinkish substance. He opened the fridge door and smirked as he spotted a clear bag filled with what looked like fingers hiding behind a jar of pickles. Clearly Sherlock couldn't resist keeping a few of his odd experiments.

As Moriarty shut the door to the fridge, he spotted a picture on the front of the fridge. He leaned closer and saw a picture of Ariadne smiling cheekily at the camera. Her blue eyes shone happily and her dark curls now reached her chin. Something about this picture stirred something within Moriarty but he quickly shoved it aside.

The familiar sound of the Bee Gees sounded from his pocket and he pulled out his phone and pressed a button.

"Hello Sebby!" He sang. The man on the other end of the line sighed.

"They're on their way up. Their cab just arrived." He said gruffly. Moriarty hung up without saying anything else and stuffed the picture of Ariadne into his pocket hastily. He bounded over to Sherlock's room and closed the door quietly. He glanced disgustedly at the stuffed toys on Sherlock's bed and walked over to it.

"I'll see you soon, my dear Sherlock." He said fondly, taking out a pink paper heart. He pressed his lips to it quickly and set it down on one of the pillows. He opened the window, sat on the ledge and paused. He turned and gave a salute to Sherlock's room before jumping out the window. He landed in a crouch on the ground and stood up as a black car pulled up into the alley. He looked around the area, a smirk on his face.

"Ah, Sebastian. How are you today?" He trilled as he slid into the vehicle. The man sitting next to him scowled. He had dark blonde hair cropped short and cool grey eyes. He was dressed in a black turtleneck and jeans paired with scruffy combat boots. A long rifle was sitting on his lap.

"You should've gotten out of there faster. He could've seen you." Sebastian grumbled.

"Ah, but he didn't see me so its alright. Aw, were you worried about me?" Moriarty teased, blinking his eyes at the sniper. Sebastian snorted and turned away.

"You're a big boy. I'm sure you can handle yourself." He said cooly. Moriarty smirked and leaned back in his seat. He took out the picture he took from Sherlock's flat and opened it up. Ariadne's face smiled out from the photo and Moriarty fought the urge to rip it into pieces.

"Is that Holmes' brat?" Sebastian asked, peering over at the photo. Moriarty nodded stiffly. "Are you planning on…?" He asked the Irishman hesitantly. Moriarty shot him a glare.

"What do you think?" He snapped irritably. Sebastian raised an eyebrow but didn't say anything in response. He turned his head away from Moriarty and stared out the window. Moriarty crumpled the photo in his hands and stuffed it back in his pocket.

"Take me as far away from here as you can." He told the driver rather angrily. Sebastian eyed his boss uncertainly. He was used to Moriarty's mood changes but he seemed rather upset for some reason. He knew better than to pry; Moriarty always ended up telling him anyways. It was just a matter of him cooling off a little.

For the rest of the drive, Moriarty and Sebastian sat in total silence. Occasionally the Irishman would glance down at his pocket where the photo was kept but he never made a motion to take it out. Sebastian noticed these little glances and wondered what it was that was bothering Moriarty so much.

After what seemed like an hour, they finally pulled up in front of a huge white mansion surrounded by many trees. Moriarty stepped out of the car and stormed up to the large double doors. He didn't even bother acknowledging his sniper sitting in the car behind him. Sebastian sighed as he watched his boss' retreating figure.

"Just take me back to town. I'll come back here in a few hours. He needs to cool off a bit." He told the driver boredly.


Moriarty kicked off his shoes carelessly near the doorway and shrugged off the dark jacket he was wearing. He tossed it to the side and wandered into the kitchen, tugging his tie loose as well. He threw the fridge door open and took out a six-pack of beer and a couple of bottles of whiskey. Tucking them under one arm, he padded to the living room.

He popped a bottle open and took a good, long swig before wiping his mouth on the back of his hand and sitting down on the sofa. He pulled out the photo and eyed it.

"Ariadne Holmes." He growled, leaning back lazily. He smoothed out the creases he had made on the photograph and chugged some more beer down. "I'd like to thank the bitch your father knocked up. She gave him a weakness; a weakness I can use to finally get rid of him." He told the photo bitterly. He let the photo drop onto the carpet and drank some more.

"I'm gonna kill you, Sherly!" He giggled maniacally as he took out a gun from under the sofa. He shot at the ceiling and the walls while drinking and threw the now empty bottle against the wall where it shattered into pieces. "I'm gonna make your precious daughter watch as I kill you and then, I might kill her too!" He said, laughing loudly. He opened another bottle and clumsily poured some more into his mouth. He threw the bottle aside and closed his eyes, smiling to himself as he heard the bottle smash into pieces.

"You shouldn't be doing this." A soft voice chided with a hint of an Irish accent. Moriarty's eyes flew open and he found himself staring at a dark haired woman standing in front of him. She was ghostly pale and was wearing a long white dress. Her green eyes looked sadly at him and she moved towards him silently. Moriarty looked at her with rage. His head buzzed from the alcohol and his vision swam a little.

"You." He said quietly. She smiled sadly at him.

"Hello, Jim." She greeted quietly. Moriarty stood up and staggered towards her.

"I spent years looking for you." He said, eyeing her up and down. She watched him with sad eyes.

"I'm surprised it took you this long." She said. Moriarty slammed his hand down on the coffee table angrily as he looked up at her with burning eyes.

"Dammit, why did you have to run Joanna?" He shouted furiously. She stepped towards him.

"I didn't have to. But you made me do it-"

"I DID IT TO PROTECT YOU." He screamed. Joanna smiled sadly at him.

"Its too late for that." She said softly. Moriarty gave a strangled growl and reached for her. But before he could lay his hands on her, his vision darkened and he felt himself getting shaken.

"Boss? Boss, wake up!" A familiar voice said roughly. Moriarty gasped as he jolted awake and sat up quickly, nearly knocking heads with Sebastian.

"Joanna?" He mumbled groggily.

"No, its Sherlock." The sniper said sarcastically. Moriarty groaned and rubbed his the back of his head absently.

"Not in the mood." He grumbled as he straightened up. Sebastian snorted and looked around the room. There was broken glass all over the floor and the walls were filled with random bullet holes and beer stains. The coffee table was in a mess and there were bottles peeking out from under the sofa.

"Rough night?" He said, with his eyebrows raised.

"What's it to ya?" The consulting criminal snapped. Sebastian shrugged and looked away.

"Never mind." He said. He was getting really worried now. Moriarty had been on edge lately and now it was obvious he had just drunk himself stupid. Whatever this was, it had something to do with Joanna. Sebastian had only heard about her a few times when he had started working for Moriarty and so far the only thing he understood was that she was his sister. She had also been the one who had put him behind bars for a week before he broke out and that he had been looking for her ever since.

"Seb? Hello?" The sniper was slammed back into reality when he heard Moriarty snapping his fingers at him impatiently. "Get me my blueberry grape smoothie." He demanded. Sebastian sighed.

"We're miles away from any store and-"

"THEN GO MAKE ME ONE." Moriarty yelled. He winced after that and slumped back against the sofa, eyes closed. Sebastian rolled his eyes and stalked off to the kitchen.

Moriarty listened to the sound of Sebastian's footsteps getting fainter and groaned to himself as memories he had long suppressed poured into his mind.

"How could you?" He spat. He leaned against the bars of the prison cell, his hands gripping the bars so tightly his knuckles turned white. The woman standing outside his cell couldn't bear to look at him. She stared at the ground as she spoke.

"I had to, Jim. You were out of control." She said, on the verge of tears.

"I did it to protect you, Joanna." He growled. She finally looked up at him, her eyes filled with disbelief.

"You killed him! He was an innocent man and you killed him!" She cried, tears spilling out of her eyes.

"He would have hurt you." He said, looking away.

"I loved him." She said, her voice broken. "I'm sick of you trying to 'protect' me. You scared away anyone I was ever close to and now you've just gone too far." She paused and looked at her brother. "You can't protect me forever. I'm not your baby sister anymore." She whispered. She reached for him and he let her touch his cheek gently.

"I will get out of here." He said in a hollow voice. "And when I do, I'll find you." He promised. Joanna pulled her hand away from him and backed away from the cell. She shook her head and turned away from him.

"Goodbye Jim."

As soon as that memory faded away, another one pushed its way into his head.

"What do you mean she's dead?" Moriarty growled. It had been a week after he broke out of prison and he had just been told his sister was dead. The man sitting across him swallowed nervously and shuffled the papers on his desk.

"She died in a car accident. There weren't many details bu The poor man never got to finish his sentence because at that moment, Moriarty shot him square in the forehead. His face was cold and stony as he swept everything off the desk in his fury and watched as the body of the dead man fell to the floor with a thump.

"Why did you that?" Moriarty turned around and faced the young man he had recently hired. He was wearing scruffy clothes and a long rifle was strapped onto his back.

"She's not dead. I know she isn't." Moriarty said quietly. The young man frowned.

"But sir, he sa-"

"Sebastian, have you heard of the witness protection program?" The Irishman asked tiredly. Sebastian nodded and understood what he was trying to say.

"Alright, so she's not dead. But why is she so important?" He asked. Moriarty stiffened and turned away from him.

"Enough questions. I've got work to do. Let's go." He snapped. Sebastian followed Moriarty out of the room and asked no further questions.

Moriarty's eyes flew open as he heard Sebastian enter the room.

"There you go, one blueberry grape smoothie." The sniper said grumpily. Moriarty stared at it before whacking it off the table. Sebastian jumped and glared at Moriarty furiously.

"What the bloody hell was that for?" He shouted. Moriarty stared up at him with empty eyes.

"After all these years, why is she still haunting me?" He asked quietly. Sebastian froze and looked down at Moriarty. He shifted uneasily on his feet, thinking carefully about what he should say next.

"I thought you gave up finding her." He said. Moriarty glared at the ground.

"The only reason I gave up was because it was impossible to get the witness protection records. Mycroft Holmes had them in his grubby little hands." He growled. Sebastian watched as his boss pulled out his wallet and stared at the picture of Joanna. She was smiling at the camera, her eyes shining happily.

"Wait a second…" He said, frowning as he stared at the picture. He stood up and started rummaging around the mess on the floor, searching for Ariadne's picture. Sebastian watched, alarmed as the criminal mastermind came up a second later holding a picture in his hands. He looked at Ariadne and back to Joanna before stuffing both pictures away in his pocket.

"What is it?" Sebastian asked. Moriarty ignored him and walked right past him.

"It's time." He said softly. Sebastian frowned, not understanding.

"Time for what?" Moriarty turned to face him, his eyes flashing maniacally and a crazed grin on his face.

"Time for the game to begin."