Title: The Other One
Author: Jmaria
Rating: FR-15
Disclaimer: I do not own: BtVS nor do I own Downton Abbey (That would be Whedon (Fox) and Fellowes (BBC/PBS)).
Spoilers: First half of Season 2 of Downton Abbey.
Summary: Lady Edith Crawley is sick of being just the 'other Crawley girl'. There's only one thing to do to change that: she makes a wish.
A/N: So, I'm addicted to Downton Abbey. It's what I look forward to on Sundays (Glee is Tuesdays, SPN is Fridays and yes, I know my TV shows are broadly different.). There was a point. The title comes from the SNL skit about DA being on 'SpikeTV'.

The Other One

It wasn't fair! Lady Edith Crawley sobbed her broken heart out. Why was she destined to be the overlooked and unloved one? Why was she forever destined to have her heart smashed to bits? First there had been the loss of Patrick to Mary and again to the sinking of the Titanic. Then there had been Matthew, again to Mary. Not that she'd ever really had Matthew. And then she'd lost Sir Anthony, again by Mary's doing. This, losing Patrick for a third and final time proved to be the last straw.

She swiped at her tear-stained cheeks and clutched the little book to her chest. Edith had read it once as a young girl, and had been thoroughly enraptured by the fantastical and outlandish creatures until Mary had taunted her about it. She'd quickly given up the fantasy and fell back into the role of the reliable and dutiful child.

But now she had nothing left that felt reliable, dutiful or charitable. The war, her own losses and time had worn that girl she'd once been down to a nub. Taking an calming breath, she flipped to the center of the book where the spitting image of the necklace she wore was etched. Her fingers clasped the medallion tightly.

"I wish that I was more than just the other Crawley girl," Edith whispered. "I wish that I wasn't so unlovable."

"Unlovable?" a male voice said from behind her.

Edith scrambled to her feet to stare at the trio standing behind in the ruins. A man in a bowler hat and worsted suit stood between two dark haired women. Both females looked bored with her.

"Who are you?" Edith frowned.

"I am D'Hoffryn, and these are my associates Anyanka and Halfrek."

"Is that Prussian or Belgian?" Edith blinked at them.

"Older," Anyanka snorted.

"We're here to help you, Lady Edith," D'Hoffryn gave Anyanka a chastising glare.

"Help me? How did you -"

"We're to help her how? And both of us?" Halfrek frowned, arms crossed over her chest.

"It's a complex situation," D'Hoffryn shrugged.

"I beg your pardon, but what are you talking about."

"You wished a two-part wish involving both your parents ignorance of your existence, your elder sister's cruelty and the scorn you've felt at several would-be-lovers hands."

"Oh." Smiles lit up both of his companions faces.

"It's true, what's written in the book?" Edith daren't let herself hope.

"Yes," D'Hoffryn nodded, a toothy smile crossing his lips.

"Then where do we begin?"

"We already have."